‘Russian Nerve Agent Attack’ : Complete Hoax? (Updated)


Senior Editor’s note:

I have some experience with NBC  (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) weapons.  Ian is right.  A non-fatal dose of nerve agent is recovered from immediately.  Bio-toxins are not.  We are describing a bio-toxin, not a nerve agent.

I got an accidental minuscule hit of sarin a decade ago.  I dropped like a rock but recovered in less than 5 minutes.  Aftereffects were “0.”

Damage is through paralysis of the autonomic nerve system, not through organ damage as with toxins.  Toxins can shut down nerve systems but also cause organ damage as well requiring life support.  Nearly all are natural in origin and transferred through touch  with DMSO or ingested.

Issues are dehydration, pneumonia and liver/kidney failure.  Any idiot can  access these.  A former close friend, now deceased Mossad officer “Eduardo Leonardi” (real first name “Lenny” used to sell this stuff to pay his back child support.  Israel whacked him for it while he was working as an emergency physician at Mt. Sinai in Miami.  Details like this are inserted to remind people that information is out there.)  Now to Ian:


It has been two weeks now since retired military intelligence officer Mr Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury city centre, they remain critically ill in hospital after allegedly being poisoned by an unknown chemical substance.

A few days later the chemical was allegedly identified by experts at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down – Britain’s military research base, the identity being announced when Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs that Porton Down had identified the substance used as being part of a group of military-grade nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union known as Novichok.

May had pointed the finger of blame at Russia almost immediately after the Skripals were hospitalised; but now she had this alleged evidence of the use of a Russian nerve agent, she went full bore on the ‘Russia did it’ narrative. May said on Thursday during a visit to Salisbury, the site of the attack in Wiltshire:

“We do hold Russia culpable for this brazen, brazen act and despicable act”

It’s a load of old Novichoks…

As I wrote a week ago, in my prior article on the Skripal case, I do not, for one second, believe the government’s narrative nor do I think Russia is to blame.

Sergei Skripal – Casualty of The Psy War?

As more time passes and more embarrassing rhetoric is issued by the British government, I become ever more convinced that the whole thing, the entire narrative, is a scripted psyop rather than a real incident. Maybe the Skripals were indeed dosed with something, but I am pretty damn sure it wasn’t ‘Novichok’ or any other nerve agent.

Considering both Skripals and the policeman that fell ill are still alive, either it was a very weak, ineffective nerve agent or the dose they received was very tiny indeed – we are told that a pinhead sized drop of VX, developed in the 1950s by the British, is sufficient to kill and that these Novichok things can be upto 8 times more deadly, so were the Skripals really poisoned with a nerve agent?

Then there is the strangely muted government response where they took several days to issue any instructions to the public as to what precautions to take if they might have come into contact with this ‘nerve agent’ in any of the places police had sealed off around Salisbury.

The government simply told people to wash the clothes they had been wearing, preferably in a washing machine and to wipe any objects they couldn’t wash, such as mobile phones and spectacles, with baby wipes. This doesn’t sound like the correct way to deal with a deadly nerve agent, surely anyone who had been exposed would have already fallen ill in the 3 or 4 days it took to issue even this warning, but no-one has reported feeling ill.

So it really doesn’t sound like there was any deadly nerve agent, advanced Russian one or not, at play here, in fact, it sounds more like a scripted false narrative, something the British government has a track record in; the ‘Saddam and his stockpiles of WMDs’ fiasco that lead to the death of Dr. David Kelly and the Invasion of Iraq being one of the more prominent and recent examples.

The appearance of this photograph only served to strengthen my suspicions:

The British ‘Retaliation’

On Wednesday, the British government gave 23 Russian diplomats, identified as “undeclared intelligence officers”, one week to leave, in the largest mass expulsion in the UK in more than 30 years.

“There is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian state was culpable,” Mrs May told Parliament, calling it “an unlawful use of force”.

Other measures taken against Russia include:

  • Increased checks on private flights, customs and freight
  • The freezing of Russian state assets where there is evidence they may be used to threaten the life or property of UK nationals or residents
  • Ministers and Royal Family members to boycott the World Cup in Russia later this year
  • The suspension of all planned high level bilateral contacts between the UK and Russia
  • Plans to consider new laws to increase defences against “hostile state activity”. This could come through a British version of the 2012 US Magnitsky act, which punishes Russians involved in corruption and human rights violations with asset freezes and travel bans. MPs have pushed for a Magnitsky amendment to be added to the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill going through Parliament

The UK will also create a new chemical weapons “defence centre”, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said.

Announcing the measure, Mr Williamson acted in a most unbecoming way for a senior politican when he said Russia “should go away – it should shut up”.

The facility is to be located at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, just 8 miles from Salisbury where the Skripals were allegedly poisoned.

Boris Piles on the Lies

While Williamson uttered perhaps the most embarrassing and childish piece of rhetoric, it was Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who lead the verbal assault on Russia and two days ago he ramped up the barrage of lies by claiming that Russia has been stockpiling the nerve agent used in the attack. Johnson told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show:

“We actually have evidence within the last 10 years that Russia has not only been investigating the delivery of nerve agents for the purposes of assassination, but has also been creating and stockpiling Novichok.”

Adding further insult by once again resorting to the crudest innuendo, Johnson said Russia’s reaction to the incident:

“was not the response of a country that really believes itself to be innocent”.

Spy poisoning: Russia stockpiling nerve agent, says Johnson

On the same day, the UK foreign office said it had information indicating that:

“Within the last decade, Russia has investigated ways of delivering nerve agents likely for assassination”.

“Part of this programme has involved producing and stockpiling quantities of novichok.”

