NEO – Putin’s Assassin Nuke: a bad-guy hunter by any other name


by Phil Butler, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Phil Butler, in Crete now

[ Editor’s note: Mr. Putin’s message, by special delivery via Mr. Butler, comes as no surprise to us here at VT. He did not announce any new defense programs, but gave an update on their imminent deployment and capabilities.

We were even aware of these generally, that in response to the US unipolar, full-spectrum dominance threat that is our officially declared goal, mutually assured destruction is the only alternative from those we have targeted.

Even with all the lying Western media behind it, the US and NATO can not avoid taking the blame for regressing us to Cold War posturing. If the American people do nothing to stop this insanity, then they will lose any right to claim they were victims.

So far, to find opposition to nuclear dementia, you would have to hire a private detective. What the hell has happened to the American people that they could be so asleep, irresponsible, or just don’t care?

They did this when Russia had no real offensive threat capability with a military budget and economy a small fraction of the US and NATO. Plus, no one in Russia would support going on the offense – they know how stupid that would be.

So what that leaves us with is a Western command structure that is positioning itself to wage an offensive war. And to that I would simply return to the Nuremberg precedent, where the top Nazis were convicted and quickly hanged under that flag.

Why wait until millions have died, and then do the hanging among the embers? Let us bind together and figure out a way to hang them before “they” kill us all. We would have nothing to loseJim W. Dean ]

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We are back to mutually assured destruction, and we already know who started it

– First published  … March 4, 2018 

No U.S. Senate subcommittee has been established to study it. No Stratfor analyst is bleating about it. And no New York Times literary genius has reported it. Regardless of their negligence though, the waking reality of Putin’s unstoppable “Assassin Nuke” is crystal clear.

The U.S. backed liberal world order is on notice now, that Putin and Russia will “get you” no matter what! If worse comes to worst, that is.

No, Putin did not take aim at Florida residents or Mickey Mouse in his State of the Nation Address to the Russian Federal Assembly. His genius mastermind has instead sought and found a more meaningful target. Putin’s super-secret doomsday weapons are aimed at the world’s deadliest enemies.

Today in America every news outlet is harping about Mr. Putin’s “killer nukes” – weapons systems he says are unstoppable. Interestingly, the Russian president’s most recent strategy seems to come as a surprise. But why?

After all, he and Russia have been under siege from western maniacs many long years now. For those who a reeling at figuring out his resolve, Putin’s unflinching missile rhetoric is dead simple. The war of ideologies and energy distribution is not about Russians and American slaughtering one another.

This new Cold War is a battle to the death in between Vladimir Putin, his allies, and the normal people of Earth, and a ghastly brotherhood hell bent on enslaving the world. What CNN viewers are witnessing today is a misinterpreted and convoluted idea of the clash of civilizations. As usual, CNN is lying. Here’s the real scoop.

“FLORIDA, how dare he,” the smartphone tapping Millennials at every Orlando Starbuck’s locations exclaim! The CNN watchers in the U.S.A. are, after all, the multitude despite what you hear about ratings.

I know my people, and my people love their reality short, sweet, and when it coincides with decades old societal brainwashing. This is why V.V. Putin’s revelation is being misunderstood. The liberal order wants Putin’s message to be about Russians versus Americans.

But a Russian nuclear powered missile that can fly forever until it finds an opening to its target, it’s not a missile intended to eradicate innocent Americans. The unlimited flight range and invulnerability to missile and air defense systems this “Assassin Nuke” possesses simply ensures Russia will never, ever, ever be attacked by the west.

Surprised, aren’t you? Well, let me quote Putin directly on Russia’s spanking new nuclear fueled nuke:

“A low-flying low-visibility cruise missile armed with a nuclear warhead and possessing a practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight path and the capability to impregnate practically all interception lines is invulnerable to all existing and future anti-missile and air defense weapons.”


Looking at the Russian president’s presentation the other day, and carefully listening to his words, watching his body language – there’s no doubt the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces possess just such a weapon.

But those interested should also take note, the visual of Donald Trump’s country club at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida carried the most important message. Putin’s cryptic signal to Trump, the Clintons, the Rothschilds, and to the military industrialists was barefaced.

“Even if you destroy us, our deadliest weapons will seek you all out indefinitely,” and this Putin showed once again, his genius and indomitability. Win or lose, the bad guys are going to die. Isn’t that beautiful and refreshing?

