Carnations for Comrade Stalin with Foreword by Gordon Duff


Introduction by the Senior Editor:

While some might be shocked at the idea of Russians loving Stalin, one must remember that everything we know of Stalin comes from fake news, fake education, fake universities and fake history – a past and culture long erased. This is the fate of Americans, and in fact, the majority of Europeans as well. We live in a dreamworld of lies.

There is so much confusion there. At this time, more are looking at a history managed by powers behind the Rothschild banking family that took over Europe during the Napoleonic Wars and America after Rothschild agents edited the US constitution and eventually overthrew the US in 1913, when the illegal Federal Reserve, a network of European Rothschild banks, took over America as they had with so many other nations.

The business of the Rothschilds is profit through war.

For those unfamiliar with US law and history – meaning all of you – were the equal protections provisions of the constitution to really apply, the heart of Magna Carta, then little states could not have two senators; there would be no “electoral college” nor “Supreme Court.” All are artifices of deception and debt enslavement.

There is little archaeological record of a people called “Jews” having existed until the 7th Century, and even then in Russia, not the Middle East. They – or rather we, as so many of us are not anything identifiable at all, nor should we be – are simply the same soup as everyone else.

Arab-looking people settled in the Middle East and some called themselves “Semites.” 5% of those calling themselves Jews have some Semite genes; 95% do not.

Another “Uncle Gordie” bedtime story – let’s look at the Bush family. In the 19th century, Samuel Bush, father of Prescott Bush, the Senator accused by Truman of working with the Nazis, was a simple laborer in Colombus, Ohio, who attended a local trade school and “moved up.” Prescott was the father of George Herbert Walker Bush. See where this is going?

Samuel went to a two-year trade school in Ohio and got a job with the Buckeye Casting Company in Colombus, supervising and, we aren’t sure, maybe running a factory making train wheels.

He sent his son, Prescott, to Yale where he met “Bunnie” Harriman, Union Pacific Railroad and banking, who “took a shine to him.” This is the Bush family – no royals, no dynasty, petty Ohio strivers.

Prescott went to France during WW1 and served on Pershing’s staff as a “step and fetchit.” Then he got ahold of Bunnie who got him a Wall Street job with Brown Brother Harriman, a Rothschild front. By 1928, the Rothschilds took over operations as senior partner in Brown Brothers/City of London (City of London is the Rothschilds’ financial bastion near St. Paul’s between London and Westminster. I actually have a place there; it is a total freak show.)

Under Rothschild’s leadership, Bush and his senior associate, George Herbert Walker, set about creating a war for the Rothschilds. They took over Union Bank in Switzerland, Holland America Lines and other key assets, partnered with Fritz Theissen of what is now Theissen Krupp (Krupp was the world’s largest armaments manufacturer owned secretly by the British Royal Family). Krupp factories were “hands off” in WW2 bombing raids, while cities like Dresden or Tokyo were firebombed with a million deaths. This was once commonly known.

Young George H. W. Bush married Walker’s daughter, leading to “W.” Talk about nightmares.

Working with DuPont, who owned Remington and General Motors/Opel, and the Rockefellers, who owned Standard Oil along with IG Farben and the Auschwitz concentration camp as well, they led a long series of US Corporations into building Hitler’s armies.

What we now know is that the deals to undo the Treaty of Versailles were not just Hitler’s idea. His American partners were there with Von Ribbentrop and Molotov to split Czech and later Poland.

When Germany, based on the Munich agreement of 1938, retook the German Sudetenland from Czech, Russia by agreement took all of Slovakia, while the Polish military dictatorship invaded from the North. This is obliterated history.

The Rothschild-controlled Americans were there all the way. It will take a decade – another decade – for scholars who no longer exist, to sort out the layer within layer that defined this era.

Suffice it to say when Russia and Germany divided Poland, Hitler may not have been aware that the huge industrial and mining assets turned over to Hitler’s American backers, Bush and the Rockefellers, were actually turned over to the Rothschilds.

Through Silesia Mine and Coal, Prescott Bush, throughout WW2, according to the Truman Commission’s still classified report nearly a century later, armed Nazi Germany. Cash was laundered back through Switzerland, the Bush-run Union Bank, into the Vatican and back to London, the real controllers of Wall Street.

