Veterans Today takes decisive action to counteract USG driven Internet censorship and spying

Veterans Today has joint ventured with an Internet Security Company located offshore which provides subscribers freedom to protect their communications using state-of-the art 512 byte encryption and bank proven firewalls. This is in response to the draconian laws imposed since 9-11-2001 and the imposition of the Patriot Act and the NDAA to give false legal authority and create a post constitutional society in the United States of America.


…by  Preston James and Mike Harris

First they censored the Truthers, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Truther. 
Then they censored the Conservatives, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Conservative.
Then they censored the Christians, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Christian.
Then they censored me, and there was no one left to speak for me.
This is the famous Martin Niermoller Poem made popular during WW II adapted for the current challenges to free speech and freedom of thought Americans and the free people of the world face today.


Almost everyday we hear of stories of youtube and other web providers censoring and removing alternative media and “Truther” videos and articles.

Actually, they censor any voices of dissent with the Deep-State Agenda of perpetual war and outright corruption. Thinly disguised preposterous policies are presented as grounds but very few intelligent people believe such absurd rationalizations.

The freedom-of-speech robbing Internet censors are getting more bold and intrusive by the day.

And there is no let-up expected until the DC Swamp of corruption is drained and the Ruling Cabal stops using American Intel and the major web providers as their protectors and enforcers.

Internet censors that violate the US Constitution with impunity to censor the Internet and  demonetize Truthers must be stopped before the Internet is free from such tampering.

This must be done by massively applied voter pressure on elected and appointed lawless officials and political candidates who serve the Deep-State.

Until that day we need our own private solution. VT TV is that solution.

Many Internet users realize that these Internet censorship actions are being driven by USG Policy-makers who direct various US spy agencies to set up censorship methods designed to protect the crimes of the Ruling Cabal which runs the Deep-State.

What most folks do not realize that these newly deployed censorship policies are based on a newly expanded system of USG based “signed intelligence findings”.

Signed Intelligence Findings are orders to violate the US Constitution and many federal and state laws, with guaranteed immunity from any prosecution for the perps. They previously had to be signed by the US President and he alone.

During Obama’s regime, a new capability was created allowing FBI agents to write and sign their own search warrants while on the way to a search. And many US agencies including the FBI, CIA and others are now allowed to write and sign their own “Intelligence Findings” without a Potus signature.

This is a radical departure and violation of the US Constitution, many federal laws, all state constitutions, and many state laws.

This illegal and unconstitutional practice is currently gutting much of the Internet of alt media, Truther videos, articles and postings that expose serious USG and Deep-State corruption.

After many months of preparation, VT has now rolled out a state-of-the-art deeply encrypted and secure System comprised of a secure replacement for facebook, a secure replacement for youtube, a secure encrypted email system, an internal encrypted telephone system, and live streaming TV that has the following capabilities for those that join:

1- The new VT TV System provides facebook type social network capabilities for all members, both Basic $1.99/month members and Author-posting $4.99/month members.

2- Secure email and secure phone conferencing for any member to another member, whether a Basic level member or an Author-posting level member. All members will have a VT TV encrypted email system and will have a email address.

All members are provided a state-of-the-art encrypted phone system with which they can directly contact other members by voice or voice conferencing.

3- VT TV members will be able to form their own groups, chat systems, and gaming systems. VT TV has old fashioned original retro games available now.

4- The ability to post articles and video for those that have a $4.99 Author-Posting  Membership is a bargain when one considers all the expensive security, encryption and firewalls, and state-of-the-art security involved. Any VT TV members  can watch these encrypted youtube type videos and shows whenever they are posted.

Those Author-posting $4.99/month members are free to include advertising in any of their videos or shows for any of their supporting vendors, or can choose to ask for viewer donations by referencing a payment method. Author-posting members can choose to post their shows in audio only or full active video, it’s their choice and can include advertising if they wish.

6- VT TV provides a section for each Author-poster video or program for comments by those who have accessed that program.

7- VT TV has been set up in Colombia, is not run under US Laws and only has to conform to Colombian laws and International Copyright Law. These rules that VT operates under are far less restrictive and work in favor for VT TV to provide the freedoms needed to operate without USG ordered hacking and censorship which is spreading across the Internet inside the US by the day.

VT TV must conform to Colombian Law which means that VT TV cannot post any child pornography; cannot condone any terrorist activity; cannot sell or promote the sale or use of narcotics; cannot show graphic displays of sex with animals. VT TV has set policies against the posting of X-rated pornography.

8- VT TV provides Security, Safety, Independence, Freedom of Speech, Reliability/Robustness, and Privacy.

Security: Unprecedented and unequaled levels of encryption using cutting edge technologies.

