Your Life Purpose, an Awakened Journey Towards Enlightenment series


Your Life Purpose, an Awakened Journey Towards Enlightenment series.

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Our minds are abuzz with thousands of thoughts each day, all of which compete for our attention and a corollary action. The Buddhists call this untrained mind of buzzing thoughts “the Monkey Mind.”

The Monkey Mind, the ego mind, constantly flickers between conscious thoughts of love and unconscious thoughts of fear. This non-focused flickering is an intentional tool of the ego used to perpetuate confusion, attachments to duality and a resulting state of suffering. The ego’s life depends on a consciousness of confusion, for with stillness and peace comes enlightenment, and a related death to the fearful attachments of our ego mind. Here, in this present time and peace, only love exists.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

Curiously, the metaphor of the Monkey Mind and how it traps consciousness in illusion and suffering holds great similarity to how monkeys are actually trapped in the jungle. In this process a hole is drilled at the bottom of a tree where monkeys are known to gather above. The hole, drilled to be just large enough for a monkey to stick its hand in, is filled with nuts that they love to eat.

At the back of the hole is a cavernous pocket, just large enough for the monkey to wrap its hand around the nuts. Smelling the nuts from the branches above, the monkey scampers down the tree to discover the origin of the enticing aroma. The monkey, desperately excited, has to have these nuts and so quickly plunges its hand into the hole.

Feeling the nuts at the back of the hole, it grabs them. Now even more excited, the Monkey attempts to pull its hand out of the hole. Desperately though, as hard as the monkey pulls, its hand will not come back through this hole. Its balled fist, which is now wrapped around the nuts, is too large to make it through.

Try as it may, the monkey cannot pull its hand out of the hole and at the same time, it will not let loose of the nuts. The monkey has trapped itself. All that is required to be free is to let go of the nuts.

With the monkey’s hand now stuck in the hole, the trapper simply walks up to the monkey and slips a rope around its neck. Sensing the peril of the situation, the monkey releases the nuts and its hand pulls back through the hole. Free of the hole, the monkey is, however, now the slave of its captor.

“It is your attachments that causes your suffering.” – Buddha

Like the monkey who has trapped itself, the untrained mind is tempted by the allure of fearful and dramatic thoughts. The ego mind, sustained by the consumption of such thoughts, enslaves our consciousness and our actions that soon there will follow. The result of this entrapment is attachment, an unconscious sleepwalking from which our actions bring suffering and we experience separation from the present moment, paying attention and most importantly,  love. We could free ourselves and find peace however, the unconscious mind is greatly attracted to the entertainment of our buzzing thoughts and those offered to us by the ego’s material plane of reality.

“The ancestor of every action is thought.” – Emerson

The Native Americans remind us of how to release ourselves and be free from such suffering. They say, “You have picked up the hot rocks of pain and suffering (fearful and dramatic thoughts), all that is required is that you turn your hand over and let them go.”

Similarly,  the Hawaiian Mystics known as the Kahunas, teach humanity through their process of the Ho’oponopono, the great importance of BEING ever Mindful of co-creating thoughts which loving guide us toward enlightened awareness and experiences verse co-creating thoughts which are comprised of disharmony, drama and fear which also co-create our realities.

Ultimately, the Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness. At its mystical core are the elements of mental cleansing, putting things right and rectifying errors. With their wise and attentively empowering affirmation, consciousness is brought into the present moment so that there is a cognitive  recognition that we are always, 100% of the time, at cause and effect and responsible for any miracle and/or problem that occurs in our life.

Four short phrases activate the process of the Ho’oponopono healing process so that the monkey mind releases from the trap of suffering: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through the melody of words, consciousness is empowered to transmute and transcend the error of our thoughts, transition from perception into VISION and thus co-create the miraculous reality of our heart’s truest and most loving song of desire.

Let go of the hot rocks, brave spiritual warrior, and be free of all pain and suffering. Be still, find peace within and know that you are God, co-creating with each thought everything you imagine and see around you. Choose mindfully, that your thoughts are always loving, and see with great clarity and power, how you create a world of great and everlasting peace.

Suggested Exercises:

For the next two days become very present to where your mind is focusing its attention. Look for patterns, especially around subject matters that you find draining and that your perception attaches too. Write each of these items of your attention down and then immediately do the Ho’oponopono four (4) times on each subject matter. This will empower you to release and dissolve the hot rock of pain and suffering.  Next, write positive affirmations of the loving and empowering reality of WHAT YOU DO WANT TO CREATE.

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  1. * for with stillness and peace comes enlightenment*

    This kind of dung.
    That stillness and peace are followed by enlightenment(!)
    Simply not true.
    This is only one more way of soiling the common space of human thought, tempting people to believe unproven nonsense and keep up a useless hope.
    No. I don’t like that. As I don’t like people spreading this kind of nonsense.

  2. Meaning of Life, enlightenment. Nonsense!
    These things are beyond your mind frame, as it is Life itself. Something, which is even mathematically demonstrable.
    If you’re looking for the meaning of life and for enlightenment (!), in fact, you’re looking for things and experiences you can understand with your actual mind frame. It means, you’re looking for rubbish to make your actual life a bit more comfortable. You don’t like the fact that, as a human being, you’re in a state of misery right away from the moment of your conception. But this is the only thing in your miserable life, no offence intended, that you can do. Realize your misery.

