The Intercept: Google AI Runs Armed Drones over Syria “Look Ma, No Hands!”

    Google: “Military use of machine learning naturally raises valid concerns. We’re actively discussing this important topic internally and with others as we continue to develop policies and safeguards around the development and use of our machine learning technologies.”

    Editor’s note VT has been at war with Google and its AI for some time, not for targeting “ISIS,” but rather for their work in supporting ISIS inside Syria and Iraq.
    Google, by our estimation, both founded and runs ISIS and al Qaeda, on behalf of, well, when you have an AI, no real human is in charge at all, just lots of dead kids.
    Google is suspected in not only the killing of investigative journalist Serena Shimm, over sarin gas attacks in Syria but in involvement in planning these attacks and in a significant role  in the testing of biological weapons in the Republic of Georgia and the Russian Federation.
    As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”  The truth is so far beyond any conspiracy theory as to stagger the imagination… Gordon



    GOOGLE HAS QUIETLY secured a contract to work on the Defense Department’s new algorithmic warfare initiative, providing assistance with a pilot project to apply its artificial intelligence solutions to drone targeting.

    The military contract with Google is routed through a Northern Virginia technology staffing company called ECS Federal, obscuring the relationship from the public.

    The contract, first reported Tuesday by Gizmodo, is part of a rapid push by the Pentagon to deploy state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to improve combat performance.

    Google, which has made strides in applying its proprietary deep learning tools to improve language translation, and vision recognition, has a cross-team collaboration within the company to work on the AI drone project.

    The team, The Intercept has learned, is working to develop deep learning technology to help drone analysts interpret the vast image data vacuumed up from the military’s fleet of 1,100 drones to better target bombing strikes against the Islamic State.

    The race to adopt cutting-edge AI technology was announced in April 2017 by then-Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who unveiled an ambitious plan called the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, code-named Project Maven. The initiative, Work wrote in an agency-wide memo, is designed to “accelerate DoD’s integration of big data and machine learning” and “turn the enormous volume of data available to DoD into actionable intelligence and insights at speed.”

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    1. During British Decolinisation they had to deal with places like Kenya, Malaya and Aden. In Kenya, for example they had (Sir) Richard Deerlove of MI6, the man who said that MI6 never killed anyone where (later General) Frank Kitson had worked against Mau Mau. Frank Kitson wrote a book called “Low Intensity Operations – Subversion,Insurgency and Peacekeeping” 1971 Faber and Faber. This was the actual manual modelled on his vast experience in places like Malaya, Kenya and Northern Ireland (technically outside the scope of MI6 and under the Internal MI5 – ha, ha, a bit like the CIA never doing assassinations internally in the USA). Basically they gathered information to profile suspected agitators and in a word “Killed” them. Murdered might be more accurate. The actual Teeth Soldiers who did the Dirty Work gave extraordinary example of soldiering, with SAS Patrols extending for three month and over into Malayan swamps for example. Hungry and dirty. Para militaries and other “Ring Ins” also lent a hand (on a pistol). This became the model for Operation Phoenix in Viet Nam, but as with many Military Industrial Complex driven efforts, the emphasis shifted to more Firepower and less Intelligence. Less Boots On The Ground. Some dubious decision making went into shaping the monthly “Goal” of 1,800 Murders. I have solid evidence to know that allies such as New Zealand participated in these operations.

    2. This is enough to make Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World look like an hour with Capt. Kangaroo.
      neither he nor Orwell could ever imagine the technology and the steps a government take to control entire populations. Washington is just such a government. It’s bad enough giving cops a license to kill over the slightest reason now they will be imbued with a technology that will be nearly unstoppable.
      This is what the RKM/NWO has been pushing for. A robotized police that makes snap decisions on whether to kill you or just beat the hell out of you. Of course cops do that already…….to elderly, children, women, disabled, blind, deaf, mentally ill….anybody who is incapable of defending themselves against these goon thugs with badges, gets beaten, tased or shot.
      Welcome to Amerika.

    3. The anti-drone and robot tech should be included in any bill advocating for militarization of police. The towns or counties may be in control of budgets, but when the military ‘gifts” these rapidly outdated machines to our police, is the most likely source of the escalation. This should be disallowed, unless the manufacturer pays for and maintains the right and defense for each community affected, and the tech should be held separately from the police by town councils or judges, meaning elected officials. Hopefully, this requirement would slow down the proliferation as well. The swarms are already here. The for profit colleges are assisting the advancement using paying students for development. If only we could all have workers who pay us to do the work. Very lucrative.

    4. Drone swarms with IR scanners and miniature missiles with various forms of lethality could all be controlled by a single source. The four legged dog robots with various weaponization and self repair capability operating “off the tether” as depicted in the episode on Black Mirror, clearly was looking at the proudly displayed Boston Dynamics model.
      If we really want to enforce the 2nd amendment, I think a lobby for EMP or other weaponry designed to bring down drones and robots should be housed in every community in proportion with any weaponized machinery in the hands of the military or police. Anyone who wants to sell weaponized robots should be footing the bill, for community defense capability ,not the taxpayer. We know it is coming,..

      • worse, Americans are robbed at gunpoint and forced to pay for their own imprisonment/enslavement. They are forced to support drugged out police departments who send out robocops to murder men, women and children.

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