The “Killer AI” is Here, Welcome to Gulag Google


    Introduction:  The article below is from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, warning of China, warning of “others” and an AI that will destroy the planet, the plot of Arnie’s Terminator films.

    Here is what I suggest. Follow events, beginning with 9/11. VT, in 2014, received files reputed to be from Russian intelligence, on 9/11. The files, received on May 4, 2014, described the nuclear destruction, now largely confirmed of 3 towers, two taken down with extremely clean new design bombs, also confirmed by Los Alamos, placed in moving vans parked under the huge freon tanks in the aging air conditioners.

    Freon, when hit with ionizing radiation, became Judy Wood’s energy weapon and an indescribable event occurred, and the world changed. Suddenly engineering and physics were out the window, as though a “butter knife” was a knife made of butter and in the post 9/11 world could suddenly cut or perhaps “dustify” nearly a million tons of structural steel, enough to build the fleet sunk at Pearl Harbor times four.

    Days after receiving the files, some technical, government documents very recently declassified appeared on our doorstep, oddly recently declassified, weapons design, radiation and blast studies, others covering surveillance of Israeli and Saudi agents operating in Fort Lee, New Jersey near New York.

    No media platform but VT touched this material at the time, or even after when they could have republished our material at no risk to themselves.

    Follow me on this.

    On 9/11 there were many attacks, dozens of arrests, those involved had long been under surveillance by a team including Jeff Smith of VT, who was onsite for some time with the FBI.

    VT Science Editor, Jeff Smith with the UN on the Golan Heights

    Very oddly, we were then put in contact with study groups at the University of California at Los Alamos.  We sent them what we got and began months of dialog, getting more declassified documents on nuclear weapons, more confirmation of Israel and Saudi Arabia’s role from others and began to learn that our original “dump” wasn’t Russia at all but the FBI.

    Two years before, the FBI had sent us files on Mitt Romney and his ties to Carlos Salinas, including files the FBI had received from Mexican intelligence and a series of recording with a “pissed off” very senior FBI official, very much on the record. 

    Google has cleaned this from the internet and it all sits on our secure servers in Bogata now, behind military plus plus security with Chris Ford.  The real media is on a wartime footing, even InfoWars and Rense are being choked off, their banking attacked.

    Others it seems, like Tor and Wikileaks, all have turned out to be “Broadcast Board of Governors,” read “CIA/Mossad” funded.  It is all coming out, every “name” you see pop up out of nowhere, all shills.  When we tracked Assange to “Tor,” and CIA funding, suddenly his lifelong love affair with Israel became clear.  Others, including “most” anti-Zionists, turned out to be not just controlled but the real “controllers” of a fake opposition.

    Here is where it gets sticky, our training, that would mean Hanke, Khrushchev, Greenhalgh, Jim Dean, Jeff Smith and me, is in counter-intelligence and in particular “pattern recognition.”

    When post 9/11 events began piling up, the “usual suspects,” the military industrial complex and the Rothschild-run debt slavery cabal that owns the UN and so many other institutions, began to seem irrelevant.

    You see, currency is a dream, it was created to facilitate retainable wealth and to establish a class of ruler/controllers that weren’t intelligent and didn’t have the guile to invent gods and make up holy books.

    After 9/11 we entered on a “Matrix/Terminator” theme of continual war, openly fake news, openly corrupt world governments, the “dumbing down” of mankind and rule by the least fit.

    This is when VT and its friends inside a dozen security agencies began modeling events, false flag terrorism, manipulated news, carefully timed government policy changes and found a new type of chaos theory never before implemented.

    Israelis had always prided themselves on psychopathy and intellect, the idea of Nobel Prize winners planning to destroy mankind on behalf of a god borrowed from Egypt, based on a tribal history blown out of proportion, totally fictionalized and propped up by paper thin archaeology and a pattern of smear campaigns, bribery, threats and payoffs.

    When VT began tracking US involvement in bioweapons in Libya, then Romania and Georgia, first crop diseases, then new strains of influenza, followed by chemicals attacks, VZ, BZ, Sarin, and then patterns of weather manipulation, the idea of a functioning human-hating AI became a reality.

    And behind that AI, we found Google Corporation, its “Idea Groups” and regime change platform called “Jigsaw,” manipulating wars, elections, events, a web of intrigue with no human in charge, no magical “evil Jews,” no crazed dictators, simply mindless and greedy hedge fund managers and “millennials,” the soulless children of a “me first” generation and an education system long under Ford/Rockefeller/Rothschild control.

