Alexander Solzhenitsyn meets Jordan B. Peterson


…by Jonas E. Alexis and Henry Makow

Henry Makow has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982 and is the author of the best-selling book Cruel Hoax: Feminism & the New World Order. Makow grew up in a Jewish family.

Jonas E. Alexis: If David Brooks of the New York Times starts giving you great accolades and saying nice things such as you are “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now,”[1] then you need to start worrying because you are either perpetuating his ideology or you are living in the Neocon/Zionist/Khazarian matrix which always keeps the Goyim under its control.

Peterson, as Brooks has noted, is a best-selling author and a psychologist at the University of Toronto. He writes books such as 12 Rules for Life. Brooks says that “At some level Peterson is offering assertiveness training to men whom society is trying to turn into emasculated snowflakes.”[2]

But who is turning men into emasculated snowflakes? Well, neither Peterson nor Brooks tells us because that would ruin business—particularly the type of business that has put both Peterson and Brooks on a pedestal. Chapter 8 of Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life is entitled, “Tell the truth—or, at least, don’t lie.” Peterson writes:

“You have to listen very carefully and tell the truth if you are going to get a paranoid person to open up to you.”[3]

So far, so good.

But Peterson proves himself to be an intellectual impostor when he was confronted with one of the most important questions of our age: the Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution.[4] Keep in mind that Peterson is an admirer of Solzhenitsyn’s work. In fact, he cites Solzhenitsyn approvingly in his Maps of Meaning.[5]

The fact that Peterson has read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago makes things even more interesting. Last January Peterson was asked at a public event about Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together. Solzhenitsyn meticulously and methodically documented that Jewish revolutionaries played a central role in the Bolshevik Revolution. Here is what the individual asked Peterson:

As a Jewish American I think this book is important for everyone to read. In the book Solzhenitsyn documents the overrepresentation of Jewish individuals in the NKVD and in Bolshevik leadership. He claims that the ethnic hatred these individuals had for Christians played a role in the Holodomor.

“Jewish individuals had faced persecution in Ukraine prior to the Bolshevik rise to power. These individuals exacted their revenge on the Christian Ukrainian population. The result was the death of 4 million Christians….

“The News media also is inextricably hostile towards Russia. If the current warmongering against Russian Christians is in any way motivated by the same ethnic hatred that motivated the Holodomor we must face that truth honestly.

“If Jewish individuals hated Christian Ukrainians enough to starve millions of them to death, could the same thing happen to death? Could Jewish individuals use their positions of power to seek out revenge against places like Europe and Russia that have a history of expelling Jews?”

Now that’s a good question. What did “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world” say in response? Did he “tell the truth,” as he argues in his book? Or did he remain silent?

Peterson, the man who has been studying Solzhenitsyn almost his entire life, seemed to have been shocked by the question. He was walking back and forth and was silent for what seemed to be an eternity. One can say he probably had never been confronted with such a challenge before—at least in public.

The person who asked Peterson that thorny question has read what Peterson said about living by 12 rules. The person reminded Peterson: “Remember rule 9? And I’m trying to speak the truth.” Peterson was obviously in a state of panic because his audience seems to know his book more than he does.

Peterson walked back and forth trying to make sense of what he had just heard, and after a long pause, “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world” lamented, “I can’t do it.” The kind gentleman responded, “That’s OK. Thank you very much for your work. You seem to enlighten a lot of people.”

Now we know why Peterson is receiving at least $183,000 from donation alone every single year![6] He has been bought by the powers that be, and he cannot tell the whole truth at all because he will lose friends and money. Here’s what Solzhenitsyn said of intellectual charlatans like Peterson:

“And thus, overcoming our temerity, let each man choose: will he remain a witting servant of lies, or has the time come for him to stand straight as an honest man, worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?”[7]

Henry Makow, what’s your take on Peterson?

Jordan B. Peterson

Henry Makow: Peterson traces the war on gender to “postmodernism” and cultural Marxism but he won’t look deeper. Not everything can be reduced to psychology. Maybe his function, wittingly or not, is to reassure his conservative flock that the Masonic Jewish ideology is a figment of feverish imaginations.

He makes the jaw-dropping assertion that Jews suffer from discrimination at universities and asks: “Is the fact that smart people are working hard for our mutual advancement really something to feel upset?” Hello? Look whose ass he is kissing!

He goes on to cite studies that show that Jewish domination in so many fields is due to a higher IQ (than the goyim) and “openness to experience.” Has he never heard of Jewish networking?[8] Jews help Jews get ahead. They promote from within. And they own the bank.

Peterson concludes:

“So, what’s the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ.”

Thus sayeth Peterson: Jews are grossly overrepresented in both GOP and Democrat Administrations due to their higher IQ and NOT because Rothschild bankers control US credit and finance their careers. America’s slavishly pro-Israel foreign policy is pure coincidence.


I invite Jordan Peterson to study the scholarly studies on Jewish networking and covert activities.[9] The Kazharian banksters have installed a colonial ruling class of Gentile opportunists to do their bidding. Cabalist rule is Communism. It is the New World Order. It is the reason societal tensions are constantly inflamed.

The central bankers will use any excuse. They own the politicians.[10] They own the media.[11] They own the education system. And, apparently, they own Jordan Peterson. I don’t expect Peterson to reveal the ugly truth. That would end his career. But I wish he wouldn’t deny what is staring him in the face every day.

Jordan Peterson has let celebrity go to his head. His book 12 Rules for Life are truisms that would be laughable in a society that has not completely lost its way. The fact that it is a bestseller and Peterson is cited so frequently indicates he is kosher-approved (unlike moi.)

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