Debate: Tillerson Firing, Duff on Press TV



  1. Why did you have to be a grey hat? We would have taken a bullet for you when you were going to run for president. Your words, your delivery…. so well said, so on the money (even if you didn’t mention Pompeos puppeteers, the Koch)…How can we square all this with your defense of Soros, your offer to Bush to keep quiet about the NAZI part. Why couldn’t you just be one of the good guys.

  2. Gordon, it seems like Trump is closing ranks, and surrounding himself with yes men. Can I say useful idiots. I heard him say he a loves a devisive atmosphere, he wants to hear all arguements to help him make informed decisions. It looks less like that now. I won’t call it a war cabinet, as it lacks military thinkers. Am I wrong? The whole thing seems off the wall and rather messy.

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