Doctors of Death: The Interstate Loop Hole

Health Editor’s Note:  I had no idea that a doctor can be relieved of his or her medical license in one state and still practice medicine in another that he or she is licensed in.  There are a multitude of reasons a doctor can loose his or her medical license and these reasons are due to drugs/booze/crime, inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances, inappropriate relations with a patient, professional incompetence, gross negligence, unethical behavior, misrepresentation and fraud, criminal convictions, patient abuse, medication violations, poor documentation (record keeping), unlicensed practice bad character, boundary violations, immorality, misconduct, or conviction for criminal offenses, practicing medicine beyond his or her authority of license or abuses the authority of the license granted may still practice in another state that he or she has a license to practice in.
Reasons for revocation or suspension are determined by state law. If the doctor committed one or more of these acts in one state, would he or she not do the same in another state???? Same person, capable of same acts whatever state he or she is practicing in.  Also, he or she is one person who committed an act which would be unethical for general purposes. That does not make him or her more ethical while in another state. Right???? 
For a ruling of suspension of license,  there must be reasons and specificity. Vague reasons for suspension or revocation of medical license will generally not cause a suspension.  If reasons for suspension are supported by exact reasons, then the medical board has leeway to make rulings case by case.
Doctors will use denial of due process, self-incrimination, and other reasons to defend themselves against charges. This does not usually result in a dismissal of charges since courts have found that the medical board has responsibility to protect the public. Protection of the public should be and is the purpose of court rulings in these matters.
Now we find that doctors who are licensed to practice medicine in more than one state, just might be able to practice in the state that has not suspended him or her. Does this seem right?  I think not…….Carol

How We Reported States of Disgrace

Multiple databases consulted with records double-checked By Matt Wynn, Staff Writer, and John Fauber, Reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MedPage Today

 This story is part of a major investigation by MedPage Today and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel into physicians who had public actions against their licenses in one state, but are able to practice elsewhere with “clean” licenses.

To pursue this investigation, reporters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today worked with TruthMD, a Los Angeles-based company whose MedFax service collects information on physicians from thousands of sources.


More than 500 such cases were identified. Each one was checked with the state medical board that took the initial action against the physician. The reporters also verified that the other board took no public action of its own.

Additionally, reporters obtained thousands of pages of medical board records, court filings, Medicare records, and federal actions on specific cases. In the analysis, reporters excluded cases where the initial action was dismissed or found baseless. In some cases, a board took action well after another state issued a public notice. Cases were included if there was a gap of at least a year between the first state’s action and the follow-up in a second state.

To identify cases where a physician applied for a license in a new state after an investigation started in another, reporters flagged cases where the physician pursued a license after the action that eventually resulted in discipline.

Reporters also interviewed dozens of people, including individual physicians accused of wrongdoing, families of those alleged to have been harmed, state medical board officials, and experts in the field of physician discipline.



  1. Coward County top cop labels the “people” as sheep, saying “the lions don’t care what the sheep have to say.”

  2. There is another side to the story, and so I think doctors who lose their license in one state SHOULD be allowed to practice in another state where they are licensed. In a nutshell, the reason is State Politics, as well as Racketeering. I will illustrate with a TRUE story from my experience. I had a client who was abused by a hospital system (which relies heavily on its psych ward for income) where she had been involuntarily committed. She was NOT examined by their psychiatrist or other medical doctor, nor were medical tests taken, even though state law requires this. A week later, she faked a stomach ailment so that she could be seen by a doctor. The Internist took her medical history and ran a couple of simple tests. Result of tests – she had an autoimmune disease and was near death if left untreated, and he told her so. The results were input into Epic, their medical records system. Now we are getting somewhere, right? Wrong. The foreign-born and foreign-trained Psychiatrist finally showed up, and he ignored the lab results. He beat my client into submission (staff literally beat her up), prescribed anti-psychotic meds, and when she was discharged, she was referred to a firm of psychiatrists. He didn’t bother to disclose that he OWNED this firm.

    • It gets worse. Of course, she got physically sicker, many physical ailments, at death’s door several times. And it gets worser. The Internist was the one who lost his medical license, due to trumped-up charges against him, but he wasn’t licensed in any other state. He moved to the east coast to live with his son. And then the Internist committed SUICIDE, hanged himself, as I found out when I went looking for him to testify. Meanwhile, the Psychiatrist and his firm flourished. I will also tell you that I later visited this firm with my client, and met all the psychiatrists. Every single one was foreign-born and foreign-trained in medicine. They were in the US to make money. The hospital system contracted with them solely, because they made money too. But eventually, too many abused psych patients sued them and won, so the psych firm lost their contract. Supposedly, the psychiatric firm just up and moved to another state.