    But such an issue is not so elegant for the intellectual small talk. Isn’t it?
    And so, you and your peers go around looking for something more spiritual and stick to every nonsense, like flies stick to the dung.

  3. *Khalid Talaat March 13, 2018 at 9:26 pm
    C.B. yes, even the blind can see a bully. Disagreeing politely with someone is a right. You would do better presenting a counter argument then being discourteous. In this way everyone benefits otherwise find another venue.*

    You keep insulting me right from the beginning and now what. Lessons about being polite?

    Besides, I presented already a counterargument you didn’t take notice of.
    About the nonsense of overcoming attachment by attaching ourselves to some prescribed behaviour.
    And no, I can’t express myself politely when I meet with people like you here, performing a kind of spiritual porn.

  4. *Khalid Talaat March 12, 2018 at 7:18 pm
    CB… you know they say never tell a blind man he is blind. This is good advice when face to face with someone who can clean your clock. However, I am not sure it is needed advice for those hiding behind a keyboard.*

    Are you trying to tell me something ?
    Oh yeah. I understand. You feel very important.
    You’re the “seeing” one, because you go around talking about “enlightenment” and “meaning of Life”.

  5. *Steve Robertson March 12, 2018 at 3:41 pm
    C.B. from your apparently obtuse response this article may have been written precisely for you.*

    For me?
    I’m not so obtuse as to believe that I will overcome attachment through attachment !
    And I’m surely not the one who goes around looking for the “meaning of Life” when consuming doesn’t work any more that fine.
    What if the meaning of Life, is your meaningless life itself.
    What then?
    It doesn’t look so elegant ….

    • CB… you know they say never tell a blind man he is blind. This is good advice when face to face with someone who can clean your clock. However, I am not sure it is needed advice for those hiding behind a keyboard.

    • C.B. yes, even the blind can see a bully. Disagreeing politely with someone is a right. You would do better presenting a counter argument then being courteous

    • C.B. yes, even the blind can see a bully. Disagreeing politely with someone is a right. You would do better presenting a counter argument then being discourteous. In this way everyone benefits otherwise find another venue.

  6. Before asking for life’s purpose it might help to research life itself. There is “human life”, restricted by death and time and there is a “life force” that allows “the human life” to take place. What stays behind “a human life” is a dead human corpse with the only purpose of decay while “the life force” lives/moves on.
    So what is the purpose of human life? To die? To learn about life, real life? To become rich and famous? To be like Donnie Trump? If reality is an illusion then “life” must have become part of it. Wouldn’t that be paradox even to the “self centered human mind”.
    Attachments do cause suffering. Though what is the body if not an attachment to “life force” itself.
    Thought is creation. Creation is thought. The human mind is separated from creation. It thinks for itself and “operates” a body on behalf of a taken on identity. This is confusion and suffering not creation.
    Conclusion: the purpose of life is to overcome illusion (and the body, but that would be too scary in the first place as one looses its identity.)

    • The love of opposites causes us to live in the hell of contradictions.
      The Alchemists referred to the advanced case of “monkey mind” as the negredo or blackness. It’s the sleepless existence of a hundred opposing thoughts a minute, the ego is in overdrive. The painful solution is to let go and die to our ego, easier said than done. It is letting go of everything you were made to believe. What is even harder, is to hold the opposites or “walk the razor’s edge” until you need not to think which path to take. Be the observer who is observing. Mental detachment in Japanese martial arts is called “mushin” or literally meaning “no mind”. It is when our life force takes over with flawless actions, in the zone, our minds are in our back pockets. We have been relieved of responsibility for it is our destiny, there is no opposites, no success nor failure, just destinity. Is it success or failure to miss the flight that is about to crash? Be careful what you wish for.
      But the question is: with whom do we replace our dead ego? Who do we deffer to, to unfold our destiny, to show us our life’s true purpose? Again, be silent for it can’t be our egos, listen and observe? What could our life’s purpose be? Any atheists out there? Anyone who’s ancestors were monkeys with monkey minds? Just asking some questions. Peace.

    • Eduardo, as you astutely elude to, the meaning of life deals with little of the material plan of success and more of how we choose (or don’t) to evolve our consciousness towards love.

  7. As the old saying goes . . . ignorance is bliss.
    How happier I was when I was ignorant of the ways of the world.
    But the reality is painful, and you can’t put the genie, or the gin, back in the bottle.
    There is a tremendous amount of suffering in the world. I can not “meditate” that away. But thank you for your suggestions. I don’t suffer for myself . . . but for the reality of the world and how it got that way.
    Open our eyes . . .

    • To journey back to ones origin and reality is very much possible as is overcoming ALL suffering and pain.
      It is a simple choice but hard on ones imagined reality, mind and identity. If one sees only suffering it will be difficult to love – even oneself. If one loves its origin and “life” itself it will be much more difficult for suffering to take place, but this is something you already have experienced MOAB!

    • MOAB… do you visit VT every day in the hopes of finding out if the sons of evil got pushed back hard? If so you are not alone. A wise man said: if you see an outrage, change it with your hands, if you can’t then change it with your speech and still if you can’t then change it in your heart.
      Sometimes it is all our destiny allows us.

    • MOAB, the point is never to meditate problems away. The point is to still the mind to a point of clarity about the root causes of the issues are and then courageously charge towards this source with a loving intention to heal the matter.