Safety: Peace of mind that your data is safe from hackers and scammers. No risk of your personal and private information being sold to third parties, no more tracking by advertisers. No data mining, no profile development of you as an individual.

Independence: Independence from government and Intelligence Agencies.

Freedom: Freedom of speech, no censorship, you are free to express yourself no matter how controversial your viewpoint. Freedom of thought no with no attempts to shape or mind-kontrol your thinking by manipulating content you are allowed to view or any other method. Freedom of information with no suppression of content and your sustained ability to see what people really think about subjects, completely free of manipulation and censorship.

Reliability/Robustness: VT TV security means your content will remain online, invulnerable to being taken down by content providers or hackers.

Privacy: All your communications, be they emails, posts or conversations in chats will remain confidential.

What VT TV won’t do:

1. No tracking cookies
2. No data mining
3. No sale of personal data to government or any corporate 3rd parties (No more tracking what you shopped for and getting ads that follow you from website to website)
4. No hacking or misappropriation of your identity or personal information
5. No censorship of freedom of speech or freedom of thought, within the terms of service agreement                                                                                                                  6. No algorithms will be deployed to manipulate content and shape public opinion


The VT TV System is the first example of what is possible and we plan on offering a comprehensive social media site to everyone. The site is our successful feasibility study.

We would like to invite everyone who has a website and wishes to be protected in your practice of your rights to freedom of speech and freedom of thought and expression. We have developed state of the art encryption and cyber security to protect the right or privacy for everyone who chooses to join us.

If you are interested in joining as a content contributor, or you have a website you need to have protected, please contact [email protected] and please register as a subscriber at  

Go to to register as a $1.99/month Basic member, or as a $4.99 month Author-posting member.

When VT TV has a large enough set of Members, it plans to acquire its own cable channel inside America.

Here is our chance to build a secure, completely private and deeply encrypted system for ourselves and for all interested Truthers, alt media readers, and authors; a state-of-the-art system based on free expression that allows all views on any chosen subject to be presented with no censorship.


  1. Sorry but the payment issue hasn’t been fixed. Once I paid I get kicked back to the “choose your plan” page no matter what menu link I click. FYI the support URL on the paypal receipt for isn’t loading either.

    • Hi Kari, Chris has emailed everybody there was a hang up with Paypal and this is what he had sent: “Your account is active, We were having some problems with Paypal. I went in and activated your account manually…” He said there is a help tab to click if anyone has questions with initial logging in.

  2. Just when I was losing hope on finding a legit, censor free platform to rival the propagandists of Google/FB/YT/Twitter…Thanks, guys!

    There’s an obvious need for rivals to these State ran platforms, and those with the capabilities stand to make uuuge profits. Hopefully VT and many others are successful, since monopolies ultimately become infiltrated by spooks…and Russians, of course.

    Hopefully G is also working on a rival to Amazon? 😉

  3. Excellent news! Google, facebook and twitter can shove where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s time to make things hotter for the creeps in Washington…you know, the vast cess pool/swamp, the orange chimpanzee now infests. My apologies to all chimpanzees for bringing their lot down to the level of Trump.
    Internet censorship has gotten so bad that one wonders if they haven’t resurrected Joe Stalin.
    Certainly all three of those social media sites are run by Marxists.
    America is now in a post Constitution and post Bill of Rights era.
    The question is this: how soon before people will be rounded up for dissent? Or when they offer countering versions of the government narrative? Or when they dare to even criticize the dear leader in the white House?
    How soon before VT’s new system gets attacked?
    How soon before Trump sends out his CHECKA jews to round up Americans?

    • Thank you Mike H. , Doc Preston and your team for all the hard work and long ours that went into this promising project. Godspeed.

  4. I had some trouble getting my account set up after payment. I didn’t click the return to merchant button at the bottom of the Paypal page and it somehow botched acct verification. But after talking to customer service they sent refund and explained I needed to click “RETURN TO MERCHANT” at the bottom of the Paypal payment screen I went directly into setting up my account profile. I can’t wait to see all the extras that come with my acct, customer service told me all services will be available by 12:00 noon March 1st and that anyone signing up early is kind of like a beta test group.
    Overall the customer service was prompt and very helpful and the site looks awesome already!
    See You There
    Tom Baggins

  5. “Then they censored the Christians, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Christian.”
    Can I speak about the Bible. And can I draw attention to chapter 19 Genesis ?
    And is Larry Flynt considered a proponent of free speech ?

    • My contention is, that christians are the tip of the spear when it comes to book burnings, book banning, and genocide of language and knowledge. And that no person has censored the christians who are allied with the jews and the muslims in their his-story.

    • You may wish to refer to the original poem by Niemoller, that will clarify the adjust made to the poem to fit the current situation

    • Mike, with all due respect, my comment does not need or gain. from any poem. The article offers a way to avoid censorship yet disallowed my comment. It has to do with chapter 19 Genesis. Is that pornography ?

