Screw You Trump: Photos of US Chemical Weapons Facility in Ghouta


By Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

While the West has been fiddling and swindling, robbing its citizens to enrich their bankers, the Russians have been busily building an unstoppable nuclear juggernaut.

The imaginary missile gap of the 1950s and 60s is reality today, but the moral high ground the West seemed to hold at that time is long gone, with the real axis of evil being the London-Washington-Tel Aviv triumvirate.

Let’s get a couple of things straight here: the evidence is now in about the American election – it was Israel and America’s own dept of Homeland Security, the shadowy, Orwellian monolith whose tendrils extend into every town and village, every precinct in America.

The recent election in Pennsylvania with Trump steel tariffs, Adelson cash and a massive smear campaign unable to stop an under-funded, inexperienced Democratic challenger tells a story. When there is a free election in America, results can be as much as 30% different.

It isn’t just that Russia hasn’t gained from Trump, but it has become increasingly clear that Trump is the puppet of an anti-Putin cabal not only intent on destroying Russia, but America as well. Without wishing to sound at all smug, we hasten to point out that VT identified Trump’s real purpose and exposed his Mafia backers months before he was elected, if only more people had listened…

Yes, one thing is clear, the New World Order is at hand; and that world order is a massive criminal conspiracy that shows its hand every day in increasingly absurd government statements, fake news and irrational policies.

For a prime example of absurd, irrational behaviour, one only has to look at the way the British government has been behaving over the issue of the poisoning of a couple of Russians, how, without any evidence whatsoever have belligerently and aggressively blamed Russia, specifically Putin and the Kremlin, using the most bellicose language and issuing threats aplenty. We suspect this has caused both amusement and anger in Moscow.

The failure to believe in the Khazarian Mafia lead to a number of wildly inaccurate historical narratives; chief among which is the simple fact that two massive world wars were engineered by a Frankfurt-based banking family, with tendrils into most of the world’s capitals and dozens of major world leaders as their bought-and-paid-for servants for two centuries.

Let’s be entirely clear, here is what we’re saying: Trump is the paid stooge of a thousand-year-old criminal organisation that originated on the steppes of southern Russia; an untold history, this bandit-nation Khazaria, nearly three quarters the size of the continental United States, terrorised both the Christian and Islamic worlds and brought east-west trade on the Silk Road to a halt. It may well have been the Khazarians that brought on the Dark Ages and the world’s first evidence of large-scale biological warfare.

Today, the Khazarian Empire survives, hidden among the world’s innocent Jewish population, an underground criminal empire of massive proportion, more powerful than governments, controlling not only the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England, but the United Nations as well.

There are no wars but the ones they create, and the armies of what was once considered the Free World or the Allies; when placed under the microscope that separates the clouds of fake historical narrative, it comes starkly into focus – all wars are their wars. War is their business, and has always been their business. Their side-businesses: narcotics, human slavery, looting the world’s economies, all fit hand-in-hand with what so many scholars have been terrorised into hiding – that the black hand of the Khazarians has pushed civilisation back centuries, stifled scientific development, enslaved continents and killed hundreds of millions.

The point where the Khazarians must be stopped and removed from power is drawing ever closer, as tensions in the Middle East reach ever higher levels, and the prospect draws ever closer of entering a second phase of the 7-year-old war – far more deadly and widespread as it draws the forces of the US, Israel, Russia and others into a conflict that could easily mushroom into World War III.

In a strange twist of fate, history appears to be repeating itself; as the two powers who finally said ‘enough’ and crushed the Khazarian Empire in the 9th century were the Russians and the Persians. Today it is Russia and Iran who stand against the Khazarian cabal, but they will have much difficulty in repeating the feat of their forebears by crushing the Khazarians.

The US threatened to invade Syria last week over its alleged chemical attacks by the Damascus government. Russia is enraged at the duplicity of Trump and the Israeli stooges that order him around like a handpuppet. Make no mistake, we are close to the brink here, as Trump and Netanyahu appear likely to ignite war with Russia at almost any moment.

