America, Blueprint Nation of the New World Order?

Will America Be One Of Those Nations Annihilated Per The Warning of Fatima?”


America, Blueprint Nation of the New World Order?
By: Eric Gajewski

I have had on my program virtually all of the top anti-Masonic/Zionist experts and one of the questions I have always asked them is the following. “Is America a blueprint nation for the New World Order? All of them have agreed yes across the board.

Now, I know that China is often talked about but how many truly talk about our country’s origins and affiliations?

Masonry and Zionism (both Satanic) both play a large part not only in our founding (Freemasonry) but also in how we are currently run (Zionism). Who runs America? Is it Christianity? Absolutely not. We are just “dumb goyim” who serve Israel so Israel says themselves.

We must remember according to the Masonic Religion one can be a “Christian” yet in the true religion Catholicism one cannot be both a “Christian” and a Mason (some impotently argue otherwise). We are being deceived by wolves who say they are Christians but who are truly Masons and are a part of the game. They control both the left and right politically.

Nevertheless, in this article I hope to tackle the following topics: Is America Babylon? Which “god” does our country truly profess? Is the heresy of Americanism/Religious Liberty truly understood in the grand scheme of the New World Order plan? Can we break free from the Rothschild puppet state of “Israel”? Will God completely destroy America because of Protestantism, Zionism and Masonry (Fatima warning)? Does God protect the faithless Jews and phony Jews (Synagogue) which protestants think is “Israel” or is this a biblical reference to protecting the Catholic Church? Let me talk further in these areas.

America is not a Christian nation (see the link I have provided at the end of this article). We have had elements or pockets of real Christianity aka Catholicism within this country since our very foundation but we cannot classify our country as being Christian.

No, rather than following the true Religion America is fundamentally founded upon the satanic doctrine of religious liberty. This means that any false religion could have equal “rights” with the true God and His only Religion.

This is problematic, of course, because, when you do not follow the true Religion as a whole you are allowing mans rights to supersede and precede God and the Church’s rights.

Now, Satanists and Pagans have equal rights with Christian’s but should that be? Should error have public rights? The Church says no and Christ of course would say no.

Now this doesn’t impede the Church’s teaching on free will as those following Vatican II will sometime argue. They are unable to grasp the difference having the free will to choose against Catholicism and then actually having a public right to do so which Vatican II explicitly teaches.

Is it any wonder the heretical American bishops brought this error over to the Second Vatican Council? After all we were founded upon this heresy.

Who does America really serve with these Masonic principles? Get your Pepto Bismol.

America truly serves Lucifer through man (through Israel even) rather than serving God first then neighbor. Take a look at the back of the one-dollar bill and ask yourself the question. What is this new order of the ages? Is it Christian? Have we been a part of the overall plan of the New World Order from the very start?

Some argue America is “Babylon”. I have answered this question in times past but it helps to repeat my answer for the sake of those who have not yet seen my answer.

In a very “loose” sense we can argue we are another “Babylon”. St. Jerome even allows for a future nation to be understood more loosely as being another “Babylon” but specifically the Church Fathers (common opinion) said Babylon was a reference to endtimes Rome (pagan, not catholic) and Jerusalem.

Make no mistake, we have all kinds of abominations happening in this country. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t see the lgbt, transgender and same sex “marriage” agendas being shoved down our throats.

But what is worse is the heresy and false principles this country stands for predominantly Protestantism, Zionism and FreeMasonry.

In this rebuild of the new tower of babel in the west we likewise are a “hodge podge” of “peoples”.

We are essentially a blueprint for the New World Order’s immigration agenda. They want all countries to break down nationally. They need patriotism to collapse so that we can fit in to the new globalist entity emerging. They need people of all colors, races and religions to come together in false unity so it will be easier for us to accept the New Age Religion and Mark of the Beast.

Sadly, I know some heretics who think that America will actually lead the endtimes charge against the New World Order.

It is probably due to the delusion that Masonic puppet Trump creates and gives us (drain the swamp when he is in it).

He is just playing his part and eventually will be the fall guy (economic collapse, revolution and war) for the next puppet president to be planted who will pick up where he leaves off and likewise serve Lucifer through Masonry/Zionism.


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