US Deep State targeting alternative media: American scholar


by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor, …with Press TV, Tehran

The US Deep State is not targeting President Donald Trump nor attempting to whip up war against Russia, rather it is trying to discredit alternative media analysts by identifying them with the so-called Russian subversion campaign against the United States, an American academic and political analyst says.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, the author of several books including Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

Earlier this week, former Congressman Ron Paul claimed the US Deep State is behind Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians for “defrauding America” by discrediting Hillary Clinton using social media.

Dr. Paul, a three-time American presidential candidate and the founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, made the comments, after thirteen Russians and three Russian companies were charged with conspiracy to interfere with the US election.

On February 16, Mueller, who is investigating the alleged Russian meddling, indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of interfering in elections in the United States.

What is US Deep State?

Dr. Barrett said,

“Ron Paul has just brought the Deep State into the national political conversation here in the United States once again. Of course, Trump and people around him have done that as well. This is a very, very interesting moment. Ron Paul is telling us that the recent indictment of Russians for supposedly manipulating the American election is actually a Deep State operation.”

“The Deep State in the US has been defined in different ways. Peter Dale Scott of the University of California, Berkeley, has called it the politically active rich, that is the people who have so much money that they are above the law.  The same way the mafia or criminal underworld is below the law, these people are above the law,” he said.

“So they rig elections. They assassinate presidents — JFK was a notable victim — and candidates — his brother Bobby Kennedy — and senators, US Senator Paul Wellstone. These people run the drug trade. The CIA dominates the world drug trade as professor Alfred McCoy of the University Wisconsin proved decades ago, and he is still writing about that,” he added.

‘Deep State is essentially a criminal gang’

“So the Deep State is essentially a kind of a criminal gang that works with the world’s wealthiest people, especially (those) here in the US, and runs the United States behind the scenes. We should also mention that they rig elections using computer election fraud,” Dr. Barrett said.

“Now Ron Paul is very aware of this. He was a victim of election fraud when he should have won the Republican Primary but it was stolen for Mitt Romney in 2012,” he added.

“Now I think what Ron Paul left out when he argued that this is really a propaganda operation on behalf of the Deep State against Russia — which it is — is that it is even more of a propaganda operation against the domestic alternative media here in the United States,” he noted.

‘Independent analysts frozen out of US media’

“Russia Today and Sputnik and other Russian media operations in English that try to get their side of the story out to the American people rely heavily on American alternative analysts who are essentially truth-tellers, whose views of the world are far more sophisticated than anything you’ll find in the mainstream. But they cannot find an audience here in the United States, because they are frozen out of media, which is completely controlled by the Deep State,” the analyst said.

Operation Mockingbird was the CIA program that controlled the media. William Colby, the former CIA director, said that the CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media. I’m sorry that was William Casey. Colby said other things along the same lines,” he stated.

“The bottom line here is we have a very substantial and growing community of Red Pill Americans, that is the Americans who understand Deep State related issues,” he noted.

‘Red Pill versus the Blue Pill’

“And the real issue here is not the red states versus blue states. It’s the Red Pill versus the Blue Pill. In the movie, The Matrix, you take the Red Pill and you see the reality the way it really is, no matter how awful. And more and more people in the United States are waking up to that and are paying attention to the genuinely alternative media. Those people are the target of this operation by the Deep State,” the commentator said.

“The Deep State wants to convince ordinary Americans who are not paying attention, which is the majority, that in fact the Americans who have taken the Red Pill and see the reality of stolen elections, political assassinations, horrific imperialism, the murder of a million people, the truth about 9/11, all of these issues are just Russian bots, that it is all the fault of Russia that the people are waking up to see how corrupt the United States is,” he explained.

“So now they are trying to identify those of us in the alternative media with this kind of Russian subversion campaign. That is the real Deep State propaganda operation at work here,” he observed.

“It’s not really targeting Trump so much, and it’s not even really trying to whip up war against Russia although that’s part of it. It is really a panicky operation to try to shut down the alternative media here in the United States and to try to silence dissidents here in the United State by trying to equate us with some sort of Russian operation,” the academic concluded.


  1. I would like to concur with the above analysis. I have absolutely no skin in the game, no dog in the fight. My grandfather on my paternal Presbyterian side was a government Head of Department in New Zealand during WW2. My mother was a bead clicking Catholic and I was a Catholic Head Prefect at St Bernard’s College, the man who wrote The Rule for The Templars. I was given a Leadership Prize, Theodor Sorenson’s book about John F. Kennedy and this started me on a long journey seeking Truth and Peace. The only contact I have ever had with with Russia was my 12 year old son’s ballet teacher and we never discussed politics. Many of the protagonists of the 1984 Labour Govt selling the country’s Infrastructure for peanuts, a social experiment for the subsequent sale of Russia’s assets, were “Little Red Book” wavers during the end of the Vietnam War at Victoria University of Wellington. Trotskites as for the Neocons in the USA under the Krystols. One of Helen Clark’s “Kitchen Cabinet” worked for Israeli Intelligence during the 1967 Occupation – hullo Tiger. distinguish between Khazarian Russian “Jews” and ordinary Russian Christians. The USA Corporate Controlled Mainstream Mass Media deliberately obfuscates this distinction. MI6 penetration extends to New Zealand where our SIS is a Bureau of MI6. My flatmate was sprung working for them when I was at University. The reach of The deep State is Global.