During the War, Rothschild agents set up a group called the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services. They spent the war not landing in France blowing up trains but managed money from Switzerland, New York, London and Rome, keeping cash flowing to keep the war going as long as possible.

With Rothschild-agent Bill Donovan and John Foster Dulles (later Secretary of State under Ike) holding down New York and Allen Dulles in Switzerland with the OSS, running cash for the cabal, and Jews, Russian prisoners and political prisoners of the Nazi’s by the millions starving and dying in work/death camps doing the labor, the real cash from the Holocaust fed directly into the Rothschild family banking system and funded America’s financial elites who founded Neoconservatism so many years later.

Ah, but now about Stalin and Ian’s piece. We can go into more of this later. Do note that Allen Dulles, working for the Rothschilds’ OSS during the war founded the CIA but was fired by Kennedy. Most agree he was the prime mover in the Kennedy killing, perhaps over Kennedy’s attempt to kill the Rothschilds’ strangehold over America through the Federal Reserve as announced in July 1963.

When Kennedy was murdered, it was Dulles who Kennedy fired who ran the Warren Commission’s investigation. Oh, the webs we weave. Do you understand who Trump really works for now?

As a side note, it was Jeb Bush who went to Venezuela to set up banking for the Bush move into cocaine importation and the Reagan administration – read George H.W. Bush shadow presidency – that flowered into what was later known as Iran Contra. Behind it all, a set of events culminating in another Bush presidency under his son, 9/11 and a second drug empire to add to the Colombian jewel, that being Afghanistan. “W” built opium-free Afghanistan into the narco-dictatorship we see today, where Trump carpet bombs civilians with B 52s.

by Ian Greenhalgh

Joseph Stalin is a man widely regarded in the West as a monster, a mass murderer, the epitome of ruthless, tyrannical dictatorship. However, he is remembered rather differently in Russia, which should remind us all that history is a set of agreed upon lies and we should always remain open-minded and curious as to what really happened rather than swallow whole the orthodox narrative sold to us by official historians (well paid liars).

Stalin was no angel, he was indeed ruthless and had blood on his hands, but you can take most of what you think you know about Stalin and WW2 and throw it in the waste basket as so much useless propaganda.

It is far beyond the scope of this article to explain what we really know about Stalin, Hitler and WW2, but that is something we are going to do in a series of upcoming articles. For the time being, just try to realise that the Russian public has a different view of Stalin and history than we in the West have and that there is some validity to the Russian view.

The laying of red carnations on the grave of Stalin at the Kremlin wall was carried out on 4th March, as described by Colonel Cassad:

The not indifferent public has collected 218,740 rubles. 8000 red carnations were laid on the grave of Stalin at the Kremlin wall.

Why is the anniversary of the Death of Stalin, a man who is demonised in the West as a monster, celebrated in Russia today?

Colonel Cassad provides a short answer:

As usual, a group of indifferent citizens lays to the Stalin tomb thousands of red carnations collected for folk donations.

March 5, 2018, we, ordinary citizens of Russia, organize the laying of flowers to the grave of IV. Stalin. We believe that it is necessary not only to pay tribute to the memory of the Leader, but also to remind everyone of his great role in the history of our Motherland.

The purpose of the action is the organization of the assignment, as well as the provision of voluntary collection of funds from citizens for the purchase of flowers on the Memorial Day of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the purchase of flowers and the imposition of these flowers in Moscow on Red Square at the grave of Comrade Stalin on March 5,

Integrity and respect for history is important for any country and people who do not want to die and dissolve in time. The history of our country is many centuries, there have been not only great victories and grandiose accomplishments, but also failures and failures. However, the fabric of history is inseparable, all these years and decades are poured by the sweat and blood of our ancestors, are overshadowed by tireless work on building and strengthening the state.

None of the historical periods can not be deleted from the people’s memory and discarded, as harmful and unnecessary. Moreover, if we are talking about the period of unprecedented rise and power of Russia – the period when it for the first time in its history for a long time became one of the two leading powers in the world – the period of Stalin’s USSR, inextricably linked with the figure of Stalin himself.

The action is initiated by ordinary citizens of Russia of various political views without the support of any political party or movement. It is designed to collect money from citizens, purchase flowers and place them on Red Square in Moscow to the grave of Comrade Stalin on memorable dates (December 21 and March 5) on behalf of all participants. The action also gives an opportunity to take part in entrusting citizens living far from the Moscow region or for other reasons who do not have the opportunity to do it personally.

