The India China Nuclear Race (video)



  1. in this Asian scenario , it’s age old Hindus are going nuts to KILL age old Chinese , both huge with both having a Billion people . the Chinese have had Soviet & Russian help where as India Now has Israel as the technology provider .for the Military . Both India and China have Huge and Modern Military s . The stupid Indians Should Return the Chinese land to China instaed of encroaching there and salivating at Pakistan .

    IF War breaks out India will be Devastated and a badly wounded China will emerge a winner. However whether Pakistan will jump in for China is the biggest question . it would be a Nightmare if this crazy scenario plays out. but given that israel is in with India so we can expect the Zionist to be coaxing & coaching India into agression . Due to the common Anti-Islamic sentiments India & Israel get along very well and especially discussing varios techniques used to crush and torture any Islamic Identity .

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