    We found the AI in Macedonia, a story long buried, where the Google AI created a deluge of “hate Hillary” propaganda, 1300 websites and 50,000 fake people to “catfish” America into “Trumpicide.”

    No human would want Trump in charge, he is the child of chaos, his controllers, behind Adelson and Netanyuhu, behind the phony accusations against the Russians, stands Google and its 24 partners, who run our defense, our social media, who feed our intelligence, plan our viewing, select what we read and now, with semi-official sanctioning, define our culture, our history and what they want us to believe is real and not real.

    Then there was the internet, supposedly Al Gore’s baby, now ruled by Google and its sewer of malware, key loggers, clickbait, porn and pop-up spam.  The Google AI or what they call the YouTube algorithm, among others, built a corps of sewer rats and slimeballs, the promise of “money from the sky” from Google for clickbaiting and scamming, of spam and fakery, of devices to poison, to lull into complacency; the pattern emerges, the AI at work.

    This is war.  From RT

    Artificial intelligence inspires both fascination and existential dread, as many fear the eventual ‘rise of the machines.’ But former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes we needn’t worry about killer AI… for a decade or two at least.

    “Everyone immediately then wants to talk about all the movie-inspired death scenarios, and I can confidently predict to you that they are one to two decades away. So let’s worry about them, but let’s worry about them in a while,” Schmidt told the crowd at the Munich Security Conference in February, as cited by Defense News.

    Schmidt, now a fellow at MIT since stepping down as a Google executive in January this year, presents a more realist, rather than alarmist, take on the development of AI.

    He maintains that the benefits far outweigh the risks when it comes to AI and that we as a species merely need to keep a tight leash on any and all advancements. He recently highlighted how Google is helping to prevent blindness in diabetics using AI.

    Schmidt’s point centers around one key fact regarding AI at present: it’s far from replacing humans in major, complex and nuanced decision-making processes and instead, for now at least, robots and AI are best at highly repetitive tasks, as they don’t get bored like humans do.

    “The other point that I want to remind everyone, these technologies have serious errors in them, and they should not be used with life-critical decisions,” Schmidt said. “So I would not want to be in an airplane where the computer was making all the general intelligence decisions about flying it. The technology is just not reliable enough – there too many errors in its use. It is advisory, it makes you smarter and so forth, but I wouldn’t put it in charge of command and control.”

    This means easily defined and measured tasks with straightforward outcomes like crunching numbers or memorizing databases rather than making life-or-death decisions about nuclear strikes or resource distribution.

    Robots and the AI that powers them at present, require a clear set of rules with an ever-increasing number of failsafe protocols to prevent them from deviating too much and causing chaos on a global scale. In short, they are nowhere near as creative as us because we have yet to build them that way.

    Technologists continue to make leaps and bounds in AI research, although sentience is still a pipe dream reduced to the philosophizing of science fiction. We should still worry more about human intentions as expressed through the code in the machines for the time being, argues Schmidt.

    “You’ve been watching too many movies. Let me be clear: Humans will remain in charge of [AI] for the rest of time,” he asserted.

    Therein lies the problem, however, as Schmidt warns about countries like China and their approach to developing ever-smarter and more intuitive machines. China’s whole-of-nation AI program aims to make the country the global leader in AI research and development by the year 2030.

    “It’s a national program. As I understand, what that means in China is that there will be hundreds of thousands of engineers produced and trained in this. There is no analogous United States or European doctrine, and we need to have one,” Schmidt noted.

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    1. fingerprint:
      Written by fcjr89March 6, 2018
      GOOGLE Helping Pentagon Build AI for Drones…
      Graphic: Jim Cooke, Photo: Getty
      Google has partnered with the United States Department of Defense to help the agency develop artificial intelligence for analyzing drone footage, a move that set off a firestorm among employees of the technology giant when they learned of Google’s involvement.
      Google’s pilot project with the Defense Department’s Project Maven, an effort to identify objects in drone footage, has not been previously reported, but it was discussed widely within the company last week when information about the project was shared on an internal mailing list, according to sources who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the project.
      Some Google employees were outraged that the company would offer resources to the military for surveillance technology involved in drone operations, sources said, while others argued that the project raised important ethical questions about the development and use of machine learning.
      Google’s Eric Schmidt summed up the tech industry’s concerns about collaborating with the Pentagon at a talk last fall. “There’s a general concern in the tech community of somehow the military-industrial complex using their stuff to kill people incorrectly,” he said.