The action “Two Carnations for Comrade Stalin” is held for the sixteenth time since its inception in December 2010. During the entire stage of the campaign, more than 63,000 scarlet carnations were purchased and paid for by the participants of the action. 

This attitude towards Stalin appears baffling to the Westerner; Colonel Cassad’s explanation of how Stalin has been blasphemed and demonised since his death lifts a little of the veil of mystery as to why Russians feel very differently about Stalin:

The public attitude of Russian citizens to Stalin is more than obvious and has been repeatedly confirmed by opinion polls and various surveys on the best Russian rulers of the 20th century and in general, where Comrade Stalin almost always wins, which is not even sporting.

Accordingly, the more popular is the image of Stalin among the people, the more hysterical are the curses against Stalin from the side of the anti-Stalinist stratum, which in the public consciousness is in a state of permanent margins, when even possessing administrative and financial resources, they can not reverse the established trend of the steady popularity of the comrade Stalin among the masses, which affects not only the people of the communist and socialist world outlook, but also citizens far from communist theory and practice, Because the importance of Stalin is so great and so large for our history and our people that it is not only the property of the Communists but the heritage of our entire people, who is well aware of the achievements and errors of Stalin, assessing him not for good and bad, but for by the combination of good and bad,

The fact that Stalin does not like someone is normal. Stalin does not require compulsory love, sympathy, respect, etc. This is a personal matter for everyone, how to treat Stalin and his time, because in the end it is primarily a matter of attitude to the history of our country and our people. It is impossible to force to love or hate Stalin – everyone is determined by his attitude towards him on the basis of accessible information. The level of one’s own education or ignorance, everyone also determines for himself. Therefore, it is possible to meet the Communists positively assessing Stalin and the nationalists negatively related to him. And it happens the other way round.

In this regard, Russia is really a free country. You might like Stalin and you can write about it. You might not like Stalin – and you can curse him. This is how bourgeois democracy works and the pluralism of opinions. Today we have the respect of the majority and the curse of the minority. Which of these is more valuable? In my opinion the first. And regarding the curses and hysterics on the subject of Stalin, the best attitude to them is characterized by the great Russian poet Nekrasov:

He is persecuted by blasphemy:
He catches the sounds of approval.
Not in the sweet murmur of the crowd,
And in wild cries of anger.

So shout and curse if you so want. Stalin for his posthumous life in the public consciousness has experienced so much blasphemy and curses that it would seem he will be historically buried as an exclusively villainous character in Russian history. But the wind of history put everything in its place.


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  1. So Stalin saved our bacon and all of Europe as well.
    Fast forward 70 years and Europe is now under a form of Marxism called the European Union.
    One example of tyranny is the attack on free speech and nowhere is it more prevalent than Europe, especially France, Germany and Britain all three champions of democracy, right?
    So now Marie Le Penn is going to be persecuted for some recent remarks regarding the west’s favorite pet ISIS. The EU don’t like people to say such things as it is mean and hurtful. So their little puppet in France, Macron has decided to have her arrested and tossed into prison for a while, just to teach her a lesson.
    Communism in Europe remains alive and well.
    Willing to bet, there are a few posters here who applaud all this.

  2. It’s too bad Hitler’s invasion of Russia didn’t succeed. He would have hung that little Georgian chimpanzee and returned Russia to a more prosperous nation.
    Communism is a failure. Anytime a government attempts to control production it fails miserably as communists know nothing of how the true market works. Instead they not only control production but he market as well, which is why there were always shortages of nearly everything, except Vodka. Whichis why Russia under communism was always an impoverished nation.
    Those who consider Stalin a great man are brain damaged.

    • It would be much better if all those flowers were laid at the graves of those who became victims of lenin’s and Stalin’s purges….that is if you could find them. Or maybe they could lay those flowers where people trapped inside East Germany and East Berlin who were shot down while trying to escape from the glories of communism. Or how about the thousands of Polish officers, Stalin ordered ruthlessly executed?
      Maybe they should lay flowers of the graves of the Ukrainians who died from starvation when Stalin stole all the food. Maybe they should lay flowers at the graves of those who were killed during the Hungarian uprising.
      Or how about all those who died at the gulags?
      Maybe those flowers more appropriately stand for the suffering and degradation the Russian people and all those who suffered under Lenin’s and Stalin’s dictatorship.
      Maybe they could be laid for the one or two million slaughtered by Pol Pott or the millions who died during Mao’s cultural revolution.
      Or maybe they should be laid at the grave of Marxist/communism for whom the world is thankful, it no longer exists.

