Unconfirmed: Russia Reinforcing Syria for Trump/Netanyahu Onslaught


…by Gordon  Duff and Jim W. Dean, with Sources in Russia and Syria

I list this as “unconfirmed” simply because this was leaked to us for publication with a purpose.  What that purpose is and whether the information is true or not remains to be seen.  However, this comes from sources “highest” and includes a message we believe is intended for US, Israeli and Saudi commanders planning to hit  Syria over the misreported/fabricated gas attacks.

Not to belabor the point but the idea that the Syrian Arab Army that is totally kicking the ass of the terrorists in East Ghouta is more than unlikely to resort to using chlorine gas.

The idea is demented and the US government and mainstream media makes me sick.  Ah, but I am getting off subject.

Anyway, Damascus is under both Russian and Syrian air cover tonight, with sonic booms shaking windows. Jim Dean thinks planes are aloft to keep them safe from Trump’s tired Tomahawk missiles.  Whatever the reason, it is a show of force.

More important, Russian sources  say they have put the entirety of Israel  and Lebanon under an air defense umbrella of newly deployed S400 batteries flown into Syria and quickly deployed over the last 24 hours.

Additionally other systems, all under Russian command, stand ready to shoot down any American planes that attempt to carry out the attacks promised by Trump over the last 24 hours as expressed by America’s UN Ambassador Haley.

Now we wait.

Trump promised to attack Syria if they continue  to fight against the US backed terrorists that have been attacking  civilian areas of Damascus for over 5 years.

Russia just told Trump to, as Kurt Vonnegut  would have put  it, “Take a flying f%& at a rolling donut, take a flying f#%% at the moon.” Trump might well chase that rolling donut, he has chased everything else.  The gauntlet is down.

What I don’t want to see is American pilots killed or paraded through the streets of Damascus.  They are still our boys even though I sometimes wish they didn’t take orders from the “grocery clerks” at the Pentagon so freely.

I reiterate, this message is not from  us, we believe it is real, we can’t say the threats are  genuine but there is this saying about what happens when you poke the bear.  Hitler learned and was forced to get a job selling phony antiques in Buenos Aires?

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  1. Five Countries Decide to Carve Up the Middle East, Turkey in Danger – Ex-Envoy

    Representatives from the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan reportedly met behind closed doors in Washington in January to draw up their new strategy for the Middle East.

    Ankara is alarmed by reports of about a secret plan to redraw the map of the Middle East and carve up Syria into zones of influence, former Turkish ambassador to France and Libya, Uluc Ozulker, has told Sputnik.

    Information about the January 11 meeting, dubbed Syrie Leaks, was published by a group of French journalists based on written notes made by the British ambassador who took part in the meeting.

  2. “If the pilots are guilty how about the airman who refuels the airplane?” Guilty.
    “The one who hangs the bombs on the airplane?” Guilty.
    “The one who sets the fuses?” Guilty.
    “The cook who feeds all these people?” Guilty.

    By now it’s clear that the U.S. military does nothing but evil in the world today. Therefore, a morally competent person would not want to be associated with the U.S. military in any way, IMO. Anyone in any position such that without his or her cooperation, the crimes would not be possible, is guilty.

    “The taxpayer who finances the war?” Probably not guilty.

    I would compare a taxpayer to someone who sells guns and ammo at a retail store. The guns and ammo can be used for lawful purposes such as target shooting and self-defense, just like tax revenue can be used for “legitimate” purposes (i.e. something other than war and other assorted imperial crimes). The retailer knows that a small percentage of the items he sells may be used in crimes, but he has no way to effectively do anything about it. OTOH if someone came into the gun store and told the seller that he needs the gun to shoot his neighbor, then if the seller proceeds with the sale knowing that this customer intends to commit a crime, the seller would have moral complicity in the crime.

  3. It is a moral issue as well as legal but where does it stop? If the pilots are guilty how about the airman who refuels the airplane? The one who hangs the bombs on the airplane? The one who sets the fuses? The air traffic controller who clears for takeoff? The cook who feeds all these people? The taxpayer who finances the war?

  4. Simpsons false flag fingerprint:

    Calling The Shots: HAARETZ email …

    “Who tried to assassinate the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, Rami Hamdallah, and the head of the PA’s intelligence services, General Majid Faraj, immediately after they arrived in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning? Was this a failed attempt on their lives or just a threatening signal to the PA’s leadership?

    The answers to these questions, in the first few hours after the incident, are still rather blurry, contradictory and rife with conspiracy theories that in any case had prevailed with respect to the relations between Fatah and Hamas.

    • >> Palestinian prime minister survives assassination attempt in Gaza; Abbas blames Hamas >>

      >>Assassination attempt on Palestinian PM failed, but dealt mortal blow to reconciliation | Analysis

      The answers to these questions, in the first few hours after the incident, are still rather blurry, contradictory and rife with conspiracy theories that in any case had prevailed with respect to the relations between Fatah and Hamas.