No evidence whatsoever had been presented to support any of the claims that ‘Russia did it’ that have been made by the British government; neither does it seem that either Johnson or May feel the need to put forward any evidence to support their claims.

I doubt any real evidence to incriminate Russia will be forthcoming and whatever is presented will be fraudulent, I firmly believe we are being sold a completely fake narrative, just the latest installment in the ongoing and long running demonisation of Putin’s Russia.

Demonising Putin and Russia

Operation Beluga – The Plot to Demonise Putin

The Skripal case is just the latest in a long-running campaign to demonise Putin and stir up fear and loathing of Russia. Last August I reported on the fabricated news story that Russia was planning to invade Europe:

British Tabloid Shamefully Beats Drums of War with Russia

Then there is the whole ‘Russian doping’ scandal that enveloped the Olympics, again many people in Britain rightly viewed that fiasco as being politically motivated, and now we have the upcoming football World Cup to be held in Russia, another sporting event that looks likely to be overshadowed by the political situation.

Hosting the world cup should be a major boost to Russian prestige, but it threatens to become a poisoned chalice. The influx of tens of thousands of foreign fans presents the Russian authorities with a huge problem, not just the usual issues of hooliganism and alcohol-fuelled violence that accompany ever major international football tournament.

The world cup is the perfect opportunity to enact a psy op that gravely damages Russia’s image on the world stage, to paint the country and it’s police as brutal, ruthless and cruel. It would be very easy to insert operators into the vast throngs of fans who are tasked with instigating violence, of manufacturing confrontations with the Russian police with the intention of provoking a response that can be sold to the world’s press as being brutal and unnecessarily violent. A few dead fans would provide them with ample ammunition to unleash a black propaganda onslaught on the Russian authorities.

There is, however, reason to take a less gloomy view of the prospect of escalating the campaign of demonisation into an actual conflict with Russia. Talking to people locally, it seems a good deal of the British public are not buying this ‘Russia did it’ narrative and realise that it is just part of an ongoing demonisation of Putin.

This gives me hope that whatever nefarious plans are in the works, it will not be possible to trick the British public into supporting the government should the rhetoric and propaganda escalate into an attempt to start an actual conflict – the British people have no appetite for war with Russia.




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  1. The narrative of Russia being an innocent, unjustly vilified party in all these shenanigans quickly falls to sand when Israel & Russia’s deep ties are fully investigated. I have no doubt that this nerve agent fiasco is utter nonsense but the bigger play by these global elites remains to be seen. One thing you can be sure of – it will involve war, it will be in the middle east & it will serve the best interests of Greater Israel, Russia & The Sons of The City of London.

  2. This is a complete farce, a joke, like the one about a two-seater plane that crashes in a cemetery. May deploys local rescue services and after 9 hours is informed by Boris Johnson (Johnson conveniently is Cockney rhyming slang for … wazool) have recovered 436 bodies and are still digging.

  3. I am an English football fan , amongst other things , and if I was Putin I would ban English fans from entering Russia for the upcoming world cup. Our politicians need to be ridiculed and punished for this BS false flag . Where are the updates from the hospitals ? How is the policeman doing ? The photo is a deffo give away and amusing to think how incompetent they are these days at their fake happenings.

    • Maybe that will bring the wanted outrage they are waiting for, but when sport is abused for political gains it is worth nothing and fails the goal of spirit of sports. Or sport will also be a racket with other sort of weapons?

  4. No one cares about them at another “white helmet” stage. Litvinenko, “highly likely” poisoned with polonium was 24 hours online. Skripals are hidden. No pictures, no video, no documents. The british Boris and May annouced that they will dig out from the graves several Russians like Berezovski in order to examine their bodies for highly likely toxic attack. Let them do this fake.

  5. Did anyone listen to Amy Goodman’s interview with Brazil’s ex-president Mr. LuLu yesterday? He is an ex-president of Brazil, and the current leading presidential candidate in Brazil’s upcoming elections. Of course any talk about election interfering by the US has to mention the Ukraine, and the ME nations however, Brazil must be included. Very flagrant US election rigging goes on in the world’s 6th most populous country. Anyone who cares to spend an hour researching why Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff’s was given the boot will find it leads directly to Wall Street and, Clinton’s State Department with an easy tie in to big oil. An easier clue can be found in bags gathering dust in some evidence locker in Sao Palo. In August 2015 in Sao Palo six shooters killed 15 in 3 separate seemingly coordinated attacks. If you think that is odd add to the curious; the shell casings found at the scenes were traced back to ammunition purchased by our very own DHS, and attackers were over heard asking some victims if they had criminal records before killing them. This was covered in the Guardian at the time it happened.

  6. The timing is curious as well, with the Cambridge scandal being viewed across the world. Elections in foreign countries being tampered with using honey traps, bribery, fake internet personas and illegal data gathering,
    The deflection toward Russia now looks like a child with chocolate on his face blaming the dog for the missing candy bars. It all makes sense, now, and the open admission on tape of Nix, incredulously explains he uses Israel for intelligence gathering in the process. Britain and Israel have very much egg on their face.
    The fact that the US has not yet , summoned the British ambassador to the senate, tells us how much influence Britain and Israel have directly over our government, a complete disdain for our sovereignty.

    • “open admission on tape of Nix, incredulously explains he uses Israel for intelligence gathering in the process.”

      David, this is interesting. Can you provide a link to where you learned this, I would like to document it in my archives

  7. Those gob-shites walking around in space suits straight out of the movies (Contagion, anyone?) with the regular fireman looking on—nonplussed, it seems, to boot. What a classic photo. And another clanger to reveal that yes, indeed this is just another stinking pile of fake BS. Am forwarding the article and the pic as we speak.

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