  3. “Young George H. W. Bush married Walker’s daughter…” – G. Duff

    Um, George Herbert Walker’s daughter Dorothy Walker married Prescott Bush, so GHW Bush is the grandson of his namesake.

    • There is a huge amount, only taught at the Phd level, where people were smart enough to know what to stay away from so as not to become and unemployed Phd. A lot of the diplomats from the early Cold War ended up teaching and “researching” at Michigan State when Gordon was there for 12 years, so he spend tons of personal time with these people. A lot of the defector Phds that came over after WWII ended up there, too. I certain organization wanted them concentrated in one spot.

    • Violence at MSU this week as SJW protestors clashed with people attempting to get in to listen to Richard Spencer. You have to just know that when these people show up (SJWs), violence is going to occur. They along with their brothers and sisters in ANTIFA depend on violence and intimidation to shut down free speech everywhere.
      These are the kind of people you do not want in government. The lot of them are Marxist/communists. Unfortunately colleges are now run by some of these SJW idiots (PHDs) who are preaching the social joys of communism to young impressionable people.

  4. We try to do that a lot – the teach a man to fish principle, where we teach you how to interpret information, how to check sources, and then just give you tasty morsels of info that will hopefully spur you on to fish out more info for yourself.

  5. AH must’ve gotten the chicken quote from the chicken farmer himself, Himmler. It is reported the enormous IG Farben plant at Auschwitz said to be a synthetic rubber plant never produced an ounce of it. And yet yellow cake and ir proximity fuses arrive in Maine on a Uboat. Suddenly months ahead of schedule Trinity happens with a test then two cities in Japan seared into memory. The USSR gets nuked up but an exchange didn’t occur. Now it appears someone has some unfinished business but that someone would receive theirs too.

  6. Yes, Stalin was a very hideous and creepy, violent psychopath, but a great national leader in time of war, who saved our bacon.

    • Saved our bacon. Based on what? Another piece of propaganda as Hitler had no plans to invade neither Britain or America.
      Americans were just as propagandized as everybody else.
      Thanks to that drunken fool Churchill, the entire eastern Europe fell to that communist swine and remained so for decades. Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech was a joke.
      Stalin had formulated plans to invade Europe. Hitler’s invasion was a failure in a sense but he threw off Stalin’s plans to invade Europe and thus saved All of Europe from Stalin’s murderous grip.

  7. As regards the Russian soidiers chained at the ankles, Paul Edouard, are you not confusing them with the starving Chinese troops of the utterly corrupt Chiang Kai Shek* (so corrupt, even his army’s American, putative funders were disgusted), who were shackled at night to prevent their running away and joining the Commies.

    *His Nibs had been an alumnus of organised crime kin his younger days. So, what’s new about the latter’s sempiternal nexus with the political right ?

    • Yeah, Stalin didn’t chain his troops. He did use punishment/penal battalions which were sometimes thrown away in horriffic frontal attacks across minefields, driven on by the NKVD machine guns at their backs. The Germans also had punishment battalions – straf battalionen, which were very unpleasant to serve in with high mortality rates. Neither Gordon nor myself are trying in any way to whitewash Stalin, we just want people to open their minds to the concept that a lot of what we think we know about Stalin and the Soviet Union is wrong. Here’s the crux of the matter, and something that has given Gordon and I a lot of thought for a long time now: The original Bolsheviks who seized power in 1917 were almost all Jews, Trotsky especially, and he was far more the driving force than Lenin, who was more of a figurehead who made rabble rousing speeches. As soon as Lenin was dead, Stalin was busy undermining and finally overthrowing Trotsky. Stalin then went on to kill almost all of the Jews in the senior ranks of the party, especially the ‘Old Bolsheviks’. He did keep some Jews around who proved useful – Lavrenti Beria, his fellow Georgian, Ilya Ehrenberg & Wassily Grossman, his arch black propagandists. But by and large, under Stalin, the Jews were oppressed and forced out of public life to a great extent, many of them went to the gulags. In 1941, Stalin deported hundreds of thousands of Jews from western Russia as he feared they would turn against him and side with the Germans. It is this clearing of Jews – they were shipped to the Russia Far East, that has allowed the Jews today to claim Hitler wiped the area clean of Jews. So, given all this anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist aspect to Stalin, how should we view him really? As a murderous tyrant or as a strong man who battled the Zionists for control of Mother Russia? The truth is complex and has been actively obscured for a long time.

