US meddles in foreign nations elections for ‘democracy’: Ex CIA director


… from Press TV, Tehran

Pollard divorced his wife as soon as she got out of jail, but Israel gave her a bundle

[ Editor’s Note: Gosh, business must be slow for Woolsey. It looks like he’s going into stand up comedy.

This is the same guy that signed up for the Free Pollard movement when some of the information he got that went to the Soviets liquidated the US network of a 1000 agents in Eastern Europe. It was the worst US Intel disaster in history and still locked up.

This was kept secret not only out of embarrassment at that loss but also to avoid letting the public know that our good friend Israel was selling us out to Moscow, a relationship that went back to its early days with Stalin.

Woolsey must think we are all hay seeds and not aware of America’s dark past in backing any and every cut throat dictator who would serve US commercial interests, especially in places like Central and South America.

The Soviet Union was already imploding before the Reagan era, with an antiquated broken infrastructure system, a military where much of its equipment did not work for lack of spare parts. Drilling had stopped for much of the Navy to avoid the public humiliation of ships having to be towed back to port after only a few hours on patrol.

The stars of the fallen are missing all of those that Pollard and the Israelis bagged

The CIA played the game well of pumping up the Soviet threat to keep the money flowing, and then faking how surprised it was bottom fell out. Peace was the last they thing our military industrial complex wanted.

We are reliving a new version of that now where the Iran bogeyman deal did not work out too well, so “they” are falling back on the Russian and Chinese hordes waiting to pounce on us scam.

Woolsey should have known better to blabber this out as there is quite a bit of declassified material that has been out a good while that shreds the spreading democracy fair tale. Someone needs to re-brief him on the Gulf State political structures and how Sisi in Egypt is arresting all of this political opponents to “simplify” the election process. And don’t get me started on Ukraine.

The classified stuff is even more shocking, which is why its still classified, as some of the old scams are still going on now with a new coat of paint Jim W. Dean ]

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Both Hillary and Woolsey joined the Free Pollard parade

– First published … February 17, 2018

Following the US indictment of over a dozen Russian nationals for allegedly interfering with the US 2016 electionwhich Moscow calls as absurda former CIA director has admitted that Washington meddles in other countries’ elections.

Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency James Woolsey told Fox News on Friday that the United States interferes in other countries elections “only for a very good cause in the interests of democracy.”

Woolsey, who served as CIA director under former President Bill Clinton, however, claimed that the interference “was for the good of the system in order to avoid communists taking over.”

He made the acknowledgement at the same day the US Justice Department’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of interfering in the 2016 election which put Donald Trump to office.

The group is accused of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump…and disparaging Hillary Clinton,” according to the indictment. It, however, includes no allegations that any of the “interference” influenced the outcome of the election at all.

Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference, Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed the indictments, describing them as “blabber.”

“I don’t have a reaction because anything and everything can be published. We see how accusations, statements, are multiplying,” he said. “So until we see the facts, everything else is just blabber.”

Moscow has consistently denied the allegations.

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  1. The secret criminal enterprise CIA was born out of its predecessor OSS of WWII fame headed by a Major General Bill Donovan a tyrant in his own right. Donovan has the distinction of ordering a military hit man to murder General George S. Patton in 1945 right after the end of WWII. This hit man was paid $10,000 to murder Patton in a staged fake car accident in Germany while Patton and a colleague were going bird hunting in his limo. Rubber bullets were used in a very carefully planned ambush. Patton was still alive at the scene but finished off at a hospital. Even Ike and his cronies were in on it. Patton was going to return home and blow the whistle on Ike’s mistreatment of German POW’s and other embarrassing things. It is likely Patton would have been president instead of Ike had he survived. The German Generals considered Patton the greatest general of WWII. This country has been nothing but a gutter scoundrel criminal from the beginning.

    • wjabbe: Patton had his quirks and idiosyncrasies that affected his undoubted pragmatism. Otherwise, he would have seen through “Ike the Swedish-Jew” his side-kick Donovan whose ruse for their Jewish overlords in the US “detained armed enemy combatants” ploy to avoid ‘prisoner of war status’ and with it the access of the Red Cross to the Allied open-air concentration camp allowed thousands upon thousands of German troops to starve and die through the death acres of the Rhine Meadows. Thirty seven of the thirty nine Nuremburg prisoners had their testicles destroyed by kicks to ensure their self-incrimination included swollen enlargements of facts to pack the psyche of German guilt and a grossly overloaded Holocaust dossier.


    The moniker, Woolsey has the aural ring of a wolf in sheeps’ clothing to it, who would do well – as he certainly has, like all CIA capos, selling ‘Democracy in Drag’. Instead he caters to the MSM – now known latterly as the ‘Rag Trade’. No doubt he will prove a good haberdasher well able to cloak his lines – with or without a dagger, and can cut cloth according to his measure.

  3. I guess they hate our guts for bringing the over the Third Reich then turning them loose to run so many things including what appears to be two space programs, mind control, et all. Yep he’s a real treat and DC just will never learn, come out from be hind those doors. You are repugnant to a free and open society.

  4. The reality is, if ten ships of Russians showed up in Boston harbor, it would be a weekend to remember complete with group selfies, trading patches and empty bottles and lots of hand shaking at the end.

    • David: The ten ships from Russia – tens upon tens of ships (airships) touched down all across America in the late 80’s and early 90’s, out of Vienna and Rome processing centers filled with thousands upon thousands of Khazarian Jewish Mafia escaping Russia together with genuine Jewish refugees refusing the option of Aliyah to Israel. HIAS and the JDC can tell you how well they are faring. Well certainly we know how magnificently the Khazarian thugs have settled. Police and FBI files are filled with their success stories being dab hands at all sorts of criminal infiltration with their native brothers-in-arms and brazen criminal activity in their new home from home. Quite a few are known to attend the many gala society events in New York and Washington, not to mention Chicago and Los Angeles where they mingle chin-to-chin and cheek-to-cheek in the heady air of Jewish political intrigue and openly boast of how they Trump the system. Any background checks – genuinely lawful inquiries (not the Tribe version where the clan destined to succeed is fully facilitated by the clandestine system in place to cater to them) would have intrigued the CIA whose brothers in Moscow, Odessa and St. Petersburg would have been happy to clear out the many files and paper-clips (especially the paper-clips) in their wake. Moscow loss: “Deep State” gain. And, let it be said, the women are no better than the men.

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