AIPAC influence on US politics: Kevin Barrett vs. Geoffrey Alderman


“In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, author and political commentator in Madison, and Geoffrey Alderman, historian and political commentator from London, to discuss the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s influence on the United States’ politics.”



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  1. Religion loses the common mind in rhetoric and philosophy. It avoids with urgency the simple. Catholics are excluded from your list because the first cause is a load of horse manure.
    If we want to move forward, we cannot engage in philosophy, or what people were first, or what god is the best, we need to understand how many of us are deluded by false premise.
    Catholicism cannot be left off a list of that, because they would actually top it. It was a military decision, not a factually based spiritual decision. The writings tempted power seekers to manipulate it to their advantage, and that is very predictable and trackable, like a herd through snow covered ground.

  2. Maybe not so much a change, but a new layer of the onion that was already in existence now revealed due to peeling. religion is primarily laundering. That is an important,… Dot.

  3. All this shows again the dismal failure of so called “higher” education in America today. What are the most hated subjects in any college or university? Mathematics, physics, engineering and possibly chemistry and biochemistry. Obviously religion and mythology have won while science and reason have lost. A five letter obscene word MONEY runs the show. Why not admit failure and “join them”? Let’s change the rules since they have won. Require all engineers to major in religion, take no courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, advanced hydrodynamics, advanced electricity and magnetism, computer science and so on. Only religious nonsense. Perhaps a little astrology too while they are at it. Throw the scientific method out the window. Fire all the engineers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, etc. and replace them with these new high priests to design our cars, trucks, homes, commercial buildings, sky scrapers in New York and LA, airplanes, ships, the weapons for the military, etc. Let’s see how they do? Then when the cars and planes crash, when the buildings cave in, when the ships sink and the weapons systems dismally fail, people will wake up and run these religious fools out of Dodge pronto and forever. You can’t have it both ways. Let’s put their feet to the fire and burn them good.

    • And by the way doesn’t the Constitution prohibit the union of Church and State? America has been hi jacked by a foreign country based totally on one religion! Isn’t this the problem the genius level engineer and industrialist Henry Ford was so concerned about nearly a century ago? Isn’t this why he commissioned the Abridged Protocols of Zion and published them in his newspaper the Dearborn Independent?
      Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader,

      Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co.
      “The Dearborn Independent.”
      Americans are the biggest fools on planet earth. They love to be fooled, fleeced and had and scammed and swindled and conned and….by the oldest racket on the planet: Religious myth and nonsense substituted for reason, the scientific method and mathematics and logic and physics. America deserves its plight into oblivion. Then watch the funeral of Henry Ford in downtown Detroit in 1947 on a cold rainy day at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and celebrate a giant intellect and engineer and industrialist not religous nonsense. Wake up Americans from your stupor.

    • The funeral of Henry Ford 1947:–s-the-funeral-of-henry-ford-in.html

      Observe the thousands of people as far as the eye can see to pay their respects to the one man, not a God, who did so much to better their lives. He was born in 1863 on a farm in Michigan. They searched in vain to find a Lincoln Hearse. A Packard had to do. Henry would have laughed. Henry Ford had almost no formal education but he was more intelligent that most people living today. Thank you Henry for all you did for mankind. The fools living in America today have abandoned your great principles. Shame on them. They deserve their impending demise.

    • “What are the most hated subjects in any college or university? Mathematics, physics, engineering and possibly chemistry and biochemistry.”

      Well, those classes actually require people to analysis problems and come up with correct answers, instead of just regurgitating the Politically Correct™ flavor of male bovine excrement of the day. Plenty of time to waste the parents money in campus bars and going to parties when taking easy Oppressed Persons Studies™ classes, while the same in “STEM” fields will return failing grades.

  4. Israel is a our Ally, because they supply us with ,..( ? ) , and they are a critical buyer of our , ( ? ).
    And they support us when we, ( ? ). And we can rely on them to back us up when we , ( ? ).
    Judaism is the Mother, Catholics are the Father, and the Protestants are the children. They are a family bound together by Dogmatic lunacy and supported by a Tax Free haven of laundering and Pious Fraud. They teach obedience and blind acceptance, not spirituality. They represent dogmatic authority, not public discourse.
    War is their friend, and death is their Icon. Tax every last cent that flows through their fingers and we will have our separation of church and state. This has been known for millennia.

    • Protestants are the direct result of forced Catholicism. It is the next logical stage of cult withdrawal.
      They still use the book, and support Judaism to a large degree , as well as adhere to the notion that it all helps society somehow. Protestants/christians are the least likely group to participate in activism particularly activism against violence. They are the most likely group to join the military as a religious duty. Evangelicals are only one branch of protestants,… All use the book.

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