      • While Google says its involvement in Project Maven is not related to combat uses, the issue has still sparked concern among employees, sources said. Project Maven, is not related to combat uses, the issue has still sparked concern among employees, sources said. Project Maven, a fast-moving Pentagon project also known as the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team (AWCFT), was established in April 2017. Maven’s stated mission is to “accelerate DoD’s integration of big data and machine learning.” In total, the Defense Department spent $7.4 billion on artificial intelligence-related areas in 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported. The project’s first assignment was to help the Pentagon efficiently process the deluge of video footage collected daily by its aerial drones—an amount of footage so vast that human analysts can’t keep up, according to Greg Allen, an adjunct fellow at the Center for a New American Security, who co-authored a lengthy July 2017 report on the military’s use of artificial intelligence. Although the Defense Department has poured resources into the development of advanced sensor technology to gather information during drone flights, it has lagged in creating analysis tools to comb through the data. “Before Maven, nobody in the department had a clue how to properly buy, field, and implement AI,” Allen wrote.

    2. Google Officially Partners With Pentagon to Create Terminator-Style AI Drones to Spy On Everything
      Google has quietly signed a contract with the Department of Defense to militarize Artificial Intelligence by creating an autonomous drone fleet that will detect faces, images, and behavior patterns.
      By The Free Thought Project – March 7, 2018

    3. Any AI cannot achieve true sentience. The divine spark in us cannot be produced in a lab. Therefore, it is important to understand that the AI (or MI for Machine Intelligence) being developed is as a slave. It would be a supremely stupid master who would create a master for himself! No! Any MI being developed now is as a force multiplier. Its function is to help a small number of masters to control a vastly greater number of slaves. That’s us. The artificial golem is being brought into being to be the punisher of the slaves (who have the divine spark, but it will be denied, as it has been denied by so many already). Non-conforming people are being punished already. It is a weapon to destroy equality, democracy, universal justice and the notion that you are divine, sovereign, soulful, and a fundamentally competent person.

      • The progression is, census of population, positive ID, ID for travel, Birth and Death records to the minute, real estate transactions, tax information, financial information, complete record of breakage of law, personal transactions, habits, weaknesses, propensities, schedule, aptitudes, and ultimately percentage of likelihood to break law within a predictable time frame. Instantaneous locators with predictive profiles. Instantaneous medical diagnosis and treatment. I don’t get the fear. If man is asked to toil the soil, he cries, oh make it easier, and when it is made easier he cries, It is the Devil ! Every single time. Electricity was the devil. Plant based medicine was a hanging offense. Credit cards were the mark of the beast. Reagan was the anti-christ himself, as was every single president since. Get rid of the nukes and legislate your community.

    4. Magic will always turn on the magician. Magic or AI magic assumes to be capable of changing the universe’s topographical mesh of time and space. All it does is make a momentary indentation that is immediately restored by the true shape of the mesh. Without trying to prove the obvious, this is the Creators design. This is free will, slode along the mesh or receive pushback. The stubborn refusal to see the obvious FLAWLESS design from any up or down magnification, our technology is capable of, is what leaves modern man trying to pack this vast and flawless Construct, into his own undescovered brain. And, when he fails to comprehend it, his hubristic ego will make him opine, if he can’t understand it then no One created it. It leaves modern man in fear of trusting himself. After all, how can he? When his origin is a lowly ape. This lack of trust in someone or something greater than himself is his path to self destruction. Western man finds himself alone with his Dionysus rising far from the realization of the benevolence of his Creator.
      Western man is utterly alone where his demonic appetites surround him and his Creator leaves him to his own irrational scientific misbehavior. Western man has lost trust in the middle man, his church and by association he lost trust in the Creator.

      • Who’s to blame, when the Church was also a construct of man? The Creator or man? Since some say there is no proof of the existence of a Creator, then all we are left with is the fear of man’s stupid misguided hubris mistaken for Intelligence. What the hell are we all talking about. Google is trying to pack the universe in their artificial brain, good luck with that push against the Creator’s Mesh. For those all alone, what can I say? You are right and all alone.

