Ivanka Trump Faces Indictment for Fraud, Influence Peddling

    Insiders say Ivanka has been behind it all, the White Witch of Trumpland


    With Jared looting America’s secrets and peddling them in exchange for laundered cash to back the Kushner slumlord empire, as is alleged by many, how much danger has this poisonous duo sunk America into?  VT explores:

    Trump has a closet full of scandals, so would he be so stupid as to let the kids run shakedowns out of the White house. or would he not even know?

    [ Editor’s note:  Behind the new direction of the Mueller inquiry that centers on not just the Kusher/Ivanka security clearance and “White House/Whore House” scandal, is something far more sinister.

    Investigators are now piecing together a mosaic, tying Trump policies, sanctions, arms sales and “engineered” escalations of tensions to what is now the biggest international “protection racket” in history.

    Trump is not just imposing sanctions, selling arms, cutting deals to fill Trump/Kushner coffers with payoffs laundered through cutouts from foreign governments, he is sending out the fleet, stationing advanced missile systems and wildly altering US policy in an utterly insane manner.

    It isn’t just moving the Israeli capitol to occupied Jerusalem, a mandated “open city,” but Trump is also arming and backing Taiwan, staging incidents in the South China Sea and a dozen other places around the world.

    The Trump move is tied to a scheme to raise money for Trump’s personal interests, with Ivanka, Jared and the misbegotten sons as “bag-men.”  We continueJim W. Dean ]

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    Joo Kim Tiah with Ivanka – Can you feel the love? At least he is looking at her eyes.
    VT/Bogata Colombia: We have confirmed information that FBI counter intelligence officers have opened an active investigation into what they term as “allegations of broad corruption and threats to national security” involving Ivanka Trump.

    The story begins with the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver where finance deals cut while Ivanka held an active TS/SC (highest) security clearance may have met with Chinese intelligence agents to aid in financing of the Trump/Kushner investments there.
    It is alleged that Trump partner,, with shady ties to the Chinese ruling families of Malaysia, set up the arrangements through his company, Holborn Group, based in Canada.
    The charges, if filed, will allege that Ivanka arranged for phony sales of condominiums in order to launder cash from Chinese sources that represent interests hostile to the United States.
    There is evidence from NSA surveillance that China has actively courted both Jared and Ivanka in order to influence US policy in the South China Sea and relations with Taiwan.
    Behind this project are a series of banks with long histories of money laundering and ties to organized crime, something Mueller’s teams are centering their inquiries on.

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    1. Gordon I am a news junkie, and as such I must discern fake from valid reports. Most sites offer a good percentage of both. Both the Clintons, and the Trump/Kushner crowd are equally guilty of hreed using their positions for profit. The Clinton’s entered the presidency claiming well under a million in net worth 29 years on and it’s a billion. Only in America, right? Obama a couple million in (gifted) property turns into $50 million in 8 years. So much for blind trust. Here’s no telling how much wealth Trump will accrue. Time will tell.
      One can not seperate Mena Airport from cocaine, or flippantly ignore the Clinton Foundation as a money washing machinen for Haiti donations, and Uranium One pay to play scheme. Or this ?in 2016 The Washington Post reported that:
      …[a] 2011 housing expo that cost more than $2 million, including $500,000 from the Clinton Foundation, was supposed to be a model for thousands of new units but instead has resulted in little more than a few dozen abandoned model homes occupied by squatters

    2. The Clinton’s took no money from Haiti? Really? Numerous Haitian government officials have made the same claim as have various activists. The protests outside the Clinton Foundation? Approximately 10% of the total funds raised went to the Haitian government (9.6%) and Haitian organisations(0.6%). The other 89% went to international organisations, some being “dodgy” to say the very least. Reading the available material if money wasn’t directly stolen, then the mismanagement was so monumental it may as well have been. But it wasn’t just money that was allegedly taken. The Clinton Foundation and Bill & Hillary’s links to child trafficking networks are also in question. Laura Silsby is a name that keeps coming up in any serious discussion on the Clintons & Haiti. What am i missing Gordon? Psyops tend to crumble as soon as they’re put under any kind of serious scrutiny?

      • The org that I remember being caught ready to load a plane full of children was a US based christian org.

        Here’s the litmus test on Clinton, Iran Contra. And now with all branches Red , why no investigation ?
        It would be an open and shut case, if the information is true, and propel the Republican Party into blissful position for quite a while. Either, there’s nothing there, or ….. what ? Why wouldn’t they go after her , there’s not really a reason not to. You have to know, they would love to do it.

    3. If you want to kill a crime case let it been investigated by who ever, The surest way to kill the consequences and liabilities.

    4. How much has Ivanka stole and/or diverted? Not nearly as much as the Clinton’s took from Haiti and Urainium One. At least not yet, parity in theft does not make it legal. All partied involved aling with all information should be presented to a geand jury. Trial by fire comes to my mind.

    5. The Trump royal family has had it’s sights on china from the beginning and they love them some Ivanka over there. Not too shoddy for Adelson either. Everyone should keep track of any talking heads that say Trump is unpredictable. The only thing that is unpredictable, is how much he will get away with.
      The insider trading is in all departments and is what can only be described as massive looting.
      If a looter breaks a window and steals a TV, he goes to jail. But if a looter steals entire chunks of countries, he gets a library named after him. I’m all for free speech, but Sean Hannity illustrates the price for it.

      • Also of note, regarding the high number of Generals overseeing everything Executive, and in light of certain exemptions of rules that had a purpose in order to place them there, we must come to terms with our level of acceptance of what is considered Honor, and Conduct becoming or unbecoming of an Officer of the US military.
        The men who make our Captains and Colonels are less scrupulous than the enlisted corp. And the good ones who remain silent display a willingness to comply, like that of capitulation before a clearly inferior force.

      • Yea, despair is an option, but I think there are good people who make good generals, and then there are people who are ‘made” good generals. When people work night and day for what they believe is a good cause, they don’t have time to do other things. Never assume everyone has the time to read the amount of things it takes.
        But, we can wait and watch, and observe the corral getting smaller. Better to coax them out than to scare them off.

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