Sergei Skripal – Casualty of The Psy War?


Introduction by the Senior Editor

The current situation, American threats against Russia over Syria, with Nikki Haley and her incessant lying about Syrian Army “gas attacks,” we are entering a period that can only be described as “toxic.”

The real professionals, a lonely  crew indeed, look at events such as the Skripal poisoning and ask, “why now” or “why him?”  Then they ask “why Russia?

What comes from this is a broader look at events, the upcoming Russian election and a third force appears, one working to push  America and Russia into mutual suicide.

We then focus on who, and the who is simple.  Israel. … Gordon


[UPDATE: It is a few days since I wrote this article, and since then Theresa May has issued a threat to Russia to explain how a Russian nerve agent turned up in Britain; the deadline for answering this demand is midnight GMT tonight, just five hours from now.

No indication has been given what actions the British govt might take should the Russians not provide satisfactory explanations; neither is there any indication that the Russians have any intention of being pushed around by a country they see as pretty much a powerless lap dog of the Americans.

All this anti-Russian nonsense leaves me both furious and a little frightened as I sense that the ultimate goal of the demonisation of Russia is to start a war and the ultimate purpose of poisoning a Russian ex-spy on the streets of a quiet rural English town is to sell the idea to the British sheeple that the Russian regime is evil and must be opposed.

Amidst all the talk of boycotting the upcoming World Cup in Russia, of banning Russian broadcasters such as RT, it feels like we are living in 1938, that Theresa May is being set up as the new Neville Chamberlain while Boris Johnson is waiting in the wings to be called on to emulate his great hero Winston Churchill and become inspirational war leader. Ian]

by Ian Greenhalgh

Already, a lot of nonsense and outright disinfo has been written about the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter and it’s only been a week since it happened. Some of the disinfo is laughable and easily dismissed, useful idiots being used to spout the usual lies, mostly blaming Russia.

Most prominent among them is Britain’s arch-Zionist disgrace of a Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson who went so far in a speech to Parliament to call the Russians ‘malign’ and issue a thinly-veiled threat of ‘consequences’.

The British Government’s Response

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In parliament earlier this week, in response to a question from Tory MP Jack Lopresti, who asks how the government categorises cyber attacks from Russia on Britain’s critical infrastructure and whether they are “nuisances” or “acts of war”, the blustering Boris replied:

“I increasingly think that we have to categorise them as acts of war, and that means that we need to elaborate a new doctrine of response and a new doctrine of deterrence as well, and we certainly are. That is one of the conclusions that we took in the NSC a few months ago.”

(The NSC is the “National Security Council” – a British cabinet committee named according to United States convention, cf. the “Supreme Court”.)

One anonymous British blogger known only as ‘_N’ wrote a rather prescient retort to the Boris bluster that I felt was worth quoting in full:

Does the idiot Johnson know what a “doctrine” is? Does he know how long they take to formulate and how long a time period they govern? Does he realise how hopeless the British government is looking, given that it took the view “a few months ago” that a foreign power was carrying out acts of war against Britain, but, don’t worry, they’re aware that they need to find themselves a new “doctrine”, and they’re on the job?

As for “increasingly think”, he’s not supposed to be at a fucking debating society or at a high table somewhere. He’s supposed to be the foreign minister. He’s been asked in parliament whether Britain is at war or not.

Boris Johnson is personally probably too off his head on cocaine to understand any of what’s going on – he can talk the talk, or at least he can do the facial gestures, but he hasn’t got a clue how to walk the walk – but consider what such guff says about the government as a whole. I mean not just the bunch of backhander-taking pricks in the cabinet, but both them and the permanent government of this country.

Steering wheel? What’s a steering wheel? Chop chop. Snort.

While I can neither confirm or deny the cocaine use, I fully agree that Boris’s incompetent handling of this affair and his embarrassing belligerent rhetoric makes the British government – both the public-facing ‘middle management’ lead by Theresa May and the unseen, permanent elite power structure that really holds the reins of power, look like they have little idea what is going on and even less of a clue how to manage this affair.

They just stick to the same old tack of demonising Russia, seemingly bereft of any other thoughts on how to proceed.

