Heresy Is Worse Than Sodomy



Heresy Is Worse Than Sodomy
By: Eric Gajewski
“The sodomite Catholic is “better” than a Protestant heterosexual objectively speaking.”


Recently a heretical Protestant website (endtimenewsheadlines) asked the question “Can Catholics Get To Heaven”?
The better question in return is can heretics get to heaven. We know very concretely that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ Himself. We know Peter was given “the keys” and was the first Catholic Pope who held primacy over the Universal Church.
We are the only Church with Apostolic Succession that can be proven historically to be the “original”.
So, to answer the initial question not only can/do Catholics get to heaven (objectively speaking), it is the only Ark out on the sea by which you can save your soul. Heretics cannot save their soul.

Jesus didn’t start Calvinism or Lutheranism or any other denomination but He did start the Catholic Church. The problem with protestant heretics is not only their poor account of actual history but it fundamentally comes back to the sin of pride.

Furthermore, one of their arguments I have heard over the years is “I would never be Catholic with all that corruption, pedophilia and sodomy going on in the Catholic Church”. Let me address this impotent argument and others within because heresy is FAR WORSE than sodomy.

From a proper Catholic/Christian perspective heresy is far worse than sodomy. Now we know sodomy is one of the four sins that cry out to heaven but as horrible as it is it still is not a worse sin than heresy. Why? If you had a Pope, prelate of priest who was an active sexual sinner in any category he would still be a member of the church albeit corrupted.

Now, I recognize there have been Popes who not only wanted to get rid of these foul priests from the Church one Pope even said they should be put to death.

Putting that aside for the moment, the reason why heresy is a worse sin is because it not only corrupts the soul it separates one form the TRUE BODY OF CHRIST!

You become a severed member off the Body of Christ by denying any infallible church teaching.

Protestants cannot say they have any authority from Christ although they try laughably. They have no authority from Christ to dictate what Scripture actually means and this is why Jesus left behind a Church with a Magesterium to do so.

As Scripture says when you depart from one portion of the law you depart from the whole of the law.
EVERYTHING the Church teaches infallibly on the matters of faith and morals must be accepted otherwise “you just jumped off the Ark out into murky waters” and you will drown into hellfire.


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  1. As for heresy vs sodomy, how does a person compare words against an action? Words that spread an idea are restrained by the validity of them, unless they are accompanied by force, but then the words are turned to war crimes, and not heresy. Sodomy, as performed on the young and willing to serve the Creator, but absconded by intermediaries , is far worse, because here the crime is not limited to the act itself, but also what it prevents from happening. Also too, is the affect it has on the individual and those who ever come into contact. Heresy is virtually harmless in this regard, but sodomy robs the soul. The robbing of the soul, is a dreadful act, but if done by those who have vowed to ferry the soul, it is far worse. If covered up by those who administered the vow, then that is even worse yet. The debt surpasses the ability to pay. But that does not mean, it will not be repaid. The ability will be replenished so the full sum can be collected. That is what waits. Heresy pffttt.

    • The sodomy I speak of is the sodomy the priests perform on the young and unwilling. The age is not as much of a factor as the intent, and the outcome. The act itself is not proof of harm, but the harm is proof itself of the intention. The conspiracy to administer this harm in volume is vastly worse than the single act. And it is known that the energy accumulated corresponds to the intention. Don’t forget, all is known. The crime follows the harm, not the act. Heresy cannot be a crime unless it produces harm. Thus, these two things, are not comparable. And lack of knowledge as established by any creature, does not excuse a crime. Once intention is established, the crime is already done. Heresy against liars produces no harm.

  2. I stand ready to debate the Catholics on the content of their book. Such as why the 36 chapters of numbers follow the 36 decans of multiple cultures and the 20 days of antiquity and all the correlations with multiple cultures predating the book. Interpretation indeed. The very thought of having to debate the origin of the christ myth with antiquity and egyptology of the sort not taught in “colleges” sends shivers down the spines of the “Mayan expert” the church employs to dispel the rumors spreading within even now. The word is out, and there is no running. How does Exodus follow the 20 days, and why is a score a thing ? Where did you get that book ? The evidence was published and spread like a DNA sample of a murderer on the weapons of a hundred thousand knives. A cornered thief with no honor denies to the end, but a thief with honor stands and faces his day. What a horrid bunch of dishonorable usurpers you are Vatican. Dishonest to the last. You are such a valid interpreter, then tell us of the 20 days and the 36 decans. It is down to months, not years.

  3. L Ron Hubbard was quoted as saying the quickest way to becoming a millionaire was to invent a religion. He then wrote Dianetics in like 60 days; despite all the rigamarol to the contrary.

  4. Please allow me a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor. Christ started the catholic church, gave the keys to peter? Really? REALLY? No one who knew him called him “Christ” (which means the anointed one, btw) his real name (according to experts) was Yeshua. The “church” as we know it, didn’t start for centuries after, in a bid to consolidate power. The translation of the word “heretic”, I do believe, is “he who questions”. So to question is to be condemned forever eh? Harry has it right. Religion was, is, and always will be a massive con job. The basic premise is to give up thinking for yourself and allow someone else to do it for you. Now what kind of people want that? Believe anything you want Eric, but no soapbox for you.

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