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Truth Jihad: The Saker on Anglo-Zionist Empire’s escalating lies & hysteria

Why are the Anglo-Zionists willing to risk nuclear war with over 500 million dead to push forward a hopelessly implausible scheme for a one-world empire?
Dead Radioactive Trees Don't Rot. 30 year old dead Rad tree at Chernobyl

MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Rad this Week – Week 10

Sue TEPCO and the Government of Japan over Fukushima Daiichi … and Win!

Is Russia Wising Up on “Fake Trump?”

Remember when Trump was anti-Iraq War? Bolton hire just tip of iceberg in policy U-turn Editor's note: The real issue here is why Russia is...

Russia: US slams ‘biased’ UN rights body over Israel resolutions

Gordon Duff - You kill a few children,maybe 60,000, and pretty soon folks call you a child  killer. Why can't people leave Israel alone? .

Victories And Diplomacy Of Turkey. What To Expect Next

...from SouthFront In recent days, Turkey achieved the most notable military victory since the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922. On March 18, the Turkish Armed Forces...

Israeli chief rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys’

Amid Israel’s controversial policy of forcing African migrants back to the continent, one of the regime’s chief rabbis calls black people “monkeys.” Footage released by...

The Cathars Before the SS

Most of the information we have about the Cathars has been pieced together painstakingly by true believers; with the Jesuits, an organization originally founded for just this purpose, running interference, going on 500 years now.

Royal Family Trafficking, Sourced Through VT: Cambridge Analytica

This breaking story was sourced though VT along with stories now appearing around the world that will tie the rigged US election and false flag events. It turns out that the DHS is a clearinghouse between US agencies and the world drug trade – a "deal with the devil" between Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and "deep state" crime syndicates that run the Mossad, MI6...

VT Moscow and Sputnik: Boris Johnson Pulled “Novichok” Out of His Fat Little...

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said that Russia has never had a nerve agent called "Novichok," saying that those who say otherwise do not have full information on the issue.

UK “Medium Steam Media” Debunks Nerve Agent Charges

The spy and the nerve agent: The new Cold War heats up in the UK In a horrifying case of life imitating lowbrow art, it...

Top 5 Veterans News: March 23rd, 2018

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.

TCK RADIO: Fr. Pavone “Battling the Culture of Death!”

TradCatKnight Radio, Fr. Pavone "Battling the Culture of Death!" Talk given 3-23-18 (aprx 35 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Special guest Fr. Frank Pavone joins me to discuss:...

Breaking: Russia tells their Side in UK Attack while VT “Spills the Beans”

Sources have dropped a bombshell on VT. Skripal, the White Helmets and Syrian gas attacks are all MI6 projects. Cambridge Analytica is an MI6 front, managed by political fixer Steve Bannon, working with Google, FB and the mob-controlled DC think tanks.

Duff on China, Trade War and Technology Transfer: Press TV Interview

The technology transfer is coming fast. Get the latest scoop now!

Syrian War Report – March 23, 2018: Militants To Withdraw From More Areas In...

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal: [email protected] or via: http://southfront.org/donate/ or...

Putin: New World Order “more dangerous than nuclear bomb”

...by Jonas E. Alexis We have argued elsewhere that the New World Order’s most enduring legacy is contempt for morality and what Immanuel Kant calls...

Syrian War Report – March 22, 2018: Syrian Army Gets Control Of Harasta, Militants...

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal: [email protected] or via: http://southfront.org/donate/ or...

Pentagon chief calls on Saudi crown prince to cease Yemen aggression

... from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... March 22, 2018 - Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has called upon Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman...

EU not buying into Britain’s Russian nerve agent hoax

Jim W. Dean - I am waiting for the day when the EU wants to "condemn in the strongest possible terms", NATO false flag attacks and its support proxy terrorist groups in Syria engaged in crimes against humanity

TCK RADIO: Jason Jarrell “ET’s or Demons? & Modern Oracle of Science”

TradCatKnight Radio, Jason Jarrell "ET's or Demons? & Modern Oracle of Science" Talk given 3-22-18 (aprx 1hr 5 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Special guest Jason Jarell joins...

When Health Care Became Big Business, “Care” Went out the Door

Health Editor's Note:  When did the delivery of health care become all about how much money a health care facility can collect during a...

Carolyn Yeager’s defense of “anti-Semitism”: A critique

Carolyn Yeager's recent article endorsing "anti-Semitism," in the spurious sense of "Judeophobia," stupidly accepts the misnomer, then goes on to offer a parade of errors and exaggerations, as well as some partial truths.

Caught: Prinze/DeVos tries to build a Secret Air Force

The weapons dealer did not have a license to sell to Azerbaijan, however, and the deal fell through. Joshua Kucera A Thrush 510G crop dusting aircraft,...

Did Trump just dump the New World Order and ally with Russia?

...by Jonas E. Alexis I must give Trump some credit at least once for explicitly dumping New World Order agents and for showing a willingness...

WATCH Raw Footage of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta Revealed by Russia

Jim W. Dean - This video must be seen by as many US Coalition countries as possible, and rubbed in the faces of their governments for their cruelty to these people. May they be punished in this world, or the next.

Trump Claims His “Border Wall” Will Stop Influx of Illegal Drugs

Health Editor's Note:  Trump keeps banging the "drug fight" drum, even saying his "border wall" will not only keep out Mexicans, but also drugs....

UK Nerve Gas Operation hides huge US Coalition Chemical Weapons Op in East Ghouta

FORTY TONS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS left by coalition-supported militants found in Syria.

The Debate – US-Saudi ties

Jim W. Dean - It been a pleasure to have done these Debate Shows for a number of years, and even moreso when one draws a nice meaty topic, like Prince Salman's 3-week tour

TCK RADIO: Fr. Hewko “They Have the Buildings We Have the Faith”

TradCatKnight Radio, Fr. Hewko "They Have the Buildings We Have the Faith" Talk given 3-21-18 (aprx 1hr.) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Special guest Fr....

Killing Iran nuclear deal will lead to war, Merkel warns Netanyahu

Merkel shows Bibi that Germany is not on its knees to Israel, nor walks in fear. Not only did she effectively say this to him, but added Britain and France in with it.