Since Boris uttered his anti-Russian rhetoric, Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Prime Minister Theresa May have piled on too, joining in with the choruses of ‘blame the evil Russians’. Eventually some very weak ‘we have identified the nerve agent as being Russian’ excuses for the belligerent stance towards Moscow were issued.

I’m not sure I believe they have identified anything as Russia, and even if they have, we all know that Russian weapons have been sold and stolen since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991; particularly from ex-Soviet republics such as Georgia and Ukraine.

The Lugar bio-weapons lab in Tblisi, Georgia has been identified as the source of much of the biological weapons that have been found in the hands of Islamic State, with Ukraine, Turkey and Israel all deeply implicated in their smuggling to Syria and their eventual use.

It is telling to note that not one single media voice has uttered one word about any possibility of anyone other than Russia being behind this poisoning, from the get-go and without cessation since, they have all, in unison, assumed without questioning, that Russia is responsible; our co-opted and compliant, self-censoring media doing what it does best – toeing the official line. I hasten to add, not one shred of evidence that Russia has had any involvement has been forthcoming…

Who was Sergei Skripal?

Sergei Skripal was a colonel in the GRU – Russian military intelligence who was convicted of spying for Britain in the 1990s.

Col Sergei Skripal was convicted by a Moscow military court of passing the identities of Russian intelligence agents working undercover in Europe. Col Skripal began working for the British secret services while serving in the army in the 1990s, he had been passing information classified as state secrets, for which he was paid some $100,000 (£78,000), MI6 transferring money to a bank account in Spain each time Skripal gave them information, according to Russian prosecutors.

The meetings between Col Skripal and MI6 agents took place between 1995 and December 2004, when he was arrested. Col Skripal was convicted of “high treason in the form of espionage” and sentenced to 13 years in prison for spying for Britain.

Eventually, Sergei Skripal and fellow spy Igor Sutyagin were exchanged in a high-profile “spy swap”, along with two other Russians, for 10 deep cover “sleeper” agents planted by Moscow in the US, among whom was the infamous Anna Chapman.

Skripal and Sutyagin were flown into the RAF base in Brize Norton in Oxfordshire and were held undercover at a small private hotel, they were debriefed by MI5 and MI6 officers at a secret location close to London.

Sergei Skripal was the real deal, a real spy who betrayed his country by selling secrets to a foreign intelligence service. However, as far as Russia was concerned, he was an irrelevance, a man who had served his time in prison for his crime before being exchanged for other Russian spies.

Since his arrival in Britain, Skripal appears to have lived a very ordinary, quiet life in a very ordinary house in a quiet rural town, there were no signs he had continued to work for British Intelligence, he had become a non-entity, a forgotten relic of the Cold War.

So why did he turn up on a park bench with his daughter, both apparently poisoned by some mysterious agent? The Russian Government would have absolutely no motivation in pulling such a stunt, particularly at this time. Skripal had made no attempt to suppress his identity and address, which is available on, so he didn’t feel in the slightest bit threatened. If any of his ex-spy colleagues wanted to kill him, they would likely have done so years ago, and made a much more professional job of it.

It makes no sense to me, I see no reason to target a long retired former spy, I don’t see how either Russia nor Britain could derive any benefit from this. However, there are other nations that would see much benefit in driving an ever deeper wedge between Britain and Russia, further amplifying the mutual distrust and dislike between both nations.

Let’s cut right to the chase here, this was not the work of the British intelligence services, neither was it the work of the Russian intelligence services, there is one clear and obvious culprit and it is not ze Germans and the mythical DVD, it’s the Israelis.

However, before we get to those lovely Zionist Israeli chaps, we need to explain why the British and the Russians are most definitely not behind this poisoning.

The British Didn’t Do It

If MI6 did it, they’d be more likely to use “natural causes” (which is as easy as anything). If they thought he was dangerous, working against them, or just a big pain in the arse, they could have killed him quietly – heart problem, brain problem, whatever, speak to the family, maybe give them some money, no problem, quacks helping out all the way through (this is bread and butter for a leading quack in any area).

If they’d wanted a bit of edge they could have used a car accident – he’d had too much to drink, or he was on a prescription for something, but let’s encourage a few whispers and see where they spread.

