News Blackout: Facebook, Twitter Indicted for Aiding Russia

Putin’s chef, a troll farm and Russia's plot to hijack US democracy


“They engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support [Democratic candidate] Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump,” the indictment states.


“Mueller also delivered an indictment, figuratively if not literally, of tech giants Facebook and Twitter for handing Russia a weapon to turn against the American people – one that Barack Obama’s administration was impotent to deflect.”

Editor’s note:  Yesterday, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said Mueller’s Report was limited in scope and didn’t tie Americans in.  He lied and Mueller and his staff, all night long, briefed major media outlets showing that Facebook and Twitter (and Google, the real “Jigsaw” controller) were allied with “Russia” against America.  Read on, this is news blocked in the US by the Israel lobby but printed in the UK.

Mueller may have been baiting Trump with the “unwitting Americans” phrase. The context for that was based on what was shown the grand jury. He has not finished his investigation yet. He is leading with the Russian indictments because that part had been concluded.

The plot against America began in 2014. Thousands of miles away, in a drab office building in St Petersburg, Russia, a fake newsroom was under construction with its own graphics, data analysis, search engine optimisation, IT and finance departments. Its mission: ”information warfare against the United States of America”.

What followed, according to an indictment brought by the US special counsel, Robert Mueller, on Friday, was a stunningly successful attack on the most powerful democracy in the world. It involved stolen identities, fake social media accounts, rallies organised from afar, US citizens duped into doing Moscow’s bidding, and two Russians going undercover in a ruse reminiscent of The Americans, a TV drama about KGB spies in suburban Washington during the cold war.

In his first criminal charges related to election meddling, Mueller accused 13 Russians and three Russian companies of an elaborate effort to disrupt the 2016 presidential poll with a covert trolling campaign, aimed in part at helping Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. After more than a year of statements by the intelligence community, congressional hearings and media reports, this hardly came as a surprise; but the extent of Moscow’s audacity and reach did.

Read more at the UK Guardian

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  1. I cringe every time someone I assign great credibility direct me to refer to the Guardian – promoter of White Helmets and numerous other bold-faced lies. What’s going on? This mirror article is just plain gross. Not saying it’s full of lies. On the contrary, anti-journalism is making a lot of wild statements with nothing to back up those statements.

    EVEN IF it’s all true, as I’ve stated before, the USA – more than any other state on earth – has set the precedent for influencing, tampering with, compromising, meddling in, even overthrowing other people’s electoral process and sovereignty, rendering this a non-issue in spite of the hysterical huffing and puffing. By comparison to what the USA regularly does, this is kindergarten amateur stuff.

    Furthermore, EVEN IF all of it is true, what Israel does to undermine the will of the people of the USA – including literally trillions of dollars in extortion, tossing American sons & daughters into the midst of killing fields, creating enemies that actually kill Americans, and a host of other enormous crimes against the American people – again – the Russian allegations stuff is Saturday morning cartoons by comparison.

  2. Does it really count who is CEO of US Inc. as long as MIK got enough to do and suck money ? Think long term w Donald or short term w Hitlary.

  3. What was created was a “troll farm” as now I know why many of my Republican friends are so psyco…

    from the article:

    “This was combined with exploiting vulnerabilities in the anonymous, borderless world of social media, where agents of chaos thrive. Silicon Valley’s utopian fantasies were shattered by the Internet Research Agency, a “troll farm” based in nondescript offices at 55 Savushkina Street in St Petersburg. Allegedly operating through Russian shell companies, the agency employed hundreds of people, ranging from creators of fictitious personae to technical and administrative support, with an annual budget of millions of dollars, the indictment says.”

    This destroyed the Clintons in the last election and gave us Trump and I simply can not believe how naive and plain stupid many Americans are especially when Mr. Duff documents what was done so well!

    I have taken note that no other bloggers are reporting Mr. Duff’s writing and it appears VT is on its own as that in itself is a total eye opener about what the internet has now become….


    • Yes, and it has not been a joy to sit here and watch this all happening. Alternate media was easy, and inexpensive, to take over. Many, but would not admit it, they came into it thinking they were all going to be making 25 to 50K a year on Google ads, snorting that dream crap, and were oblivious to the massive hordes of those attempting to do the same thing. When ad money because obvious that it was a mirage, they then focused on viewer donations, and that is when they started warring with any and all competition, not so much over the ideology, but fighting over “who’s da man” to be top dog on the fundraising. That is why so many went into talk radio, which worked better. But you can’t cover the breadth and depth that you can in print with embed video, which “sticks” more. That’s why i asked Gordon to convert VT to a full multimedia journal format when I came on, and he instantly agreed. You either had to separate yourself from the pack or be invisible, and the opening we saw was just doing a lot more work, as that was something we knew would not be a popular thing to copy, and the record shows.

  4. This article is so ridiculous. Has anyone noticed that they’re talking about any friendship or connection with Russia the same way white people used to tease another white person if they dared hang out or do business with a black person. Remember when the expression “N___-lover” was regularly heard from sea to shining sea? Well, Russia & Russians are the new n_____s. Russians are sub-human with tails. Russians are everything EXCEPT normal people like you and me. Jim Crow mentality is alive and well. Meanwhile, Israel LITERALLY runs roughshod all over every aspect of our government, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, spies on us, openly sells our secrets to anyone with the money to buy, stole nuclear weapons and technology and not a peep in this discussion about the back-stabbing of Israel. Russia SHOULD – would be stupid if they didn’t – do cloak & dagger operations against the regime that has compromised it’s security and sovereignty – not to mention, it’s economy. I, for one, don’t givearatzazz about this NON-issue, especially in view of the hardcore fact that the USA set the precedent for sticking it’s nose into EVERYBODY’S business.

  5. All this wild goose chase after Russia. Evidence was found! What is a real mystery, with all this looking into ‘collusion’, is that there has been not an inkling of any interference from Israel or it’s US bureau, AIPAC. That is a pretty good indication that this is nothing but a smear campaign.

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