Breaking: Russia tells their Side in UK Attack while VT “Spills the Beans”

    Editor’s note:  Sources have dropped a bombshell on VT. The sad story is that VT, even by “media haters” is considered “last man standing” on behalf of freedom of the press.

    Here is the quick of it, what we now know:

    • The rigging of the American election was real but from a source none of us suspected, MI6 in Britain, representing the “bloodline” gangsters who rule the City of London financial markets.
    • Skripal, the White Helmets and Syrian gas attacks and the propaganda war against Russia are all MI6 projects.
    • Cambridge Analytica is an MI6 front, managed by political fixer/stooge Steve Bannon, working with Google, Facebook and the mob-controlled DC think tanks, Heritage, Jamestown and propaganda fronts which manage the mainstream media through fake news clearinghouse PJ (Pajama) Media.
    • There is so much more, consider this a “teaser.”
    • Please note that we are certain that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Putin himself received all of this with reams of documentation hours ago and will act. 
    • Boris Johnson is their “monkey boy,” selling a war on Russia the same way the greatest fraud of all time, Winston Churchill, sold World War II.
    • Then again, remember Lady Di?  Same folks. Ouch. g


    1. I don’t know about VT, but a girl who loves me, wants me to move to USA, (Charlotte, N.C.). I say that i will never betray the citizenceship…. But it is ok. She says- we’ll move to Canada (US satellite that will be under nuclear attack in the first strike 🙂 ) The VT worned us about facebook. So, i’m in doubt- if i come to USA, i will have a plastic bag on the head and sentenced to Gitmo. I love Cuba, but may i say that i know Jim Dean and Gordon Duff and will it save me?
      (Little humour, but the question is serious)

    2. Now just how do these confessions start; “Bless me father for I have sinned…” Father Duff spreading the truth amist the disinformation. I love every thread.

    3. As I understand it the court order was not to force the British government to give a sample to OPCW, it was to allow the samples to be taken from Sergei and Yulia Skripal so that there was a sample available to give to OPCW. Either the Skripals are unwilling or they are unable to agree to a sample to be taken which meant, due to a quirk in our Law, the Government had to go to Court to get it.

    4. Quite a scoop for VT. Great work. Looking forward to updates as events unfold. It appears that Boris Johnson and Barbara May are not in charge of what has transpired nor are they not calling the shots. A preliminary question in the minds of many is, in light of this article, are the city of London bankers order takers or order followers?

      • I don’t understand… are you talking about united governments ?? Most are transvestites zionists suckers who are looking for them own dignity in our misery and that’s make them smiles when they talking about our money between them themselves

    5. dirty ugly beach ! There’s no plausible alternative explanation for Skripal poisoning ?
      she’s a fake human but a true shit factory as the whole great freemasonery

      • Same old school like A. Merkel, “no aternative is possible” because both are from the same stock

    6. The original knowledge of our ancestors that sought independence, was simple. How does a person get rich without doing any work ? And to what degree does a working person tolerate this ?
      The creation of the illusion of importance, is something the British crown has been doing for many hundreds of years longer than we have even been around. I find it to be high strangeness, that a country puts so much money and attention into a family who, seemingly does nothing, but remains important nonetheless.
      How good can an asset be, if they are born and bred for the purpose over many generations ? We in the US surely do not know. And our lack of security and exuberant trust displays this in an embarrassing fashion. This is what Washington warned about, precisely.

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