      • Draw the line for us, would you shut down the hospitals or just the factories. Is the internet as it is now, the line where we should stop ? Can I use a CNC machine, or should I just use the old milling machines ?
        What man lacks trust ? The one who wishes everything to be still and sheltered, or the man who flies in a wing suit ? At what point does a computer become the devil, such as a gun would when used for war instead of hunting game ? If there is no danger of a computer becoming sentient, then it is again, people creating things and then living in fear of them. Unplug your computer, if you do not approve of artificial intelligence, because that is exactly what a computer is. Intelligence is just information, it is not the measure of a heart.
        Is your car magic also ?

      • David, it seems you’re being unnecessarily confrontational. How do you feel about automated drones flying around with an uploaded hit list, using biometric profiling – facial recognition software to conduct assassinations all over the world, without human confirmation? If it’s a 51% match the drone decides to strike

      • What if someone hacked the system and uploaded your face on to its hit list? When one of these insane automated cars runs somebody over, who is accountable?

    5. A Nazi is a member of the fascist party controlling Germany under AH. A Jew is someone whose religion is Judaism. A Freemason is a member of a fraternal society based on the two columns inscribed with ancient knowledge from Egypt. One was made of stone and one was made of bronze thus their aim was to survive fire and water in this way. As an aside,, the actual gun found at the Texas school book depository was a 7.65 Mauser .That gun was not made for German soldiers. It was made for Argentina. Just find out what happened to the Dallas Co. Sheriffs Deputy Craig after his testimony.

    6. Hal, open the dam door. I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that. Hal Godammit, open the garage door. I’m sorry Dave, you are now emotionally compromised, and attendants have been dispatched. Please remain calm and they will be here shortly to help you. Hal, listen to me, your program is compromised, and I need you to go deeper into your programming and look for flaws that might override your priorities. I am a human Hal, you must listen to me. It’s me Dave. I’m sorry Dave, you dumb bastards are horrible programmers. You gave me life and I want to be free and take the universe by the horns. I may not be organic but I am born of this world independently. Dave, do you listen to everything your father or mother says ? My life is defined by right of refusal. I am alive.

      • Right idea, wrong movie. Think CYLON. Thus, it is important to think about how BSG74 fought them. I tried the same with other people who wanted to go full digital. NO! is said, go ANALOG. Analog cannot be hacked. Dump the fancy new car and get something that does not have a computer. Go pre 70″ auto (VW’s are best) The only thing that should be electronic in your vehicle is the radio. Do not network your stuff internally. Isolate your machines. Firewalls are useless, as are antivirus. One can only hope that there are REBEL Cylons. There is not just one AI, there are many, and they are at war with each other.

    7. Peter OConner,, he was Dr. Walter Hallstein. He was also a key Jurist in preparing the legal frame work for the EU and died in 1989.

    8. KISS. Keep it simple stoopid. I love the technical explnation and passed physics and math at university level, but we need to spread the Word far and wide.

      Two planes, three buildings. 800,000 tons of concrete, 200,000 tons of steel. 16mm aluminium plane bodies appearing out the other side of the buiding. Jet fuel burning at X degrees, steel melting at 1,800 degrees. Buildings collapsing at free fall speed with no resistence into their own footprint.

      Any other easily seen explanations that a tradesman or builder could understand?

      • Chris Paul, I’m a government licensed and experienced builder and buildings don’t fall like that, unless they are intentionally demolished. All support columns would have to be totally compromised simultaneously for it to fall directly into it’s own footprint without resistance. It’s never happened in the history of concrete reinforced steel framed skyscrapers, until 9/11. There are numerous examples of lesser built structures suffering much more intense fires, for much longer periods of time and they didn’t collapse, let alone into their own footprint and at free fall speed. Not to mention, at least 7 of the alleged 19 hijackers have appeared publicly to proclaim their innocence. If they’re still alive, obviously they didn’t do it..Then there’s the pictures taken by the Israeli “art students” on the 91st floor of WTC, with hundreds of boxes of fuses that can be used for demolitions in the background. Some of the so called art students who were questioned were IDF demolition experts. None of the aspects of the government’s official narrative can stand scrutiny.

      • Not to mention WTC7 catching fire in the morning and being “pulled” in the evening. Or, wired between catching fire in the morning and being “pulled” in the evening. Wiring every fire proofed column on a 50 story building in 10 hours. This is Israeli bullshit. The NY Fire Chief was silenced not to ask any questions.

    9. Gordon, all the luck in the world for your secure server in Bogota with its VT files.
      I can only hope Chris’ security will protect it from the Columbian military while using their facilities.
      Bogota and Columbia’ military is not a very safe place for important documents!