We needn’t do a capability assessment on the Scramjet Hypersonic Cruise Missile or the deadly Status 6 Nuclear Torpedo. For it is not the viability or destructive capabilities of these weapons that was the point of Putin’s “no bluff” pronouncement.

The intended recipients of Vladimir’s warning know full well the implications of exacting Armageddon on your individual enemies. The message for me looks like Putin setting a fully loaded revolver on the table and inviting the western oligarchs to start the game of Russian roulette.

Put bluntly, the message reads: “I’m coming after YOU if this shit finally goes south.” Somehow I always knew the message and the strategy would come to this. A few days ago I told Sputnik “the man has no bluff in him” – and here we are witnessing the last straw being set:

“You now have to acknowledge this reality, confirm that everything I said is no bluff – which it isn’t – think for some time, send into retirement the people stuck in the past and incapable of looking into the future, [and] stop rocking the boat that we all ride in and which is called planet Earth.”

How plain, appropriate, elegant, and brilliant is that? Checkmate Rothschild minions and psychopath arms merchants.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. You are spot on Eduardo. I taught geography for a year back in the early 2000s. The experience was hard. When 9/11 happened we turned on the TVs to reveal the twin towers falling down and the kids thought it was another installment of Die Hard. And no, Bruce Willis did not come to the rescue.

    In the case of Putin’s Assassin nukes, I think we may finally have a superhero to rid us of the liberal snake order if anything goes too far south. Even if we all perish, wouldn’t it be nice to know perpetual hunter killer nukes are tracking down the banksters?

  2. As far as the Evil has no restrictions and feel able to use all dirty tricks, the Good must have fists. Thank you, Mr.Dean for this article and great thanks to all VT readers who understands the situation properly.

  3. Watching the graphic it appears a cluster is spread out along the gulf coast side of Florida. The wealthy Jewish elites from new York retire or snowbird there. Naples, Boca Raton, Fort Myers for example. Palm beach and Mara Lago is on the other side. I don’t think the message is just for the US.
    If we stop acting like jerks all the time, we could lower our military budget by 80 %. We have no business in Syria or Afghanistan. The every day citizen of our country has no interest or benefit from any of it.

  4. F.D.Roosevelt said that US is going into WWII with a priority to fight Hitler. That is after the pale US president was advised that Russians will most probably get him first (and probably reach Paris). Then and now there hasn’t been any other red line anywhere in the world for the US, no holocausts or concentration camps, no civilian deaths or human rights or myths on saving the jews, the only red line was and remained, it is called – the Russians advancing. The Japan nuclear bombings were simply a tactical exercise for 40+ russian cities in the mighty following years. How pathetic the folks in the US politics are and the more blinder are those living around them.

    • How right you are. Free speech on universities is dead. I can only guess how that works in Military Academies, probable even worst. Media pushes only on mantra funded by the 1%. Thus we have what we have. Insane leading the blind.

  5. Vladimir Putin has told the true enemies of humanity that today the stick is in your hand but tomorrow it could be in your a$$. at 20 x the speed of sound.

    • Big LOL. I recall my redneck shooting buddies down south pronouncing NOO KLEE ARE as NOO KEW LER 🙂

  6. Next time CNN, FOX or any MSM outlet talk of Russia why doesn’t just one sane person ask a very pertinent question: “So the West wants Nuclear War against Russia who have shelters for millions of their citizens: What nuke shelters are available to the US population? Expect stupid, gormless and idiotic looks and remember what John Cleese has to say about these cretins:

  7. Jim, I believe the answer to your excellent question is this: Aside from Pearl Harbor and 9/11/01 when has the U.S. Homeland ever received a real attack like we did to Dresden, Germany for example? Even in the Civil War was New York leveled then? Americans have heard so much bragging and double talk from our various governments, especially since WWII, they have no clue. If Trump is stupid enough to start WWIII, which he seems to be getting closer to every day, I think we are all in for a big surprise. It is very difficult to keep complex weapons systems stored and in top condition at the same time. Time does constant damage along with all sorts of insects, roaches, rats, snakes, water and water moisture, and any number of other predators on all weapons systems. Simple ants can destroy almost any air conditioning system. It is much different watching Germany get bombed in movies than living there and suffering the horror of war. Most Americans don’t have a clue. Perhaps they will receive a lesson with New York or LA leveled.

    • Insects, roaches,rats etc, but also delayed hacking, in other words, every thing looks green, till the last single moment.

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