The Media’s Propaganda War Against Assad


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Note: We got this from the Arab American Congress. The level of fake news in the War of Terror against Syria is beyond the imagination of most, but just another day at the office for some, the usual suspects.


What if Syria was already a democracy with a popular and charismatic leader?  What if the US and especially the media, including the CIA’s spokesman George Clooney and his phony “White Helmets” were the “bad guys?”

VT has been there and seen it.  Watch the video, it’s all true.  Demand Trump stop his war on Syria and his love affair with the fake news.


  1. It’s a “what if?” kinda of day. Gordon I’m curious to know if you can quote a lie Putin has publically made?

  2. The media is just abused as the whore of the cabal, so the media running people are guilty as hell by helping them. Media is just the transmitter.

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