Veteran served two tours in Afghanistan deported to Mexico

Under the direction of our 5 time deferment coward who is the U.S. President, Federal authorities deported a military veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan but was later convicted of drug crimes, an agency spokeswoman said Sunday.

In a statement, the spokeswoman, Nicole Alberico of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, said immigration agents returned Miguel Perez Jr., 39, to Mexican authorities on Friday.

In an email to NBC News, Perez’s lawyer, Chris Bergen, said Perez was left with no money and only his orange prison uniform.

“He was dumped in one of the most dangerous areas of the Mexican border,” Bergen said. “We will continue to fight his case and appeal his citizenship denial.”

This was done under the leadership of a U.S. President who was so cowardly that he faked being unfit for service to avoid fighting in Vietnam so he could sleep with porn stars and rip off school students while Perez put his life on the line for the United States of America.  Which one sounds more like a hero to you?   Which one deserves our respect more?

Perez had lived in the United States as a legal permanent resident since age 11 but was never granted citizenship, said Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., who has advocated for Perez and criticized ICE’s handling of his case.

“This is a deplorable way to treat a veteran who risked his life in combat for our nation,” she said in a statement Friday.

Alberico said the agency was “very deliberate” in its review of veteran deportation cases.

“ICE exercises prosecutorial discretion, when appropriate, on a case-by-case basis for members of the armed forces who have served our country,” she said. “ICE specifically identifies service in the U.S. military as a positive factor that is considered when deciding whether or not prosecutorial discretion should be exercised.”

Perez was convicted in 2010 of manufacturing or delivering more than two pounds of cocaine in Cook County, Illinois, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune this year, Perez said that after his service, he had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He also may have had a traumatic brain injury. Perez started hanging out with an old friend who gave him free drugs and alcohol, he told the paper, and while he was hanging out with that friend, he delivered a laptop case with cocaine to an undercover officer.

He told the Tribune that he mistakenly believed his military service granted him citizenship. It doesn’t: In 2002, President George W. Bush signed an executive order allowing non-citizens who served honorably after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to apply.

Perez’s parents and children are citizens.


Hector Barajas, director and founder of the Deported Veterans’ Support House, a service agency in Tijuana, Mexico, told NBC News that it was unclear how many veterans had been kicked out the country.

“The government isn’t tracking them, so we don’t know,” he said.

Nor was it clear whether the deportation rate has changed during the Trump administration.

“The pattern I’m seeing is that less people are getting deported from the new wars because the military is doing a better job at making them citizens,” he said. “But we don’t have the real numbers.”


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4 Replies to “Veteran served two tours in Afghanistan deported to Mexico

  1. Oh, heck . . . our Drunk Uncle Sam does this to EVERYONE!
    Ask all the black guys who came home from Vietnam strung out. They were turned into jail fodder, and placed in Orange too . . . couldn’t find work. Hire a Vet, my arse, not if you were black. Civil Rights . . . “back-lash” ?!?
    If you were born white and rightwise, you get / got strung out too, but at least you had a job.
    Now, the Anti-psychotics and/or antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety and/or sleeping pills and/or pain med’sins they give the VETS just render them with suicidal ideation.
    And that’s o’tay for our Drunk Uncle Sam . . . paying out vet bene’s cost too much.
    So let me get this straight . . . someone signs up for the U.S. military and goes to another nation to shoot ’em up. The trade off is that they’ll get to become a citizen for picking up arms on behalf of Drunk Uncle Sam and shooting at other brown skin people? WOW What a CON!

  2. “Putting his life on the line for America”….what rubbish! Absolute b.s.!Pullease, We all know why the U.S. military is in Afghanistan and it ain’t for the safety of America or defending demockracy…….it’s for the heroin. It sure as hell ain’t for the people of Afghanistan when U.S. planes bomb Pashtun villages, so go bugger off about serving America.
    So you can knock off that phony b.s patriotism crap about America’s troops defending demockracy. They ain’t!
    He got caught with illegal drugs and is paying for it. Too bad.
    I’m sick and tired of reading about illegals sneaking back into the U.S. time after time after time only to commit more crime including murder. Those sanctuary cities are now total shit holes with people shitting and pissing on the sidewalks an no one dares say anything lest they be called raysis.
    And we better do whatever it takes to make sure the Dumbocraps do not gain control of Congress. They are pushing deep state operatives from the military, CIA and NSA. If the Dumbocraps gain majority you can kiss free speech good bye.

  3. Good article – I haven’t figured the immigration agenda out yet. In 1965 the catastrophic Law changed from a very realistic Immigration plan whereas 800,000 people were legally let into the US. Of those -80% were vetted Europeans as in our white cultural background that was America’s foundation , along with our African American . Asian and Hispanic brothers and sisters etc. . If we look back to 65 we can see a heavy lobby by Chuck Schumer and his Israel Lobby and they succeeded in getting their ” Open Immigration plan – passed.Within 5 years – 20 -25 million were let in and the gates were left open and now the US is over populated by at least 80 million – compared to the realistic immigration laws that were working for that American Dream reality in pre 65. Now Trump comes along { an Israeli assett and he wants to enforce immigration laws – about 50+ years too late – Trump. The case with Perez is tooo ironic – The USG brings in the Cocaine and Heroine – then prosecutes people for using it, moving it or trying to make a few bucks on it . Perez defense or someone else needs to push this USG backstabbing ” Drug War ” before the Federal Courts in order to open up the War on Drugs and show – Who really are the Drug Lords/War Lords. I had a few Mexican nationals in Boot camp in Ft. Campbell in 69-70 – and later in Nam – they were Americans too. We are/live in what is called the “America’s” but the US hasn’t let the other American’s in their ” Club”.

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