But they would NOT do it the way it seems to have happened in Salisbury on Sunday. They would never choose to send out a big fat message to the market of their potential and actual sources around the world, saying loud and clear “Don’t work for us – we won’t protect you when the going gets rough“. NEVER.

Anybody who wants to argue such a frankly ridiculous thesis must come up with an alternative scenario to which this was preferable. They must argue that MI6 chose to suffer this huge blow because the other option was even worse.

This does major damage to MI6.

MI6’s main work is to collect intelligence from foreign sources. The higher up those sources are, the more they have to present themselves as who they really are: the British secret intelligence service. Above all an agent handler needs to win the trust of his potential asset.

That means that before the aset gets caught and tortured or jailed, the agency has to look after them. Any fears? Tell your handler. If the asset gets jailed, then oh DEAR, Sergei, how terrible – swap him out of jail when the opportunity arises. Oh, and don’t ask him to pay for his own ticket from Vienna. That’s what happened with Skripal.

They didn’t swap him out because he would be able to help them much after his release, they swapped him out because both MI6 and the FSB must look good in the eyes of their potential and actual sources.

If an asset gets rubbed out on the street in Britain, or badly hurt in an attempt to rub them out, that does NOT look good for MI6, however many articles may appear in the British media saying “Putin” and “Russian spy” and “poison”. That propaganda works fine for the sheeple, but it damages MI6’s image in a market they care about much more – potential and actual foreign sources.

There is more than one market for the media narrative. The sheeple blame it on Putin, yes. But if you’re a colonel in Islamabad, a civil servant in Ankara, or a businessman in Donetsk, and you’re thinking of selling information to MI6, or you’re already doing it, you want to know that they’ll protect you if you get into deep shit.

You want to know that, even if they tricked or “coerced” you in the first place into working for them. That swapped out British asset might be you one day. You won’t blame this attack on Putin, you’ll blame it on Britain. So expect the line to be put out – not necessarily in the mainstream media – that Skripal was a dirty bastard who tried to get one over on his kind hosts.

The Russians Didn’t Do It

Make no mistake, the poisoning of Sergei Skripal is part of an on-going and long-running psy war between Russia and the West, whoever carried out this attack had the intent of blackening Russia’s image in the minds of the British people. However, do you think Russia’s psywar guys give a toss about their image among the British and western sheeple or about “Russophobia” in those markets?

Fear and talk in the said markets about how Russian psywar guys are manipulating politics and media in the west (which they are) is GOOD for the Russian psywar effort, not BAD. Why? Because it implies to western populations that western rulers are WEAK, unable to control what goes on in western countries. That is really awful for morale. This is all in Psychological Warfare 101.

In short, the more bleating there is in Britain and the West about Russian manipulation of politics and media in those countries, the more the Russian psy war guys celebrate.

In psywar it’s often very difficult to know the effect of what you’ve done. It’s not like bombing a factory, when you can see the aftermath from your satellite. Often you don’t find out what effect you’ve had, or you find out much later or in unexpected ways. If the other side is complaining to its sheeple about your terrible psywar capabilities and successes all the time, then you ARE finding out, and the news is that you’re doing GREAT.

The psywar for WW3 has already begun. That’s a normal thing with psywar: it begins before physical conflict and continues after it. I doubt a date has been set for the start of the physical-conflict stage but it won’t be too far in the future.

Morale in Russia, unlike in the West, is very high. I mean morale in the sense that concerns war planners. Conversely, morale in Britain and the West, particularly among the military, is, quite frankly, abysmal.

The fact that Putin is not bleating like a crybaby about how foreign psywar agencies are undermining his country is closely related to how his government is perceived among the Russian sheeple, aka “morale”. In my opinion, the west is far more likely to collapse than Russia.

Qui Bono

At the end of the day, the people who benefit from this crass and obvious attempt to ratchet up the tension between Russia and the West and to poison the minds of the British people against Russia is all too clear – it is the Zionist criminals who control Israel and the US.

