Veterans Today takes decisive action counteracting USG-driven Internet censorship and spying


…by Preston James and Mike Harris

[ Editor’s Note: We are rerunning this so more people get to see it. Since the first run Rense has been whacked, PayPal ending it handling of payments out of the blue, and a new vendor set up to do it also folding quickly, with the strong whiff of outside pressure in the air.

Info Wars has also gotten the crunch, sending out a solicitation that indicate a country club following. We expect the hammer to move around pick one alt media platform at a time to keep their profile down. We are watching this closely Jim W. Dean]


First they censored the Truthers, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Truther. 
Then they censored the Conservatives, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Conservative.
Then they censored the Christians, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Christian.
Then they censored me, and there was no one left to speak for me.
This is the famous Martin Niermoller Poem made popular during WW II adapted for the current challenges to free speech and freedom of thought Americans and the free people of the world face today.


Almost everyday we hear of stories of youtube and other web providers censoring and removing alternative media and “Truther” videos and articles.

Actually, they censor any voices of dissent with the Deep-State Agenda of perpetual war and outright corruption. Thinly disguised preposterous policies are presented as grounds but very few intelligent people believe such absurd rationalizations.

The freedom-of-speech robbing Internet censors are getting more bold and intrusive by the day.

And there is no let-up expected until the DC Swamp of corruption is drained and the Ruling Cabal stops using American Intel and the major web providers as their protectors and enforcers.

Internet censors that violate the US Constitution with impunity to censor the Internet and  demonetize Truthers must be stopped before the Internet is free from such tampering.

This must be done by massively applied voter pressure on elected and appointed lawless officials and political candidates who serve the Deep-State.

Until that day we need our own private solution. VT TV is that solution.

Many Internet users realize that these Internet censorship actions are being driven by USG Policy-makers who direct various US spy agencies to set up censorship methods designed to protect the crimes of the Ruling Cabal which runs the Deep-State.

What most folks do not realize that these newly deployed censorship policies are based on a newly expanded system of USG based “signed intelligence findings”.

Signed Intelligence Findings are orders to violate the US Constitution and many federal and state laws, with guaranteed immunity from any prosecution for the perps. They previously had to be signed by the US President and he alone.

During Obama’s regime, a new capability was created allowing FBI agents to write and sign their own search warrants while on the way to a search. And many US agencies including the FBI, CIA and others are now allowed to write and sign their own “Intelligence Findings” without a POTUS signature.

This is a radical departure and violation of the US Constitution, many federal laws, all state constitutions and many state laws.

This illegal and unconstitutional practice is currently gutting much of the Internet of alt media, Truther videos, articles and postings that expose serious USG and Deep-State corruption.

After many months of preparation, VT has now rolled out a state-of-the-art deeply encrypted and secure System comprised of a secure replacement for facebook, a secure replacement for youtube, a secure encrypted email system, an internal encrypted telephone system, and live streaming TV that has the following capabilities for those that join:

1- The new VT TV System provides facebook type social network capabilities for all members, both Basic $1.99/month members and Author-posting $4.99/month members.

2- Secure email and secure phone conferencing for any member to another member, whether a Basic level member or an Author-posting level member. All members will have a VT TV encrypted email system and will have a email address.

All members are provided a state-of-the-art encrypted phone system with which they can directly contact other members by voice or voice conferencing.

3- VT TV members will be able to form their own groups, chat systems, and gaming systems. VT TV has old fashioned original retro games available now.

4- The ability to post articles and video for those that have a $4.99 Author-Posting  Membership is a bargain when one considers all the expensive security, encryption and firewalls, and state-of-the-art security involved. Any VT TV members  can watch these encrypted youtube type videos and shows whenever they are posted.

5- Those Author-posting $4.99/month members are free to include advertising in any of their videos or shows for any of their supporting vendors, or can choose to ask for viewer donations by referencing a payment method. Author-posting members can choose to post their shows in audio only or full active video, it’s their choice and can include advertising if they wish.

6- VT TV provides a section for each Author-poster video or program for comments by those who have accessed that program.

7- VT TV has been set up in Colombia, is not run under US Laws and only has to conform to Colombian laws and International Copyright Law. These rules that VT operates under are far less restrictive and work in favor for VT TV to provide the freedoms needed to operate without USG ordered hacking and censorship which is spreading across the Internet inside the US by the day.

VT TV must conform to Colombian Law which means that VT TV cannot post any child pornography; cannot condone any terrorist activity; cannot sell or promote the sale or use of narcotics; cannot show graphic displays of sex with animals. VT TV has set policies against the posting of X-rated pornography.

8- VT TV provides Security, Safety, Independence, Freedom of Speech, Reliability/Robustness, and Privacy.

Security: Unprecedented and unequaled levels of encryption using cutting edge technologies.

Safety: Peace of mind that your data is safe from hackers and scammers. No risk of your personal and private information being sold to third parties, no more tracking by advertisers. No data mining, no profile development of you as an individual.

Independence: Independence from government and Intelligence Agencies.

