Turkey’s war on Syria’s Christians Begins


VT Damascus

The Turkish regime destroyed the tomb of Saint Maroun, known as the Abu Morana in the village of Brad, northwest of Aleppo, which was supposed to have been a “buffer” for the more than 6 million Maronites living in Lebanon and the country of exile.
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“Where are you, Maronite brothers, from this terrible crime committed by the Erdogan regime of the brotherly Zionist by personal orders … Where are you, the bosses of the Catholic Church in the world, from this criminal act against St. Maron and Julians Church, the oldest of the Churches of the Earth? You have filed a complaint with the Security Council, UNESCO and international crimes to prosecute him and his gang as a war criminal.

He and those who contributed to this criminal act against human civilization and the right of our Lord Jesus Christ. But your attachment to world Zionism prevented you from doing your duty toward this great saint and towards a house of God, The Holy Divine Self that Christ came from her soul … Christ and the obedient peppermints in Paradise will curse you, if you do not move everywhere in the world, and bring this criminal to the international court with his gang of devils’ brothers to receive the reward of their crimes. History will not mercy you. Most of the heads of the Catholic churches were in their interest with the Zionist lobbies, the devils and the Zionist Wahhabi brothers more important than their relationship with God and the Holy Spirit.”  Dr. Bassam Barakat/VT Latakia, Syria

The Turkish air force launched air strikes on Wednesday on archaeological sites in the village and destroyed the tomb of Mar Maroun and Julians Church, the two most important historical monuments in the region and back to the fourth century AD, before the Turkish army backed by allied armed militias With him to the occupation of the village with the village of Qimar archaeological nearby in the southern countryside of Afrin after the spread of popular committees of the Arab Union of the Syrian Arab in them earlier.

The tomb of Saint Maron, who died in 410 CE, is located inside a small church that was built on top of it, with no trace left. The mausoleum revealed weather after lifting its lid a long time ago. The church of Julians maintained its structure and attracted the followers of the saint and followed his approach for a long time.

In 2011, UNESCO recorded the site of the archaeological site of the World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the Syrian government gave special attention and built a new Maronite church near the shrine.

The Director General of Antiquities and Museums Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud revealed that the Turkish bombardment led to “the destruction of many important archaeological buildings, including the tomb of St. Maron and the Church of Julianus, which includes the shrine and one of the oldest Christian churches in the world where the end of the fourth century AD was built.” He said that this aggression is evidence of a “systematic plan to eliminate the heritage and all elements of the Syrian civilization and erase the identity and memory of Syria.”



  1. You are correct. Atta Turk’s linage is from the Donmeah Jews who where from Salonica.
    My friend David Musa Pidcock wrote a book in 1992 which has the info on the Young Turk Movement ans their link to Free Masonary (page 76-88 Satanic Voices Ancient & Modern).
    Very good informative book.

  2. Rumor. Has it that the Vatican has been corrupted and infiltated by zionists, who’se intention are to dilute and sink the Cathlic church. Some are pointing the finger at our current pope.
    Today, the Sunday before Easter made for TV movies, one after the other, depicting Christs last days were a blatant attempt to rewrite history, blame the Romans was key, as well of crowds of demonstators chanting Israel, Israel 2000 years before Israel was created, but just days before we move the US embassy TO Jeruslelum.. the machine never stops. Erdogan showed his true colors when he bombed the Tomb of Saint Maron. A totally unecessary act unless one knows the whole story.

    • Infiltrated ? I dunno. If you made a “holy” book and sold it to the world stating someone from my family was the actual “only” son of God, would that be me infiltrating you ? Catholicism and Judaism is a joint business venture. Has been from the inception.

  3. I heard a reasonably reliable report stating that Kemal Attaturk came from a Jewish community in part of the old Turkish Empire, which is now part of Greece and that he said his morning prayers in Hebrew. The so-called Young Turks were controlled out of a Grand Orient Lodge in Italy. Remember, the Young Turks supervised the Armenian Genocide and this was carried out by the Same Sick Crew that later came out of Odessa to carry out the Ukrainian Genocide by Starvation. Do not ever be fooled either, by the Propaganda Meme “Irish Potato Famine”, when dozens of British regiments were in Ireland confiscating food for export, Disraeli lobbied against the Repeal of The Corn laws and White Slaves were transported as Indentured Servants to the USA. I personally know many devout Marionite Christians, who are from early Lebanese settlers and integrated into the Roman Catholic Church in New Zealand. If the Church of Rome does nothing about this sacrilege, then surely the assertions of Dr Bassam Barakat have substance.

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