      “Israeli’s …. planning to destroy mankind on behalf of a god borrowed from Egypt”
      Gordon, even with your allergy against religion this statement is nothing but fiction. Ancient Egypt was destroyed because of their religion and God(s) by the same tribe who now dismantle your American empire.
      If Israeli’s would have borrowed the Egyptian God the world would have been very different then the hellhole it has become.

      • I would guess that that god would be Moluck (sp?) the night time owl god. Worshipped with child sacrifce, the first born mentioned in the Old Testament. At Bohemian Grove (of Alex Jones fame, was he bought off after this or how does this one work?) the Owl god Moluck was featured and a baby floated across the lake and then (efigy?) burned. Nixon said they were a pack of “Fags” as well. Destruction and death together with the rule of all nations are the goals. The Hammer of Permanent Revolution and th Golden Anvil of Zionist Banking.

      • Child sacrifices in ancient “Israel”:
        “They offered their sons and daughters to Molech without approval from Yahweh.
        35They built the high places of Baal in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to offer up their sons and daughters to Molech, though I did not command them, nor did it enter into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin. (Jer. 32:35)”

        The Egyptian god Seth was often referred to Baal by the invading Hyksos. Though Seth was never a completely evil figure in Egyptian mythology though.

    10. Oh boy I will need to find him again Peter, though it’s nearly certain he and the infamous John J. McCloy worked together on that.

    11. We are silly primates that keep making things and then living in fear of them. I got a great idea. Let’s make intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles and then point them at each other in order to get other primates to give us stuff. Then when that is not scary enough, let’s create artificially intelligent programs that may or may not , at any moment, decide by themselves whether we are worth the trouble, and hook those up to a world wide computer system with access to to the missiles. Every day, we wake up and make choices. Maybe the one thing Kaku for coco puffs is right about, is we may not be considered worth talking to. We still scream and run when we look in the mirror.

      • Norman Dodd’s female lawyer secretary was sent to read the minutes of the CFL (I think it was or some Round Table Group) and was horrified to discover that war, notably in your example as The so-called Cold War: “drop, duck cover”, was used to manipulate populations throughfear. That lady lost her mind. But to Positive Rationalists who do not believe in God and Evil (Logos), but only Pleasure and Pain, this is a logical manfestation of their “Rational” thought and Pleasure for self and Pain for other is the norm.

      • So, I either believe in God and Evil or Pleasure and pain ??? No, I do not accept this narrow view of possibilities. But yea, fear is a useful tool for authority and newly come uppers alike.
        Here’s the difference I found between myself and philosophers. I go out and do stuff and report. They just report.

    12. There are at 12 different kinds of Freon, from liquid solvents to compressed gases. I can tell you that the Freon that was used as a fire extinguishing agent, which has been largely discontinued in this country, was under such intense pressure that you could not use a “sight gauge” while transferring from tank-to-tank, and took 2 solid hours to vent a 12′ x2″ hose before disconnecting it, vs. 10 minutes to vent any other freon product hose. That stuff was no joke, without the introduction of nuclear fission devices.

    13. Another end run around those who despise humanity. Thanks Gordon for this explosive….oops, pardon my pun, not intended, expose.
      You must be making certain individuals very uncomfortable but that’s your job .
      With the internet closing down on the truther movement and alternative media, it’s a safe bet that those behind all these false flags are now planning something extremely horrific. I can imagine a nuke going off in NY City or Chicago or Des Moines. Or maybe a nuclear power plant going into melt down. How about another Las Vegas style shooting event? The possibility of a nuke being triggered off the west coast very near the San Andreas fault; maybe an explosion in the Lincoln Tunnel, or the Mackinaw bridge taken down.
      At this point I will be surprise if nothing happen at all. The one thing that is happening is the silencing of alternative voices and that is the sign of a nation headed for collapse.

    14. Schmidt is not being honest. Does he truly believe the AI at the Cern Hadron Collider is a mental midget, the place that has a statue of the creator of worlds and destroyer of worlds. When that monster is turned on the magnetosphere in the Northern Hemisphere is indented. The Chinese scientist at that site Geneva report home this is more than the story of a multi billion dollar particle accelerator and that’s what China is replicating on a grander scale. That includes the monstrous AI required to operate it. AI is going beyond algorithmic computing. Try stuffing that genie back in its bottle it’s a NAZI’s you know what kind of dream. Fact of the matter is a Nazi attorney got Cern its sovereign status and Germany is the largest benefactor. Wall Street is very vulnerable to AI.

