Russian Media: Giant Spherical UFO Orb Spotted in the US (VIDEO)

Editor’s note:  We are running this “two-headed alien baby” piece simply because it headlined at Sputnik.  On the  same day, we got a story saying that  Israeli submarines attacked Hawaii and Japan in order to push for a war with North Korea, or  maybe South Korea, as they seem increasingly the same nowadays.

The story, however, ended up tying the whole thing to Hillary Clinton and the planning in that imaginary pizza restaurant where all the small children waiting to be made into pepperoni dwell.  Rather than debunk, this kind of inserted nonsense often means a story has real legs and is poisoned as it were, to keep the real media, if such exists, from investigating.

The story says  one nuke exploded somewhere off Hawaii and the coverup, that it was all  a “butt dial” mistake, is obviously lame… Gordon Duff ]


Video footage from Google Earth posted on the YouTube Channel UFOmania may prove that we’ve got company out there in the universe.

In the clip we see a camera zooming in on the globe before taking us to where a strange phenomenon has been spotted.

Floating up in the sky just east of Lake George in New York State is a round gray object. The camera zooms in to get a better picture of the strange object, but it is well-nigh impossible to make out what it really is.

The footage, which has already garnered over 20,000 views, may offer convincing proof of extraterrestrial life.

“Analyzed it and looked at it very closely and can confirm it is a UFO,” one viewer wrote.

“Everyone I know and I know a lot of people, know that UFOs are a fact, not a maybe,” added another.

Many past UFO reports describe round, spherical UFOs. It seems that this is the most common shape of UFOs seen around the world.



  1. Mike Orin, Yochi seems like the real deal. I’ve been waiting to see another VT reader mention him. His theory on the Parkland shooting is solid, as his analysis of the Seth Richard murder. Also he goes into detail, mentions many names, in his 7 part study of Pizza Gate. (Available on Rense) … This I know. If I was a public figure and my name was errantly mentioned in a Pedo investigation as a perp I would sue. No one YS named is in a hurry to sue Yochi Shimatsu.

  2. Whether you believe we are being visited by ET’s, demons, or any combination thereof…
    (which we are)

    Google earth is not your source!

  3. There is no solid evidence of alien life, but there is much evidence of the reality of demons. UFOs are either preternatural demonic manifestations, man-made, or hoaxes. Believing in them and in ETs is a convenient choice for those who don’t want to think about the special creation by God of life and of man on this earth.

  4. I dunno about this one. It could be anything from a water droplet on the camera lens but where would the droplet come from? It could be an experimental balloon of some sort or it could be entirely CGI.
    However it has some look of authenticity to it.
    Go over to the Youtube channel and watch it there…there is another video of the Black Knight which has been orbiting the planet for who knows how long.
    Wonder if the people over at UFO Chronicles or UFO Digest have has a look at this one.
    Maybe Dr. Preston can clue us all in.

    • I don’t even play Pokemon and that was the first thing I thought as well. Goggle well knows folks are looking for Easter eggs, why not throw a few in ?
      Synchronicity can be used malevolently. Patterns can be found anywhere, and some have no endgame, like the mandala effect, flat earth, and pizza gate, have this in common. The other thing they have in common is a weirdly abundant supply of trolls who are unrelenting and ever present. The commonality of the method and progression tends to point toward a single actor or singularity. Highly functional and well equipped, but limited in creativity and ability to hide it. Like a robot.

  5. “Video footage from Google Earth posted on the YouTube Channel UFOmania may prove that we’ve got company out there in the universe.”

    Once in a while I’ll spend a few hours looking for interesting things on google earth. I mainly look for undocumented ancient ruins along rivers and what look to be dried up ancient river beds. Last year I found some undocumented ruins along the Incan trail. A few months ago I found something in the Himalayas that has me and everyone else I’ve shown absolutely stumped. It looks like the palace in Asgard from the Thor movie, but it appears to be radiating a rainbow of colours, as if it were made of quartz crystal or something. Roughly 20 miles away, there is another structure with a different shape, but it also appears to be radiating a rainbow of colours. It casts a shadow, but part of it appears to be transparent. Other than those two structures, I can see no evidence of current civilization for hundreds of miles in any direction. I wish I could share pics on this comment board so you all could see it. It’s f’d up.

  6. Herr MHL, that Comet Pizza smells fishy and it ain’t the anchovies. Maybe it’s all barking up the wrong tree; but, when it comes to children I’d rather beat the rapist to death first and ask questions later.

    • I wouldn’t trust a weather report from them. Speaking of Weather Report, one of my favorite Fusion jazz bands of the seventies.
      Teen Town.
      Goggle makes its own reality. I read a post by a former Goggle employee who became so disgusted after working there for nine years, calling it a place file with cubical crawling megalomaniacs.
      Maybe the aliens are looking at all the illegal immigrants and the shanty towns now popping up all over Commiefornia. Could be they’ve come for Gov. Moonbeam.

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