Why is an even more obvious answer, they are pushing the world ever closer to World War 3 and poisoning a former Russian spy on the streets of Britain is their way of sowing in the minds of the British sheeple the notion that the Russians, and particularly Putin, are both belligerent and reckless enough to disregard international law and justice, to ignore British sovereignty and carry out a brutal murder on the streets of a quiet English town.

The message they wish to inculcate is one of fear and loathing of the big, bad Russian bear, a clear psy op to prepare the British sheeple for the upcoming war with Russia.



  1. It looks like there is a full court press to destroy Russia’s credibility in defending the Assad government by accusing it of using nerve agents.

    • The British defence minister was also asked whether he would consider a “military response” to Russia. He did not rule that out, but said Britain should not be “rushing to do too much too rapidly.”
      “He did not rule it out” as if he could rule it in. Who is guiding British foreign policy? Ian Fleming?
      This blatant psychopathy must be so shameful to the British people. It is not Russia but Britain that should shut up and go away.

  2. First of all – Good Stuff Ian. Insightful Analysis. I worked as Economist at BCNZ, but found out you never get anywhere there by telling the Truth or being “Frank and Fearless”. Garrulous and Gutless, more like. One thing I learned is to “never overestimate the taste of the viewing public” and to “pitch it to the lowest common denominator”. In psychology, Freud fell out with his star pupil C.G.Jung over the Concept of The Collective Unconscience, which roughly equates to Psychological Archetypes, many inherited such as fear of fire or darkness. Now I suspect that Freud supressed this knowledge and gave it to his favoured nephew Edward Bernays to unleash it on the world. Bernays gave us unhealthy bacon and eggs for breakfast, females smoking cigarettes and such written gems as “Propaganda” and “Manufacturing Consent”. The latter two literary efforts were on Dr Josef Goebbel’s bookshelf and he in turn brought us such concepts as: “don’t tell small lies, tell big ones and keep repeating them until the credulous public takes them as gospel”, or words to that effect. So engaging in intellectual or logical or evidential discussions about the current torrent of anti Russian rhetoric ignores the reality of Jewish Power in controlling all the Propaganda Outlets. I have been re-reading Orwell’s 1984 and Big Brother was crude and unsubtle compared with the subtlety and pervasiveness of how the Modern Mass Media works. I talk and listen to highly placed people

    • THEY JUST HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE. “I read it in The New York Times” – Head of Research, Big Govt Dept.

      “I saw it on TV”. Lots of other High Ranked Public Service and Military who are best left unnamed.

      I was told back in the 1980s, by the head of The International Translators Association in London, not to believe what I read in the Newspapers. QED really.

  3. Firstly, read Carroll Quigley “Tragedy and Hope” and then “The British Aristocracy” to see how the Old Tories got in debt, like Johnson’s hero W.S.Chruchill, to the Jewish Bankers. They intermarried and it goes right back to the Cecils and Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”. The British East India Company came out of the Levant Company and the Dutch East India Company. Now Sabbatai Zvi went to Turkey to become the Sultan, but changed his mind and became a Muslim instead when faced with the chop. Those Kol Nidre Chanting Types can become anything or assume any identity and yet maintain their True Tribal Loyalties. Now the Very Blond Boris had a “Turkish” grndfather and it would be interesting to do a bit of research about that, married a “Von” German Aristocrat and hence the pile in the country. Boris’s Blathering Dad was a guest on Radio NZ National recently. How do these people get a platform? It is all very well saying that the UK is a non entity and poodle of the USA, but the City of London is a Different Entity from the UK and the USA is controlled by The Lobby. Apparently, many Main Streets in Israel and much property is owned by The Rothschilds.

    • Apparently, Kemal Attaturk said his morning prayers in Hebrew and came out of some Greek CIty near the Black Sea from the Old Turkish Empire. Young Turks controlled by a Grand Orient Lodge in Italy.

  4. Some disaffected nation should secure a few American cruise missiles and the corresponding nuke warheads, buy a stealthy submarine at some repo auction and toss about 8 of them into Israel. Instead of our necks, let them suck on that for awhile. Does the population of Israel expect to survive. Shit, 1 100 megaton should suffice, then after a stake through the heart. Wooden of course.