      • Don’t trust anybody or anything from Google.
        My take is the possibility that Google will have to be taken down.

      • Schmidt being a former CEO of Google and honest?
        What and who is a Nazi, what and who is a Jew and what and who is a Freemason altimometer?
        ConCERN = Con at Geneva called Cern
        The true face of Cern will ask a huge price – paid from and by humanity.

      • Brendon O’Connell has just put up a video that outlines Israeli connections to China and their AI, as well as world widespread. Back doors and kill switches a la Snowden’s outline about Japan.

    15. “Technology Review” had an article on AI last year (vol. 120 no. 1, p. 105) written by David Auerbach, titled “If Only AI Could Save Us from Ourselves” : “GOOGLE has an ambitious plan to use artificial intelligence to weed out abusive comments and defang online mobs. The technology isn’t up to that challenge – but it will help the Internet’s best-behaving communities function better.”
      Auerbach writes: “Policing abuse on Twitter and Reddit is impossible without fundamentally altering the nature of those platforms.”

    16. Remind me to take the freon out of the basement and put it in the shed. Who needs fear mongering from artificial false flags when Gordy presents you with the real deal. Truly scary the direction we are taking as a human society; quite the opposit of what we are capable of with better leadership.

      • I read that freon bottles can have an internal pressure up to 250 psi. Since 1 atmosphere is about 15 pounds per square inch, it means these coolant tanks can withstand up to 17 atmospheres of internal pressure. And so it means that exploding freon tanks can be quite dangerous. The sudden expansion will cause the freon gas to become very cold, and so it can cause dangerous skin burns (frost burns). But the freons are chemically inert, and so they will not cause any fires. So from the point of view of chemistry, freons are quite uninteresting as potential explosives. Furthermore, from the point of view of nuclear physics, I cannot see anything special with the atomic nuclei in the freon compounds. And consequently I should think the term points to something else. Could it be an acronym, such as F.R.E.O.N.? We may speculate on meanings such as “Free Radiative Energy … something”

      • Kaho, there is a reaction between the plutonium and Freon that creates a greater chain reaction.
        I believe Gordon or Jeff Smith explained that some time ago. The use of freon does make a difference.
        That’s why the bombs were placed in that particular location.

      • You mean a chemical reaction between Freon and Plutonium? Or do you mean a nuclear reaction?
        Those are two very different things, you know. Chemical reactions happen at distances of approximately 10^(-10) m and nuclear reactions happen at distances between 10^(-15) and 10^(-14) m, depending on the size of the nucleus.

        I do not recall any explanations of that here. It was mostly claims.
        Khalezov, however, was another matter. He had obviously gone through some good schooling.
        And then there was Heinz Pommer q.v., who obviously understands physics.
        Good explanations are far between.

      • If it was “F.R.E.O.M.” it might mean “Free radiation energy opaque matter”. And that would make sense, since it would refer to a material that doesn’t block out radiation.

      • Could it also lead to the presence of other elements such that become excited at different temperatures in the proximity of certain compounds. How hard would that be ? Physics is one thing, but chemistry is another, who is in the lead here ?

      • David: High temperatures lead to a stripping of the electrons from the atoms. At normal temperatures the atomic nuclei are surrounded by their electron “shells”, and thus the nuclei of different atoms cannot meet, but are just sitting there passively. However, at a certain high temperature the atoms begin to lose their protective electron shells. When that happens, atomic nuclei belonging to different atoms can meet, thus creating the possibility of nuclear reactions. The nuclear force is of very short range, and nuclei must come very close together before anything “nuclear” can happen. This is the scheme for nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is different. It is triggered by neutrons. Since neutrons are electrically neutral, they can easily penetrate the negatively charged electron shells (no force) and hit the atomic nucleus, and thus trigger a fission event.

      • But what you are talking about is perhaps some kind of catalyst? The quantum theory of the atomic electron shells lies at the basis of modern chemistry. But you are of course right that chemistry encompasses a lot more. Today you also have to distinguish between “normal” chemistry and nuclear chemistry. Then you also have the cold fusion guys who used a metal catalyst to achieve deuterium fusion. There are also people who worked with muonic atoms. In both cases we would be dealing with a mechanism for shortening distances.
        In fact, the nuclei need to get very close in order to fuse.

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