    • It gets worser yet. The Internist is dead, was falsely accused of fraud, but the real fraudsters got away with no criminal indictments. My client finally got the results of the Autoimmune disease lab tests, almost 2 years later, and it was purely by accident, when she demanded a particular lab test from her Primary care physician, who said, “OK, because our system shows you were last tested 2 years ago.” My client asked to see the old test result on the screen, and there it was, the result, the date, and the name of the Internist who had ordered the test. So 2 yrs. late, she started the correct treatment. She also went to see a Lawyer, and that’s where I assisted her. Lawyer said, You were abused by this hospital system in both X and Y counties, and I have sued in both counties. But X county has one political party, Y has a different party. We want a sympathetic court, so we will sue in X county. I bitched about Psychiatry being the best Racket of all, and the lawyer just laughed and said, “Of course it’s a racket”. As Gordon Duff has been known to say, Welcome to the real world. This is medicine in the US, folks. It’s a racket through and through, and don’t even get me going about the Health Insurance companies, as they are the 2nd best racket.

    • One last comment – my client could not follow through with the lawsuit, as she was too busy trying to save her life. But she did survive, got off the psych meds too. She now takes 1 med only, for the autoimmune disease, and is fine now, 11 years after the initial psychiatric confinement. I wish I could thank the Internist who saved her life, but he’s still dead and moldering. If anyone wants to take this story and apply it to current events, feel free. The medical system in the US is still a racket; as a matter of fact it’s getting worse.

  3. The American Cancer Society is nothing but a massive billion dollar sympathy scam. They pander to the “survivors” in the “Relay for Life” where the survivors are glorified, but the failures are buried in cemeteries likely exceed the survivors by ten to a hundred or more to one! Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. documented this in an article “American Cancer Society America’s Wealthiest “Non Profit” Institution”, International Journal of Health Services, 1999. This corrupt organization is hoarding billions of dollars in cash but pleads poverty to unwitting donors. Try to rent a billboard to expose the lie. You will have to buy the billboard company. Try to even run an ad exposing them in your local newspaper. I tried once and was ordered out and threatened they would call police on me. This is the powerful orthodoxy at work in Amerika today. The so called War on Cancer is a dismal failure. The government has squandered between $100 billion and $1 trillion but your doctor can’t even tell you what cancer is, let alone how to cure and prevent it in the human body! And keep this in mind: M.D’s take a watered down set of physics and mathematics courses or they wouldn’t have enough doctors. They do not take the same set of rigorous mathematics and physics classes physicists and engineers take.

    • Quote:

      The American Cancer Society (ACS), “More Interested In Accumulating Wealth Than Saving Lives,” Warns Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
      Mar 14, 2011, 13:06 ET from Cancer Prevention Coalition
      “The ACS track record also clearly reflects frank conflicts of interest. About half the ACS board are clinicians, oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists, mostly with close ties to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Many board members and their institutional colleagues apply to and obtain funding from both the ACS and the NCI. Substantial NCI funds also go to ACS directors who sit on key NCI committees. Although the ACS asks its board members to leave the room when others review their funding proposals, this is just a token formality. In this private club, easy access to funding is one of the perks, as the board routinely rubber-stamps approvals. A significant amount of ACS funding also goes to this extended membership. Frank conflicts of interest are also evident in many ACS priorities. These include policies on mammography, the National Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, and the pesticide and cancer drug industries. These conflicts extend to the virtual privatization of national cancer policy.
      For instance the ACS has close connections to the mammography industry. Five radiologists have served as ACS presidents….”

    • …” Five radiologists have served as ACS presidents. In its every move, the ACS reflects the interests of the major manufacturers of mammography, films and machines. These include Siemens, DuPont, General Electric, Eastman Kodak, and Piker, which allocate considerable funds to the ACS.
      ACS promotion still continues to lure women of all ages into mammography centers, leading them to believe that mammography is their best hope against breast cancer. An ACS advertisement in a leading Massachusetts newspaper featured a photograph of two women in their twenties that recklessly promised that early detection results in a cure “nearly 100 percent of the time.” An ACS communications director, questioned by journalist Kate Dempsey, responded in an article published by the Massachusetts Women’s Community’s journal Cancer: “The ad isn’t based on a study. When you make an advertisement, you just say what you can to get women in the door. You exaggerate a point. Mammography today is a lucrative [and] highly competitive business”. However, the National Academy of Science has warned that the premenopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, and that annual mammography can increase risks of breast cancer by 10%. Furthermore, the US Preventive Task Force, supported by the National Breast Cancer Coalition, has recently recommended that routine mammography should be delayed until the age of 50 and practiced every 2 years subsequently until the age of 75.”