Just as the Iraq War was started by the lies about mythical WMDs, this prospective Syrian war is being fueled by lies about chemical weapons. Yes, chemical weapons have been deployed against Syrian civilians; however, the culprits are not the Assad government, as claimed by Nikki Haley – rather it is the so-called ‘rebels’ who have been manufacturing and using chemical weapons against innocent civilians. These ‘rebels’ are the creation of the West – recruited, trained, armed and financed by the US, Israel, Saudi and their allies.

Colonel Cassad published a series of pictures that expose the US lies about Assad and his chemical weapons, showing clearly that it is the ‘rebels’ who have been making and using such weapons, evidence that the MSM will never show you.

Here is the Colonel Cassad article, with both the original Russian and machine-translated-to-English text, but the images speak for themselves:

Видео из занятой сирийскими войсками лаборатории по производству кустарных образцов хим.оружия, которые использовались для провокаций в Восточной Гуте.
Лаборатория находилась на территории, которую контролировала “умеренная" группировка боевиков “Джейш-аль-Ислам”. Translation:

A video from a Syrian army-occupied laboratory for the production of artisanal chemical weapons samples that were used for provocation in East Gut.The laboratory was in territory controlled by the “moderate” militant group “Jays al-Islam”.

На Западе разумеется плевать на подобные факты, потому что априори хим.оружие мог применять только Асад и Россия.«Секретарь [Йенс Столтенберг] подчеркнул важность единства НАТО для противодействия России, которая представляет угрозу не только Великобритании, но и нашим союзникам по блоку», — сообщает пресс-служба МИД Великобритании словам генсека НАТО на встрече Бориса Джонсона с главами внешнеполитических ведомств и международных организаций по поводу ситуации с отравлением Сергея Скрипаля. В поддержку Лондона выступили также главы МИД Франции Лё Дриан и Германии Зигмар Габриэль. Они призвали к противодействию российской «дезинформации» и «вмешательству» в дела Украины и Западных Балкан, а также использованию Москвой «химического оружия везде, что очевидно из поддержки режима убийцы-Асада».Как и говорилось ранее, с точки зрения логики Холодной войны, факты тут совсем уже не важны. Важнее политическая обусловленность тех или иных заявлений и действий. А то что у боевиков была лаборатория по производству кустарных образцов ОМП, то это кого надо лаборатория.


In the West, of course, they do not care about such facts, because only Assad and Russia could use the chemical weapons a priori.

“The secretary [Jens Stoltenberg] stressed the importance of NATO’s unity to oppose Russia, which poses a threat not only to the UK but also to our bloc allies,” the press service of the British Foreign Ministry told NATO Secretary General at a meeting with foreign ministers On the situation with the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. In support of London, French Foreign Minister Le Drian and German Zigmar Gabriel also spoke. They called for counteraction to Russian “disinformation” and “interference” in the affairs of Ukraine and the Western Balkans, and also using Moscow “chemical weapons everywhere, which is evident from the support of the assassin-Assad regime.”

As mentioned earlier, from the point of view of the logic of the Cold War, the facts here are completely irrelevant. The political conditionality of certain statements and actions is more important. And the fact that the militants had a laboratory for the production of artisanal samples of weapons of mass destruction, then this is someone who needs a laboratory.

PS. И да, уволенный через Твиттер Тиллерсон стал очередным персонажем, который выступал с программой “Асад должен уйти”, но который ушел сам.

США считают, что лишь уход президента Сирии Башара Асада создаст условия для мира в Сирии, заявил госсекретарь США Рекс Тиллерсон.
«Уход Асада через процесс под эгидой ООН создаст условия для долгосрочного мира в Сирии», – сказал Тиллерсон, выступая в Стэнфордском университете в Калифорнии.

На известную картинку с теми, кто ушел вместо Асада, он уже просто не влезает, так что просто информация.  Translate:

PS. And yes, fired through Twitter Tillerson became the next character who performed with the program “Assad must go,” but who left himself.

The US believes that only the withdrawal of Syrian President Bashar Assad will create conditions for peace in Syria, said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

“Assad’s withdrawal through the UN-sponsored process will create conditions for a lasting peace in Syria,” Tillerson said at Stanford University in California.