  8. No, JohnZ, it was the Russians who broke the back of the German army, first at Stalingrad, and then definitively at Kursk. And this despite Churchill having continued to deny Stalin the second front he kept haranguing him for, so that, as Stalin stated : The Americans provided the money, the British provided the Russians provided he blood.

    You lot speak as if our lot had not been fanatical fascist before the war, and caused he damned war, and WWI into the bargain. And for what ? Because the Krauts were kicking our butts from her to breakfast industrially, and as we all know, empires don’t like competition, particularly when it proves stronger.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about John Edouard. One thing WWII should have taught the world is that if you are going to lose a war against the US, God help you (not intended blasphemously). The Japanese and the German civilian populations, notably the women, were both treated hideously. Of course, it was also true ‘in spades’ of the Russian perpetrators of demonic atrocities, but the Germans had been taught by the Nazis that, as Slavs, the Russians were an abomination and a waste of space, and the Axis had done a fair job of laying waste to their country.

    • This is not a justification of the Russians’ behaviour to the vanquished Germans, but a comment on the depths to which human nature can sink during such times.

  9. Strange paradox: Russians like Stalin, but do not respect Solzhenitsin, respect Kennedy very much, but hate Gorby and Yeltsin.
    I, personally, adore Alexander the Great and his battles, but many ME nations and finally Indians may say he killed a lot of their ancestors….

    • This may come as a surprise. But the Rajput clans of Western IIndia (now Pakistan), pride themselves of launching the poisoned arrow made Alexander sick and led to his eventual death.

      Russian hatred for Solzhenitsin is purely misplaced & is the result of a successful smear campaign. The admiration for Stalin is not unfounded.

  10. I know a lot of people from Brighton Beach, the Russians love Stalin, they just will never admit it to those they deem to be American retards…

  11. The legacy of death and destruction to the human soul by Stalin and his CHECKA jews are well documented by Andre Solzhenitsyn . The millions of Stalin’s victims and the starving of the Ukrainians to the tune of 10-15 million are his true legacy. However the communist ideal of managing all aspects of industrial production was based entirely on faulty thinking. You cannot control production of anything simply by apparatchiks and their twisted ideas.
    Stalin had half of his officer corps murdered out of paranoia, the murders of the Polish officers, once blamed on Hitler have been exposed as on orders from Stalin.
    Stalin was content to allow the west to exhaust itself in war and after ward move in. He made this statement quite clear.
    Those who attempt to paint a pretty picture of this monster need to reassess their own moral values. Stalin was no saint.

    • Exactly JohnZ … Stalin had the Russian soldiers chained at the ankles and marched them out in to the field of battle. The only thing they had to run from were the bullets flying at their back. The Russians were fodder in the War and the reason there were so many dead and their population stock declining, unable to reproduce, most alcoholics and most orphans: Reason is Stalin the Georgian who could not give a flying F about a Russian unless he/she was dead! These Mofo’s will defend this piece of excuse for excrement because the Marine Corp has a long history of collaborating with the Commies and now they’d throw Western Democracy under the bus and support a Russian puppet in the White House as was the case with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Japan won world war II, that is why they dictated the terms and Americans cleaned up Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hitler placed the die-glocke on the Las Palmas island , and threatened to drown the East Coast unless America accepted the Marshall plan and rebuilt Germany first! Russian History is Delusion and they will pay the price with more dead as long as they cling to unreality!

    • @Paul Eduard you mentioned something that most people gloss over: Stalin was a Georgian minority (a South Ossetian – speaking a language very close to Pushto – to be exact). Our political philosophy study groups identified Stalin’s purges as a means of containing Russian chauvinism, co-opting the counter-revolution and suppressing the Trotskyites.

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