Breaking: The Upcoming Tariff War and American Security, Duff on Press TV



  1. Nafta and GATT has been bad for America from the very beginning. This was deliberately done to kill off the middle class and that’s what it has done.
    You can thank both parties in Washington for it and Bill Clinton for signing it into law.
    Since then the middle class in America has been decimated and personal debts has risen to stratospheric heights. Gone are the jobs that someone just out of high school could get and remain until retirement such as the auto plants, appliance factories and companies that made TV sets. All gone now. Very few jobs in the auto plants as much has been off shored and many parts for these cars are also made offshore. So your brand new American car has many foreign parts in it. Even Harley Davidson uses foreign parts ie: engines.
    At least they can’t offshore jobs such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing or auto repair or carpentry but I’m willing to bet they’re working on those jobs too.

    • Auto repair is screwed too . . . the auto parts are made offshore, and they are INFERIOR. I had a water pump replaced last Sept. This February it seized up. Of course, when this happens, the steering goes out. GREAT! I was on the freeway travelling 65 mph when that happened, on a Friday during rush hour.
      Inferior part.

  2. Electronics industry gone from America; virtually no television sets are make here anymore. Garment industry which provided jobs all along the East Coast and much of the South, all gone; automobile industry (manufacturing) virtually gone although some assembly plants have been constructed, mainly in a few Southern States, recently Alabama, steel industry virtually gone; what is still here is trivial compared to former glory days. Furniture industry decimated; most furniture and much molding today is little more than particleboard junk; even grave stones from India have decimated Elberton, Georgia where most of them formerly came from. Both corrupt political parties are responsible for NAFTA. Ross Perot made a valiant effort as a Third Party Candidate in 1992 (“Let’s Clean Out the Barn in DC”) but he only got 20% and they even threatened his family. America might as well legalize gambling, prostitution and drugs and call it a day and party to the end. After all isn’t everyone doing them anyway? America is gone folks and a few photo ops from Humpty Trumpy isn’t going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. It is all about a five letter obscene word MONEY.

    • Even the food on our tables for the best fed country on the planet was picked by virtual slave labor about a century after the Civil War as documented in the 1960 investigation CBS Reports with Edward R. Murrow “Harvest of Shame”, while nothing has changed today some 58 years later except the “slaves” are rented instead of owned and likely illegal immigrants. What parent in America today would send their kids to Florida or California to learn what a real day’s work is picking crops for the tables of America? Kids today are no where to be found, likely playing video games or watching porn. Try to find a local teenager to mow your lawn or rake leaves in your yard or help around the house. My late Father worked his way through the University of Minnesota and became a mechanical engineer because he didn’t want to pick potatoes in the hot Sun all his life in Northern Minnesota, almost as bad a picking cotton. He was one of the few who didn’t have to return to the farm after the grades were posted every quarter. People do not appreciate their blessings until they lose them. We all took for granted the fabulous life we had growing up in the 1940’s. It is all gone today. America is on borrowed time now and will most certainly self destruct possibly even before the end of Trump’s term.

    • One of the premier manufacturers of tape recorders in the U.S. developed the VCR and decided Americans would not be smart enough to use it so they sold the patent and rights to Sony.
      Wal-Mart once claimed that everything they sold was made in America until 60 Minutes did an investigation and we all know the rest of the story.
      Very little electronic manufacturing is being done in the U.S. There are some specialty shops like Fender, Carvin who make guitar amplifiers along with some boutique companies but even fender, Gibson, PRS and other have instruments made in either Mexico and or China.
      Gibson’s Epiphoner line is mostly made in China with a couple exceptions of high end models. Fender has an entire line of guitars made in Mexico. Paul Reed Smith has a line of guitars made in China. Vox is entirely made in China.

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