For a well-known picture with those who left instead of Assad, he just does not fit in, so it’s just information.



  1. As if Porton Down didn’t already have more chemical and biological warfare crap than we will ever need….

    Frankfurt bankers – Rothschilds and their next door neighbours the Goldsmiths.

  2. “The chemical attack in Englang is to descredit the only credible entity that protected Syria from accusations of using chemicals. They are forcing Russia deep into a defensive posture to prevent them from credibly defending Syria.”

    Almost twenty years ago, the US Department of Defense was involved in dismantling a chemical research institute in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, where the Novichok nerve agent was tested, according to the New York Times.” There you go, is it called a chain of custody.

    Can we have a world wide vote on banning the UK from the UN? Is there a country or a people on this planet who don’t have a score to settle with this rogue nation, always ready to join a blood letting? Does the British government think its people will survive WW3? I know, caring about its people, was never a consideration.

    • Also, the site of the poisoning is just seven miles away from Porton Down, the British government’s chemical weapons research lab. Every chemical lab has samples of the nerve agent.

    • First of all the scrapping and dismantling of the UN in its current shape is more then necessary. This establishment called UN should not even be called United Nations. It is a farce, operating on the same laws of Rothshield & Co that has imprisoned each single nation on this planet. Same rights for every Nation does not apply at all – it never did. There is no unity and justice at all at UN. A blind show pony led by the chosen ones.

  3. Finally, the method of this writing as I think is written correctly “criminal” or even better “criminal organization” instead of “Mafia”, as written above by Gordon Duff,
    “Today, the Khazarian Empire survives, hidden among the world’s innocent Jewish population, an underground criminal empire of massive proportion, more powerful than governments, controlling not only the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England, but the United Nations as well”.

    • Yes, I caught that too and I was going to comment using that very same quote. There are many, many innocent people used as pawns for these Khazars.
      Khazars . . . Kaisers . . . ‘Lil Seizures, Seizures.

      They changed their name over time, but not their spots. Slash and burn from the daze of yore. Many innocent people get into their cross-hairs . . . BECAUSE . . . many more gullible people can’t see the innocents from the Khazars’ line of sight.

  4. Amazing article! Thank you Gordon and Ian, much appreciated. How long can the hypocrisy in Washington, Israel and the shameless ziomedia continue before most citizens of these nations recognize that their murderous governments have been using the same worn out propaganda for decades to drag the world into wars for profit and world domination? These psychopaths use human rights as a weapon and nothing more. They claim, “they took the babies out of the incubators and placed them on the cold floor to die” LIES. They show us pictures of suffering children and blame the suffering on the good guys in a pathetic attempt to dehumanize anyone who opposes US hegemony and the greater Israel project. They make up disgusting lies to convince the public that their war efforts are righteous. They are soulless mass murdering scumbags who need to be put down like the rabid animals they are.

    • Agreed! Very good article. I LOVE IT when we draw the past to the present . . . it’s a gift! Mr. Duff did a fine job with that here.

  5. About time the true culprits were named, better late than never. I think it would be safe to add Seth Richards to the list of dead and wounded. My suspicions are; Seth Richards was the source of the 2016 Democrat Party e-mail dumb. With a high probability he was working for Mossad which received them from Wiki Leaks, a Mossad op., and used Richards to leak them. It’s the only theory which covers all the bases going to who, what, and why. He was the only American involved, and seen as a weak link he had go. The only one’s left aren’t US, and they aren’t talking.
    Israel fixed the election easier than they fix the horses at Bay Meadows. Israel, and the expelled Ukrainian, and Russian mob benefited greatly.
    The current hate propaganda against Russia has at a fever pitch close very to the level thrown at Germany shortly before WW1 & 2. Take a good look at Germany now, you will see the blue print, the plans these crooks have in store for Russia, which is all of it. When the USA wins a war they don’t just sign a treaty and leave peacefully. They hang around, they are there to stay. The USA writes their laws, dictates their foreign policy, says who the leader will be, and of course controls the bankers. Now take another gander at all three. They are completely owned by the US which in turn is owned 100% by the families which own the Federal Reserve Inc. After looking closely at the 3 glance over at bankrupted Greece, and read about the austerity budget rammed down their throat. That my friends is our future if we allow this to continue. We did not win the revolutionary war in 1812, London did. With a lot of help from the “merchant” class in London, and NY, Alexander Hamilton brought the Rothschild bank to the USA. There’s a reason the Broadway play “Hamilton” hit Broadway in 2016, and why the media lauds it, and the reason ain’t good.
    So while the psychopaths risk WW3, and a nuclear winter with our lives on the line we remain silent as sheep. I guess we fear them, and they know it. The local and state police agencies are military trained. Armed with bad laws, and stocked with enough hard combat vets to put down any protests it’s now or never time for them. Hey the odds favor them more each day we don’t hit the streets to make some noise. Citizens Unite.