Freedom: Freedom of speech, no censorship, you are free to express yourself no matter how controversial your viewpoint. Freedom of thought no with no attempts to shape or mind-kontrol your thinking by manipulating content you are allowed to view or any other method. Freedom of information with no suppression of content and your sustained ability to see what people really think about subjects, completely free of manipulation and censorship.

Reliability/Robustness: VT TV security means your content will remain online, invulnerable to being taken down by content providers or hackers.

Privacy: All your communications, be they emails, posts or conversations in chats will remain confidential.

What VT TV won’t do:

1. No tracking cookies
2. No data mining
3. No sale of personal data to government or any corporate 3rd parties (No more tracking what you shopped for and getting ads that follow you from website to website)
4. No hacking or misappropriation of your identity or personal information
5. No censorship of freedom of speech or freedom of thought, within the terms of service agreement
6. No algorithms will be deployed to manipulate content and shape public opinion


The VT TV System is the first example of what is possible and we plan on offering a comprehensive social media site to everyone. The site is our successful feasibility study.

We would like to invite everyone who has a website and wishes to be protected in your practice of your rights to freedom of speech and freedom of thought and expression. We have developed state of the art encryption and cyber security to protect the right or privacy for everyone who chooses to join us.

If you are interested in joining as a content contributor, or you have a website you need to have protected, please contact [email protected] and please register as a subscriber at  

Go to to register as a $1.99/month Basic member, or as a $4.99 month Author-posting member.

When VT TV has a large enough set of Members, it plans to acquire its own cable channel inside America.

Here is our chance to build a secure, completely private and deeply encrypted system for ourselves and for all interested Truthers, alt media readers, and authors; a state-of-the-art system based on free expression that allows all views on any chosen subject to be presented with no censorship.



  1. While the VTTV project sounds great, i cannot get a subscription as Pay Pal refused to pay, declined my card # as real, as did another more direct payment method , both entities declared a card # i have used for years did not exist. so what next?

    • Boonie, I have passed this on to Chris to respond. It seems a few people are having PayPal problems. Chris is now constructing a PayPal clone as a permanent solution. I think this might be the trend. Whenever we are having problems with a vendor, we just create our own system, and be out of their clutches.

  2. Meanwhile in France, a nation that claims to be a democracy, Marie Le Penn is being railroaded into prison by the EU’s little dancing chimpanzee, Macron. or is it Macaronni?
    Seems that freedom of speech is only a wisp of smoke throughout Europe, especially in Britain, France and Germany. Say the wrong words and you get a little vacation in one of their nice prisons.
    It won’t be long before it happens here. It’s already happening. Freedom of speech is closing down in the west. A sign the west is falling.
    Internet censorship is the first in a series of attacks on speech and press freedom by the Marxists who run internet services. Of course CNN is also a Marxist agency ( Communist News Network) which will probably get me arrested for bad speak.
    After the internet has been “cleansed” of all improper speech, then the real work begins, to silence everyone. As if the cops don’t have enough to do with shooting and beating people to death, they will now become the speech police. Say the wrong words and get a beat down. No doubt to the delight of the SJW/ ANTIFA crowd.
    Freedom is failing. Americans continue to tune in to sports, and other useless forms of entertainment designed to cook the brains.

    • yes, meanwhile in France consensual sex with a minor is legal, but word is they may set a formal consent age of 15. So, sex with children ok, but hate speech, very bad.
      who are we to judge, in the land of sanctioned murder for resources we already have plenty of.

  3. Back in the day, when we had time to go get a sandwich and coffee while waiting for things to load or for the dial up to connect, chat rooms and private spaces were the best place to exchange intelligence in public/private forums for veterans. I used to buy three newspapers a day, and more on Sunday to try and keep up with the world and my surroundings. None had this content. I see the potential here, for an unbiased observer with discernment tools, to be surprised at the data and knowledge that may not be “suitable” for public viewing. I consulted my alter ego, Colonel Jack Mustard, and I begrudgingly report, we are both subscribing. The altruistic goals of VT are apparent and I hope they find communion and success with this endeavor. It’s the logical step toward disclosure without censure.

    • Not so much altruistic but pragmatic as we are trying to stay ahead of the game as we are expecting a totally approved government crackdown on opposition views other than the carckpot variety that always hurts the opposition. You will notice that in all the halaballoo over fake news, even proven goodies like after 9-11 the Pentagon set up an official office of disinformation, which obviously many other did. At the time it was considered “disloyal” to question anything the gov was doing at the time. So it was the perfect time for them to hit the reset button and establish a “new normal”, 1984ish style, with what once the public would have considered massive overreach, would now be “good thing” because it was protecting them. Stage two of this fraud was when no real Al-Qaeda sleeper cells were found here to amount to anything, so the FBI went on a “creation” trip with their pitiful sting operations, where in former days they would have embarrassed to put such obviously stage scenarios in front of the public. But they saw the public had been rolled over, so they have no fear.

  4. Every day, even Las Vegas shooting witnesses. Too bad there’s so little time to talk about positive subjects like say beans.

  5. A greater than half century of hiding truths and murdering witnesses most still will tell you JFK’s murder was a coup, the Warren Commission a farce. This too shall not go well as they’re being stupidly obvious.

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