    • Who Is Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, Who Just Escaped an Attempt on His Life? Haaretz Mar 13, 2018 12:27 PM https://tinyurl.com/yak74v69

      There can be no question that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like to hold an election as soon as possible.”

    • Simpsons “Calling The Shots” script continued: 14 March 18

      Top U.S. Jewish Leader Has Little-known Side Job as Director of Israeli Gas Giant Behind $15b Egypt Deal

      Opinion Can Mike Pompeo Fix Trump? https://tinyurl.com/y7qa46w2

      Days after Delek Drilling announced the Egypt deal, the Presidents Conference – lead by Malcolm Hoenlein at the time – hosted a panel promoting gas extraction as a route to Mideast peace
      The Forward and Josh Nathan-Kazis Mar 13, 2018 9:13 AM https://tinyurl.com/ybug62tp

      Got Gas … The Shadow knows, Sister Sooky Done Gone

  5. I have often wondered how a man can consiencely bomb cities filled with civilians. As a Vietnam vet 68, 69 I understand combat, but from the ground, and how after the exictement wore off it rapidly became a survival thing, at least for me. I have the pleasure of knowing an USAF F4 pilot who flew out of Danang. At times we run into each other at our VA hospital. Next time I see him I’m going to ask how he did it. If I get an answer i post it here.

  6. Apparently the office of president of the U.S. (and by extension, whichever “man” holds the office) is identified in Biblical prophecy as the second beast of Rev 13:11 (aka the little horn of Daniel 7:8).

    And the second beast is a political puppet ruler who takes orders from the first beast, a certain Satanic cult (in this case “tribe”) that made the deal with Satan that Jesus Christ rejected.

    Finally the U.S. government over which the second beast presides (the legislative and judicial branches of which having ceded their power to the executive branch), having lost the last pretense of moral and constitutional legitimacy, now exists solely to do the dirty work of the (first beast), i.e., to use U.S. military, economic and political power to forcibly impose the Satanic, messianic, judeo-communist “New World Order” on the whole planet, establishing Satan’s kingdom on earth as per Isaiah 14:13,14.

  7. I agree completely. Moreover, any U.S. military personnel participating in Teflon-Don-The-Con-Man’s war crimes are also openly violating their oath to “support and defend” the U.S. constitution.
    Finally, since a direct military confrontation with Russia could escalate into a nuclear war, any U.S. military personnel that participate are also threatening their own country and their own family with destruction.

    Putting it all together, and U.S. military personnel that participate in Trump’s war crimes are in fact themselves the enemy of ever decent American.

  8. War is the great leveler, where we eat our own children and the future dies. What comes next: the rise of the paramecium and a new Age of the lower orders? I hope the reports are wrong. Trump couldn’t be serious about attacking Russian assets, could he? Who, besides Nikki Haley, is that stupid?

  9. Even if the S-400s are not there Russia does seem to have been seriously increasing the depth of the SAM defences into SAA formations and non Russian airfields. I have seen a photo of a Barnaul-T command complex, which is used at a local level to control short range missiles, believed to be at Al-Dumayr AB.

    On top of aircraft supply, the ship based Syrian Express has been running at full pelt. In addition one maybe two frigates have left Crimea over the past few days heading for Syria. There is also a RuN frigate in the Red Sea shadowing exercises there.

  10. “Trump promised to attack Syria if they continue to fight against the US backed terrorists that have been attacking civilian areas of Damascus for over 5 years.” – I askew, is this guy’s mind deranged or what!

    Thanks Gordon for your timely news ‘splash’. Russia now has a cordon sanitaire to protect Damascus from the Biblical plague threatened by the Frump and Bimbo Bibi now hiding and croaking deep in the woods trying to keep their powder dry.

    “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” Leaving ’em pissed off at the Pentagon and livid at Langley.

  11. The wisdom of this week which starts today and lasts 13 days, is to revisit the troubles of the sons and daughters left and caused by the fathers and mothers. To wait three days before acting (I-Ching # 18) That the turmoil may well be averted by recognizing, that the motivation belongs to the past, and is not warranted.
    The stubborn son who is beaten by the father, must raise himself as one who will not do the same.

    Abundance of the world is plentiful and there is no need for acting out emotional issues into violence. When we carry the sins of our fathers and mothers we must unburden, not unload.

    • The hidden hand revealed itself by all the position changes on the day of ascension of position. The high level of predictability carries with it, the course of finding. Even now, data collection works against those who would wield it. Choices. What an odd word.

  12. I hope South Front prints a rolling diary … and often wondered where the refueling flights originate.
    My bet if I could place one would be no war.
    y eye

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