  6. The other factor MSM does not point out, is that , What use could it possibly be to create an international incident , by taking out a exposed asset that has long past usefulness or potential harm. They sold it as some overdue revenge motive which doesn’t make sense in a business where neither trust nor grudges have much weight. The wall of lies teeters and sways when it gets too high.

  7. It’s time for a little waterboarding for Humpty Trumpty. After an hour, he will be confessing everything from the Sharon Tate murders to Watergate, Iran Contra, the murder of Paul Wellstone , the fixing of the NFL playoffs…..and the recent school shooting.
    Thanks for the update Gordon. Unfortunately even the Libertarian websites won’t talk about this, except for Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams.
    The zionists and their stooge Curly Joe Trump are going to create a helluva mess.
    But what can we do about it? Protest and get beaten, peppers prayed and tased. Dissent is now the same as treason. Speak out in public and get attacked.
    The First Amendment in America is dying…..along with the rest of the nation.
    The possibilities America will return to some semblance of sanity appears remote.
    What was it the DHS put in the water supply? What subliminal messages were flashed on the TV screens?

    • Dissent is not the same as treason.
      Dissent, however, does get punished, treason, not so much . . . ironic.
      Dissent is not a treasonous act. The two words are NOT synonymous.
      dis·sent – dəˈsent/ noun
      1. the expression or holding of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held.
      trea·son – trēzən/ noun
      noun: treason; noun: high treason; plural noun: high treasons
      1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the soverign or overthrow the government.
      One is an “expression,” the other a “crime.”

    • The government has already been overthrown by traitors, by their acts of treason. It wasn’t a bloodless coup, many civilians were murdered in cold blood simply by showing up to work on 9/11. Yeah, it was the “Saudis” . . .
      Speaking of Saudi, who’s getting face time on the boob tube currently? Why it’s the Clown Prince of Saudi. He’s saber rattling “If Iran develops nuclear weapons, we will.”
      Why is that schmuck even ON T.V.?!?
      Oh, right . . . he’s telling US what side he’s on in this sport of fools and kings: Mass Annihilation
      And he’s on the Israhelli side.
      What a jerk.
      Because if your agin Iran . . . your fer Bibi, Inc.
      It’s confusion by omission . . . the Saudi Clown Prince on my tell-a-vision was kicking sand at Iran this morning. Why do I have to wake up to that? And we all know who’s behind the blow-hole telling that clown fish what to do.
      This Hatfield and McCoy bvllshit is getting old.

      Pardon me, but my dissent is showing.

  8. Thanks for this great article Gordon and Ian. Trump is like the kid who was a bully in school from the beginning and was never taken to the woodshed by his Father or school Principal or a judge or anyone else in authority in his life. It is almost guaranteed no one in authority in his life ever did to him what almost anyone else has experienced in the same situations; namely, have the H beat out of them a few times for lying and cheating and misdeeds. Early on with his Father it is well documented by top investigative journalist the late Wayne Barrett in New York that Trump and his dad blatantly discriminated against renting to blacks while Trump lied about it under oath in federal court! Nothing happened to him. This sort of behavior happened over and over and over again., This explains his behavior today as president. Once a liar and cheater, always a liar and cheater.
    Russian is a magnificent language which I took nearly 60 years ago. Thanks for having the above phrases translated. It would have taken me all day or longer to do it. I no longer even have my old book on Russian or a Russian dictionary either.

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