  4. Doctors of death, and/or butchers are covered. Their victims, are not.
    The victims harmed can’t find a lawyer, they can’t see the light of day on their medical claim against the insurance carriers since the med mal insurance carriers have that all sutured up. I’d get more in to it, but I don’t feel like it.
    Bad M.D.’s can move to another state, OR . . . they can “pay and stay.” The medical examiners have open palms, extending from their limp wrists.
    There are no audits, or overseeing bodies . . . medical examiners are “it” on the pinnacle/pyramid scheme of all things licensing. Doctors can, and do, grease their palms with impunity. Might be why the medical licensing board in my state has 5-inch thick bullet proof glass in their lobby encasing the receptionist, and the people that work behind the glass! LMGAO. Those people actually CAN throw rocks in their glass house . . . it ain’t gonna break! They are PROTECTED, in all the literal manifestations. Are they fearful of the doctors going postal?!? Or the severally harmed Patients? Why does ANY licensing board have that much fear?!? Because they are corrupt to their core and hide behind the polymer.

    • Once upon a time . . . a medical examiner called me and SOLICITED ME for my complaint against an M.D. I didn’t want to do file a complaint. But, the state employee (the medical “investigator”) wouldn’t stop soliciting me, and told me “We WANT your complaint” and let me know how other Patients had filed against the good orthobutcher. The fact that I was SOLICITED for my complaint, and I filed it pretty much under duress with severe PTSD as a result, I had to RELIVE the cruelty I endured. At the end, the medical examiner let his people go! Orthobutcher kept his license. For over a year, I was a good little girl and complied with the “investigation.” At one point the medical investigator (the state employee) asked for my medical records, which were voluminous. I couldn’t scan them to him, so he suggested — and I’m not making this up — I bring in my originals! I complied, and brought them in to the medical board, per the investigator’s request. That’s when I saw their house of 5-inch thick glass. When the “investigation” (wink, wink) was concluded I asked the investigator for my ORIGINAL medical records returned to me. He told me . . . and I’m not making this up . . . they were destroyed! That was only a month after the investigation was concluded! He knew I provided original medical records, since he requested them AND when I brought in my records, my cover letter “hand delivered” stated they are the ORIGINALS!

    • I guess I do feel like it after all . . .
      The orthobutcher that butchered me was not getting referrals. It’s not as if they get walk-in Patients. His reputation had nothing to do with me, or my suing him (in pro se) His peers knew . . . they saw his handy work, and probably spend countless hours CORRECTING IT!
      The Doctors Company — the only game in town — has provisions in their med mal insurance policy that states, more or less, that “members” can’t go against other “members.” So even if the good MD’s know who the bad seeds are, their lips are sutured. Gag me with a spoon — full of shlt — helps the med’sin go down!
      The Doctors Company are the gate keepers, and THEY hired out the hit men, aka, the “defense” lawyers. The Doctors Company has the deep pockets — the goose that laid the golden egg, and boy howdy did those defense lawyers milk my case. The “deny and defend” is their strategy. They DO NOT REPRESENT the doctor in a lawsuit. They represent the doctor’s insurance carrier . . . aka The Doctors Company! It doesn’t matter how you were butchered, and/or made dead. The med mal insurance carrier WILL deny, and then defend. The defense law firm in my case pimped me out for A LOT of money. I made $0.00 for all my pain and suffering. I suffer tremendously . . . YEAH, the doctor did it . . . which is why the MEDICAL BOARD in my state CONTACTED ME!

    • But wait . . . there’s more

      This is VT, and I feel for those in the armed services, used as guinea pigs. As a civilian, I was used. But this is how the orthopedic industry sidles up to VA hospital administrators. It was the Otismed Knee that was used on me! And in my research on what the fvck happened to me . . . I found this:
      “INTERVENTION TREATMENT: Device: Otismed MRI generated cutting guide for TKA

      The FDA never approved the freaking product! Used on me . . . used on VETS!

      I know what pain was caused to me, and the 6+ hours of “revision surgery” I had to go through. I hope no VET had to endure this too, but I know there are those that had adverse outcomes, and suffered. This is NOT how civilians or VETS should be treated!

      How does this happen? Because we, as a society, allow it.

      The ABA and AMA are the biggest cartels in the nation!

  5. Sorta like when cops get fired from their job for misdeeds then move to another state or county and get hired there.

    • Exactly! Arrested for misdeeds, but able to live to tell the tales sounds right. Here’s a classic: the NY Police Commissioner on 9/11, Bernie “I’m a FELON” Kerik who “let his people” (the dancing Israhellis) go! Cut them SOB’s loose . . . and then, Bernie “I’m a FELON” Kerik is made — and I’m not making this up — the Interior Minister of IRAQ soon thereafter!
      The most blatant, in your face, thug . . . Bernie “Does my ankle bracelet make my A$$ look big?” Kerik is all up “other states” psyops . . . from the Vegas shoot ’em up in the Paddock, to the twice bltch slapped Boward County staged events with him and his pal Sheriff Israel.

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