    • DO… I will defend your right to any opinion you might have but not to your right to make up your own facts. David, when it comes to anything that has to do with religions and Islam’s logic, history and civilization you just don’t have it and you surely need an education.
      Now, WHAT HAS ALL THAT GOT TO DO WITH VTTV? I pray, say.

    • Khalid, I do not speak about Islam, and my comment is about the statement “no censorship” . Religion is the number one source of censorship. Islam is the worst of all. We can watch all the animals breeding, but not humans. We can watch a 2 hour snuff film “passion of the christ” but naked ladies are off limits. We can watch an entire war streamed live while children are blown to shreds, but boobies are taboo. I find that weird. All I am suggesting is perhaps it would be more honestly put, ‘minimal censoring”. It is not my opinion that several Islamic countries throw people in jail or even to death for speaking certain things, it is established fact. Christians used to do it also, and they will do it again if we allow it. Blasphemy is still a thing. Which is more traumatizing to a child, public execution or a naked woman.

    • A tad off topic, but okay . . .
      Some say that Pompeii and Herculaneum were the “Sodom and Gomorrah”
      An active volcano destroyed those places, which were very “pornographic” and phallic worshiping by cult sect standards.
      There have been documentaries on this, and the “fascinating” amulets used to go off and fight.
      The “religious” (albeit highly superstitious of the lot) believed it to be the wrath of Khan, err I mean God.
      The English language is a rather weak, impotent bleed of ancient languages and meanings. History is the same, watered down to appeal to the common folk. When society devolves down (and it has in current dispensation, yet again) to entice the animal instinct, the uncontrolled urges — to hump — this is what we get. I witnessed this with my Alpha-male Schutzhund. He’d mount anything . . . not for mating, or reproduction . . . but because he could, to gain the mount . . . i.e., the control.
      War, to me, is just another male attempt to collectively mount another. Unfortunately war is played out with death, destruction and the de-evolution of thought. Now we want armed guards in our schools?!? See how it manifests . . . We have gone BACK to the daze of the “fascinating rhythms” and the Zionist control of the air waves, which dull our senses.

    • To circle back to the original concept of this article, FREEDOM or FREEDUMB. Pick one. I’m glad to read that VT is doing what they can to protect the 1st Amendment. It’s an important one.
      We can have porn day-in/day-out . . . but GOD FORBID we say 9/11 was a conspiracy carried out by traitors, treasonous U.S. dual-citizens, and the government of Israhell. Cover up and buried deep in the ashes to ashes, Thermite dust to Thermite dust. I’m so glad to see Rudy with the Red Cheeks walk around ground zero with no respirator! Hope his lung suffocate him in the black death.
      Hey drunk Uncle Sam . . . thanks for protecting the women and children! You keep feeding us up to Ba’al and Moloch.
      When I look at the broad-brushes of history, on the tapestry . . . I see the Zionists M.O. Babylonian/Talmudist/Kharzarian/Bolsheviks/Zionists . . . the throw backs to the ancient blood-sucking/death cult/phallic worshiping/warship cults of yore.
      And now they WANT the Roman guards in the schools . . . over this bullshlt in Boward County. This is what we want for our children . . . GEEZ, I thought the “DROP” drills were traumatizing when I was in elementary school . . .

  6. Hello Khalid, the payment issue has been resolved, please try again when you have time. Thank you
    Mike Harris

  7. “When VT TV has a large enough set of Members, it plans to acquire its own cable channel inside America.” Yes, Yes and Yes. That is exactly what America needs. It needs to break the brain-washing machine. Godspeed Gents and thanks. Best news I have heard in ages. Darn that’s exciting. Gotta go get a subscription.

    • It seems that the methods of payment are not working. The Paypal button sends one back to the Plan selection page.

    • Khalid, the paypal button belongs to the same ones who have corrupted this world and we need to get rid of.
      All technology “safe as Fort Knox” will eventually be broken down by the same mob that is running this world – even without back doors. When the day has come that truth will be free of charge freedom has arrived. Until then we are all paying dearly for it.

    • Eduardo… VTTV is passive resistance. If they manage to break it down we build another. This is getting the Truth out. May the Force be with us and may your glass become half full Eduardo. I can imagine 6-8 different virtual ethical projects with this form of protection. It gives us a chance to fight for mankind’s freedom. Freedom Fighters just need a change. This is it. I can imagine the VTTV becoming an organic collaborative of an unprecedented impact on politics. Keep the glass half full Eduardo because it is honorable to try and fail then not to try at all. Sure there will be trolls and disinfo agents; but on a level playing field, I say bring it on. Truth has its own life force.

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