  5. Deja Vu. The MSM, the rants of ignorant politicians, the anti Russia Hollywood movies, it all mirrors the run up to World Wars 1 & 2. Germany was demonized and bashed to the 10th degree until the people rolled over and gave up their young to die for, wait for it, Zionist controlled Globalism.
    This guy Johnson looks like he could be Jimmy Seville’s son, younger brother, or worse Seville incarnate. Someone stick a cigar in his mouth, please.
    I imagine, over martinis the Israelis double over laughing at the “useful” idiots they have purchased, Johnson, McCain, Trump, Clinton et al, until one of them gives the punch line, yeah but you should see the other guy, the stupid public, they believe this shite . That’s when they fall off their barstools from laughter, and can’t stop. if it wasn’t so serious I would join them on the floor.
    Other than what I just said VT is spot on in the assessment of this incident. To bad for the young daughter. Some good advice to all you rats out there remember this, when you choose your line of work it effects those around you too.

  6. First the 13 diplomats were called diplomats, now they are called spooks, and spies, while in the same breath calling British diplomats who may be expelled, diplomats.
    Then it seems Corbyn is being railroaded for asking that they proceed with evidence !

    The British papers are incredible.

  7. If one of my fellow agents was tortued/killed because of this traitor Skripal, I would be looking at ways to get my revenge. Any way Russia could have killed him any time, before being released to the UK.
    America develops more chemical weapons than any other country, and probably copies others for a false flag attack like this. All aimed at the elections, and also to ban athletes going to the world cup.
    Putin is the only real statesman in the world. Where is the evidence? He needs our support.
    Now, Im of to post a letter to Monika Shaefer, please join me.
    Schwarzenberstr 14
    81549 Munich

  8. Thanks Ian. This killing was a Dad and Daughter show. An assassination by definition leaves no suspicion, nor blow back or else it has failed. Spot on analysis.

  9. When in doubt, it’s always the Zionists. Ukraine, JFK, MLK, 9/11, Syria, I mean name the tragedy, and you will always find Zionists names start popping up. Oh Oliver Stone loves to make movies showing he is a true alt media film maker, but never seems to cover the Zionist Israeli angle, and their conflict with JFK. And while 9/11 stinks to high heaven with Zionist tactics, we were lead to believe it was all about “oil”… And on and on, Hollywood, I think it too is part of the war on the west, war on Christian nations, war on reason and morality.
    How can less than 1% of the population be behind 90% of the evil, because they have 90% of the money.

  10. Whenever I see photos of Boris in a newspaper, I imagine him to be challenging someone out of camera-shot to a game of conkers, and about to pull his one out of his pocket and boast about how good he is at pickling them to be extra hard. Conkers is a popular plaground-game in our grade schools in the UK (or used to be popular, before computers appeared).

  11. Very incisive article Ian. How can anyone take Boris the Buffoon seriously. W.S.Churchill 2.0? He has neither the grvitas nor the brain for the job. Neither is he the S.O.B. that Churchill was.
    One angle you missed: This Skripal incident quickly removed the demonstrations against Prince Salman from the front pages. Another Mossad victory.

    • Boris certainly sees himself in the Churchillian mould, and he is capable of a good rabble rousing speech, which is what is most needed in today’s media driven world. Excellent point about removing the anti-Saudi demos from the front pages, we should always look at what has been moved to one side by these psy ops as it is a common tactic – hide something embarrassing by formulating some fake news.

  12. Ian, thanks for this info. I watch it all day in the news. Skripal is a traitor, but turned out to be a usefull prey. USA and Britain synchronized their hysteria. Sometimes i think they want to hurry up, because they realize well one hard for them idea: Putin WILL win next elections (and i will vote for him, too) and during his next presidency he will kill the NWO hydra.

    • Yes, this psy op was planned and carried out now to get it in before the Russian elections so more sanctions and other measures can be carried out before Russia votes. Of course, Putin will still win, but there will be a lot of games between now and then. Also, look for the World Cup to be ruined this summer, expect well-trained agents to infiltrate into the visiting fans and incite riots and violence so the Russian police have to respond and this will be spun by the Western media as more Russian brutality. Sad they are going to turn a sporting event into yet another psy op.

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