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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

More than 20 veterans per day commit suicide. And that sad statistic doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s actually much worse.

Sociologist James Petras estimates that about “500,000 mostly white working class victims” have died from narcotics overdoses and interactions between 1996 and 2016, a phenomenon he calls “genocide by prescription.” Veterans are targets of that genocide; they are more than twice as likely to die of overdoses than the rest of the population.

Why so much suffering among veterans? The single biggest reason is that they know, at some level, that they have been lied to…and that the hollow, sycophantic, superficial “we love our troops” flattery that pervades American culture is utter and complete bullshit.


One heartbreaking example is the Goski twins, Mike and Chris.  The Wall Street Journal writes of former Special Forces soldier Mike Goski shortly before his suicide:

“He obsessed over combat footage on the internet and bought into conspiracy theories (sic)—the U.S. government funded Islamic State and was behind the 9/11 attacks. He listened to recordings of the World War I poetry of Wilfred Owen and Robert Graves. When Mike did venture outside, he carried a snub-nosed revolver in his belt, hidden by a shirt. ‘If anybody knew what I wanted to do,’ Mike told his father, ‘they’d lock me up.’”

Mike and Chris Goski, like so many others, enlisted for one reason and one reason only: 9/11. They were victims of the most evil, outrageous lie in all of human history. So were the heroic resistance fighters, and the innocent civilians, that the Goskis were duped into murdering.

Millions of Americans were driven into homicidal rage by 9/11. They dedicated their lives to a “hero’s quest” to kill the people who did it, and anyone remotely associated with them. The “hero’s quest” gradually was revealed to be a villainous fool’s errand, as it turned out that the people who really did it were in corporate boardrooms, military command centers, and a certain Middle Eastern country that dominates our politics, media, and financial sector.

If my 9/11 truth movement colleagues and I had quickly succeeded in forcing a real investigation, Mike and Chris Goski would still be alive. It is the brutal contrast between the official lies that nobody (least of all soldiers and veterans) really believes any more, and the gut-wrenching sordid truth that none of America’s well-paid leaders will admit in public, that is driving America’s national malaise in general, and the horrific suffering of our veterans in particular.

To heal, we need the lacerating sword of truth.

A good place to start is the brand-new issue of Penn Magazine. It features a terrific article by VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff, along with a whole lot more that every US soldier and veteran should see.

Calling for sources – C L I C K  H E R E, and when the magazine comes up, click the right arrow 5 times.


Do the false flags just keep rolling in?

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  1. The claim that sending American troops to invade foreign nations (without a declaration of war and valid legal reason which is actually illegal and unconstitutional) is always presented by the Major Mass Media as “protecting freedom” and furthering “democracy”. The only freedom it is protecting is the freedom of the Satanic Ruling Cabal which runs DC and America to expand their oil and fiat “fake-money” debt-based empire, to steal more assets, mass-murder, and live extremely rich, privileged lives. The USA was never a democracy, it is a republic and the Cabal’s misuse of the US Military does not spread democracy, it just spreads the power of the Ruling Cabal and its empire which is actually best referred to as “World Zionism” (WZ). The USA is a WZ occupied nation like Israel, the UK and most of Europe.

  2. This is a great article. It was Heinz Kissinger who stated that American soldiers were dumb cannon fodder. And that is the way the top US Policy-makers that start all these wars with False-flag terror actually think of the common person in America who joins the military to “serve America”. If all high school students were told the truth about the usual deployment of the US Military is to serve as the Ruling Cabals’ criminal enforcer to oppress the world and cannon fodder when necessary, they would shame the recruiters who deceive them and few would ever enlist in this servitude based on a house of lies, false-narratives and propaganda. The Cabal made sure that IEDs would be used against American Soldiers, in order to gain funding for their robotics development projects under cover of creating artificial limbs. This is evil and sick beyond belief but like all Cabal activities related to starting wars and mass-murdering, are based on secret satanic and occult rituals of death to gain power, status and riches. Many American troops were purposely exposed to poisonous radiation (DU) and materials (Burn pits) and toxic experimental untested vaccines in order to create a suicidal mind-set later on upon return. This is all part of a Globalist NWO pan to destroy the ability of America to protect itself from the Globalists.

  3. We need to unify on basic points. 100,000 veterans marching in the capital for a single purpose would be a loud voice. When the status quo seeks to use complexity as a defense, we must respond with simplicity.


    September 11, 2018 is an absolutely perfect day. Green tents on the Mall. Get the permits now.

    • When veterans were called/asked to go to Standing Rock to prevent violence against innocent people, 2,000 signed up immediately and overwhelmed the organizers. By the time everyone showed up there were over 5,000 and there was not enough room or operations. A march to DC with the right simple focus, could easily get 100,000 and it may well grow exponentially in size as the word gets out, and folks see how many are going,… 500,000 would not surprise me a bit. Unify the veterans orgs would be the way to go.

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