Russia Warns the US and Israel, “Your Games are at an End!”


By Gordon Duff, Video by Southfront

VT watches its media partner SouthFront very closely.  We believe Russia “injects” warnings and policy material through this medium, but then again, this is just “theory.”  Watch the entire video very closely, it isn’t just about Syria or terrorism.  It tells the story, in oblique terms, of the insanity of the Israeli dominated military cabal now ruling Washington and the puppet Trump from behind the scenes.

This may well be the most classified material involving US/Russia relations ever leaked to the public.

The Russians, by my estimation, have just put the US and Israel on notice and with new weapons systems deployed, are planning to grind the US and Israel into the dirt, humiliating Trump and his puppetmaster, Netanyahu.

Watch the video and support SouthFront.  This is a “gift from the gods.”


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  3. Those Khazarian megabanksters want to destroy USA to avoid paying the 20 trillion missing from the FED in cash. Including bonuses and financial derivatives the missing money arrives to $100 trillions.

    • See What happens when You leave the wolf the hen house , yup if you leave a wolf in charge of the hen house of course chicken are going to go missing .

      The only bright side to this situation is at least You know Who Did it not that any of You can do anything about it .

      the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia in the earliest stages installed Political Correctness and Institutes like Anti Defamation League .. the sole purpose of all this was to legitimize the Psychopathic Actions of Rothschild Khazarian Mafia .

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  4. Phillip Haldane none of your links worked from inside the occupied territories of the USSA. Must be important stuff for the GOOGLE AI to censor.

  5. Russia and their allies should do much more talking in the UN about how the U.S. is in Syria illegally. Pictures of them should be published for all their installations. Russia should request formal permission from the UN to boot the U.S. out of Syria immediately. They should start a full scale propaganda war against the criminals U.S. and Israel.

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