TCK RADIO: Dr. Bill Warner “Leftist-Islamic Alliance and Mass Exodus of Europe Coming?



TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Bill Warner “Leftist-Islamic Alliance and Mass Exodus of Europe Coming?
Talk given 3-19-18 (aprx 40 minutes)

Special guest Dr. Bill Warner joins me to discuss: connection between Islam and the liberals, rising censorship, Victor Orban, revived Ottoman Empire coming?, migrant sex gangs, is border control the solution? 2nd amendment, Islamophobia? Soros financing of the Immigration agenda, catholic prophecy and MUCH more!

Dr. Bill Warner has been a physicist, businessman and professor. He is the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam. He is the first person to use the scientific method to produce a Koran that can be easily understood.
He made the other two sacred texts of Islam, the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and the Hadith (his Traditions) simple to read and understand. He has written a dozen books on Islam. His Sharia Law for Non-Muslims is an international best seller.
He developed the first self-study courses on Islam — The Foundations of Islam and a three level training—A Self-Study Course on Political Islam, that explains Islamic political doctrine.
Dr. Warner is a renowned national and international speaker on the topics of Islamic doctrine and history.



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  1. Political Islam? Really? Looking forward to how much money you make out of your schadenfreude towards the muslim peoples, considering you should be spending time on your of projection of the so called Islamic threat, to what really is the pseudo fake Christianity threat. The Christo rightwing threat that masquerades as Liberalism and Conservatism, when it suits their interests to change masks from time to time, laying waste and siege of the entire muslim world, butchering, killing, droning, and not to mention plundering and stealing peoples resources. Perhaps you can write about how your another fraud for your next tell all.

  2. It was the Catholic Church that told the Spanish that they could break any agreements they had with the Granadan kingdom since they are Muslims. Thus by Catholic law all agreements with Moslems can be tyreated as void. It was also the Papal Bull of the Catholic Church that sanctioned the rapine and colonization of the world between Spain and Portugal and their successors (Britain and Holland succeeding Portugal, US succeeding Britain). The effects of which we see to this day. It is the same Papal Bull that deprives the indigeneous people of any real rights in the Americas. It’s the reason why the Pope is greeted with so much accolades when he visits the beneficiary countries. It’s also the Catholic Church that made a Yalta-like deal with the Ottomans, giving away Constantinople and all Orthodox territories; perhaps in exchange for withholding support to the Kingdom of Granada.

    • Dr. Warner, how about a study on Zionist Christianty or is too political for you. Maybe you are talking about the Wahabi Islam introduced by your fellow Christians, the English who protested your Church and as an excuse pillaged Church property in England. They are still doing it to every country today through their banking system and the US as a collection agency.
      The alarm is going off all over Europe on the plight of White Christian South African farmers. Theu are being killed and their lands confiscated. Where is Europe and the plight of the Palestinian. As Muslims we do not judge all Christians by your low standards of humanity Dr. Warner. We Muslims know better. We can never forget God’s words to us, that Jesus Peace be upon him was sent as a mercy to mankind. We Muslims are just baffled at how far Christianity has strayed from mercy even to their own homeless. May God guide us all.

    • @Khalid Talaat. Let me be a little more granular. It was the Germanic laws of Salis that deprived women of their rights. King Witiza’s of Andalusia’s daughter had to travel to Damascus to request help in asserting her ingheritance from her brothers. (She returned with a prince from the bani Ghassan to later establish Madrid). British law dictated that a woman’s property was her husbands.

  3. Dr. Bill Warner please sir, please educate yourself about Islam. Sir I am sorry to say you are ignorant sir. You give my Catholic friends a bad name.
    Give me one example of police coming to someones house to talk to them about what they wrote about Islam. When the Cathoilic Church kept their people in the dark ages, Islam spread knowledge and built libraries for all to access. Islam gave Europe the gift of the renaissance. Enough with projecting the evil within the Church and the decline of Catholosism on someone else, Islam. Own your projection and read what God says about where Christians erred. Fear God; the One God. There are no Muslim armies in Europe but Christian armies are all over Islamic countries.
    It is stupid to fall into the trap of starting a war between Islam and Christianity. Satan wins and that would be your doing.

    • Your Catholic Church declared the Quraan to be a devine book and it has been unchanged for over 1400 years. So when you slander God’s words and take the Quraan’s text at face value without any knowlegde of the complexity of the Arabic language and context of the verses this Muslim is astonished. Because when I ask Christians where does it say in the Bibble the word Trinity? They answer: it is not to be found but it is definetly implied. Always that Western double standard that brings everything down, even religions.
      Read the Covenant of Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the world. Go ahead and have the courage to Google it and educate your souls. Compare it to the Chirche’s legalization of genocide of non Christians in the new continents.
      God help us all from all fundamentalists and haters.

    • Dr. Warner let me ask you one final question. Do you speak any Arabic; read or write it? I suspect you don”t. So how did you translate from Arabic which has 46k root verbs to English which has only has 26k root verbs without learning Arabic. For Example the verb to beat as in “beating the Earth” to travel or seek the daily bread; or to go away as in American slang “beat it”. beating a wife is to ignore her or to physically beat her. Do you thing that the God of Jesus and Muhammad peace upon them ordered the men to beat the women? We also must ask what did prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him say or set as an example? He never rebuked any of his wives and he said in his last public sermon when he entered Mecca: i leave in your charge your wives, treat them well for they are your prisoners.
      What do you Christians know of Islam besides what you Crusaders misunderstood and your Zionist Chritians misread?

    • Khalid, I don’t think that “prisoner” part is going to work out too well with girls here in Texas.

    • KSP… Until the 19th Century, a Western woman gave up all her property to her husband and became his economic prisoner among other servitudes. Islam came and seperated womens’ property and protected it from mariage. Furthermore, Muslim women kept their family names when they married. With all those fundemental rights they still were considered prisoners. As for Texas, I have loved in it for 25 years and know how ignorant and proud of it are Texans.

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