  2. I have to agree with the comments JohnZ has made regarding Americans. I would like to add that I have studied and traveled in Europe. First at the University of London and then Cambridge U. If Americans understood how they are perceived in Europe, then they would indeed hold their heads in shame. It is only the alternative media here that can give Americans a small inkling of what it is like abroad, and how the people over there learn and know more than we do. Even the English-speaking people, the English language is different.
    Another thing I have to mention (being a Republican) that the Republican Party is a cult. It is a horrible thing to be a part of a political party only to find out later in your life what they really are. However, to witness the extent their foot soldiers will go to in making sure that reality is never seen by their friends or neighbors is something to witness in this Trump stronghold of small rural town I live in.
    I get to see all this first hand, and it sucks! We are in a very dangerous situation because Americans believed and still believe the hype that our country is the best country in the world. Unfortunately, that has been a lie for a very long time.

    • A little PS to Peter’s comment. When talking about “brainwashed”, let us remember the Germans. “Both wars were our fault.” Some of that arrogance of the Black Blood inbred nobility filters down to the masses. All you have to do is go into a pub on the Strand in London and listen. You’ll think you are in some Bumville in Arkansas. Dumbass is not just an American phenomenon. European civilization eminated from its resources poor continent and has been around for only 500 years. Pray tell how many slaughters has it to its name. If this is not brainwashing of the people, then what is. Europeans should shut the hell up with their “God is dead” crowning achievement. My worry for Europe is when the World wakes up and decides to exact retribution from Europeans and their inbred royalty. What will the World do to Europeans? Make them work 14 hours a day for a Dollar a day, until they jump out of a factory window? However, don’t worry, our inbred elite are already getting us there. They are doing it to the whole World. So Sparrows, stop breaking humanity into tribes. That is the ultimate goal of the brainwashing.

    • Hullo cousin, my mum was Josephine Mary O’Connor and my God Father Pat O’Connor told me that we were direct descendants of Brian Boru, the last High King of Eire. From Kerry near Killarney.Same stock, different birth in time and place. Three members of the NZ Parliament are named O’Connor out of 120. It is worthy of note that VT is possibly, or certainly, under constant cyber attack and likely from Deep State Actors. Mainstream Media of all types have far greater reach and have sophisticated Brain Wash techniques from the likes of Edward Bernays and Neuro Linguistic Programming. It was Casey who said that “Operation Mockingbird will have succeeded when everything the USA Public believe is a lie”. That and J.Edgar Hoover Compromising 30% of USA Congress according to Air Vice Marshall Fergusson, not to mention AIPAC with 99%. So much for the USA as an Exemplar of Democracy and Freedom. This is the Democracy and Freedom that they have Cynically exported all over The World.

  3. The unfortunate part about all this is that so many Americans are so brainwashed is they will believe everything they are told by the CMMM. They cannot and will not allow themselves the discomfort of Paul Craig Roberts was correct, Americans are the most dumbed down, ignorant and disinformed people on the planet. Between the controlled news media and mindless television drivel, Americans, by and large have become numbed and nearly mindless.
    We do not as yet, have enough people who are aware of the situation we are in or those responsible for it, therefore it become very difficult if not impossible to do anything to counter the deep state problem.
    I’m gross and perverted
    Obsessed and deranged
    I’ve existed for years
    but very little has changed
    I’m the tool of the government
    And industry too
    For I am destined to rule
    and regulate you
    …..I’m the slime on your video
    oozing out across your living room floor
    I’m the slime on your video
    Can’t stop the slime
    people look at me go.

  4. Kevin you must know this already; your radio program, Truth Jihad, is under attack. It’s a rather clever one too. I was listening to you and professor Hall this past Friday and often I experienced silence. The audio would eventually return but, not until I missed so much of the news and conversation that it was hard to follow the topic. So, the feed wasn’t interrupted only the audio, often and constant. Ah, they’re going for the jugular.

  5. Time after time I have heard US people who worked for RT say they were not influenced in any way.
    Guys like Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders who go after the pig trough are allowed to get so far, and then…
    The loss of trust is also being exploited, to try to pin the blame on anything but what it should focus.
    9/11. – That is the key trust issue and we cannot let it go away.

    • 911 is the thread that will unravel the Deep State’s cover. Be patient, it is a wrecking ball of a counter measure and it must be used wisely.

    • The Deep State has its nemesis also. That is why it must remain secret. Anything that reaches excess is aborted according to the established Laws of Nature. We must be vigilant, because when people wake up and they will, they will need the “Red Pillers” to inform them.
      A poor man from a “shithole” country was asked what he thought of Rump’s comment and he said: the same worms will eat him too. This sums it all up for the elite.

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