A “Which Came First?” Problem


Health Editor’s Note:  Okay, some misinformed people do not get their children vaccinated because they think/have been told that the vaccinations will give their children autism.  How about this side of the double edged sword?  Statistics are showing that autistic children are being under-vaccinated.  No wait, these are children with autism and they have never had a vaccination and yet they are autistic???? 

So the false scare that vaccinations will cause autism also keeps families of autistic children from having the child vaccinated against diseases such as: polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), meningitis, hepatitis B, influenza, haemophilus influenza b (HIB), pneumoccocal conjugate (PCV13) VIS, and chickenpox (varicella)  which WILL harm and can kill. Any of these diseases, that are prevented by a vaccine, can be deadly or cause serious life-time limitations for a child.

Do you see my confusion in what is causing autism?  Autistic children, who have never been vaccinated, were still autistic.  Hmmmmmmmmm…..Carol

Autistic Kids Often Undervaccinated

Have anti-vaxxers made parents ‘gun shy’?

by F. Perry Wilson MD, MSCE

A new study appearing in JAMA Pediatrics demonstrates high rates of undervaccination among children with autism — and their younger siblings. In this 150-Second Analysis, F. Perry Wilson, MD, suggests that these findings represent an especially unfortunate aspect of the anti-vaccination movement that disproportionately hurts families of children with autism.

There’s a particularly insidious effect of the anti-vaccination movement that becomes starkly evident with this study, appearing in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. Kids with autism, and their siblings, are less likely to be vaccinated after the diagnosis.

The study used data from the Vaccine Datalink — this is a continually-updated database that tracks vaccination rates and a host of other factors across eight comprehensive healthcare sites around the country (though quite a few of the eight are Kaiser sites in California).

Using validated diagnosis codes, the researchers identified 3,729 children with autism spectrum disorder – a huge number for this type of research – and 592,907 children without a diagnosis. They then looked at vaccination rates over time.

At 4-6 years of age, just 5.9% of the control kids were undervaccinated (which means they did not receive all of the recommended vaccinations within the recommended time interval). In contrast, 18.4% of the kids with autism were undervaccinated.

The findings reached down into the siblings of kids with autism as well. Again at 4-6 years, just over 5% of the control siblings were undervaccinated compared to 17% of the siblings of kids with autism.

So — why is this happening? There are essentially 2 possible interpretations of the data. One is that factors that lead families to under-vaccinate children are associated with autism. You could make an argument for this, autism rates are higher among older parents, for instance, who might have more fixed beliefs about vaccination schedules.

But the more likely explanation, in my opinion, is that once a family has a child with autism, the persistent and, let me just say it, false information linking autism with vaccination makes them “gun shy” both for their child affected with the syndrome, and for siblings down the line.

This is not good. Kids with autism are more likely to be hospitalized than other children, and might have a higher risk of infection. Vaccines may be particularly beneficial in this cohort. Moreover, the increasing networks of parents and kids with autism, so positive for providing support, may represent an epidemiologic risk factor if a high proportion of undervaccinated children are aggregating together. It is sad to see that a movement based on discredited and occasionally fraudulent data has adversely affected healthy kids.

But there’s something even worse when you see anti-vax beliefs negatively impact the very kids these organizations purport to be championing.

  1. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, is an assistant professor of medicine at the Yale School of Medicine. He is a MedPage Today reviewer, and in addition to his video analyses, he authors a blog, The Methods Man. You can follow @methodsmanmd on Twitter.

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  1. Look, in Britain, MILLIONS of children are given the vaccine, so even if 1% got autism that would be at least 10,000 autistic children, but as I keep saying, I don’t know of ANY autistic children where I live. Where are all these autistic children hiding? If it were true that the vaccine caused autism, then everybody would know because there would be loads of autistic children around and there simply aren’t.

  2. If the vaccine was a direct cause of autism then we should be seeing large numbers of autistic children, but no, autism remains very rare, so the most you can say is that the vaccine may cause autism in a very small percentage of cases.

  3. Okay, so if a million kids get the jab, and a handful get autism, is it the vaccine or is it something else? If there was a direct cause and effect relationship between the vaccine and autism then we should be overrun with autistic kids – but we aren’t.

  4. Use some common sense, if the jab caused autism then where are all the autistic people? Yes, I was 12, that was when everyone was given the jab against Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Brucilosis, into the upper arm.

  5. No-one refused the jab when I was young, and of those of my generation, there aren’t any autistic people, therefore apply a bit of common sense – the jab didn’t cause autism, if it did, then there would be significant numbers of autistic people. Okay, maybe in a tiny handful of cases it might have, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, no, it did not.

  6. I reside in the U.S. I personally hear of quite a few kids with autism (information directly from parents) on a relatively regular basis. It seems anecdotally to be increasingly common. I know of a counselors and group homes who have a booming business in treating autistic kids. The long term costs are astronomical along with the personal toll on people. Imagine a parent having to be a child’s caregiver for the rest of the child’s entire life.

    As far as vaccines go, I have heard people claiming there is a concern about some of the additives like mercury and squalene (some believe viruses are added but I have no proof) that are said to contribute to autism rather than the underlying vaccines per se. I am not a medical person so I have no expertise. But from a layperson’s view, it seems giving kids a very large number of shots (the required shots have increased markedly over the years) all at once could cause problems.

    The people that seem to be the most persuasive to non-experts are parents who notice huge changes immediately upon taking vaccines – like the kids change over night. Hard to know if these examples are objectively true. Would like to get to the bottom of what actually causes autism (would not be surprised if this is already well known) because it’s harming so many kids, families, communities, and ultimately whole countries. Is big pharma’s positive view on vaccines like a broken clock being right twice a day? Or is is analogous to doctors claiming that smoking was good for you in the 1950s?

    Ian stated in his comment that autism seems to be much less common in the UK. I wonder what is going on the U.S. to account for higher numbers of kids with autism? It would be interesting to compare autism rates with other parts of the world like the EU, Russia or Asian countries.

    • I’m 42 and I had the MMR vaccine when I was 12, as did everyone else here although the name was a bit different, I think it was called MMRB – Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Brucilosis. I know only one autistic person and that is definitely genetic – his parents are both, to put it kindly, as thick as two short planks, so if the vaccine causes autism, it must only be at an extremely low rate on the order of 1 in 1000. Therefore, if there is a rise in autism is the US, either there is a different cause or the vaccine used in the US is different.

  7. Continued…Those who oppose vaccines would have you believe that polio, tetanus, measles, mumps are “normal” child hood diseases. That every child should have these diseases…..Anti-vaxxers would look to have iron lungs in varying colors because that is what we would be going back to….well maybe respirators now, but certainly deaths and disabilities that will not be overcome. Have you ever seen a child with tetanus/tetany? Google that and I imagine you can find a video. Would you want your child or even yourself to go through this before dying? These diseases kill. Vaccines prevent deaths. I cannot say this enough….Carol

    • Being British, I live in a country where everyone is given the MMR vaccine in childhood. I know only one autistic person. This fact alone blows a huge hole in the ‘vaccines cause autism’ theory. If the theory were correct, Britain would be full of autistic people; it isn’t, autism remains rare.

    • Well, you just proved you’re a nutjob so we can happily discard all your rantings about vaccines.

  8. Vaccines alter gene expression. In fact, everything alters gene expression. Everything you come into contact with, ingest, think and feel does this. I personally don’t want to see a world that has the monsters in the FDA and CDC deciding what we put into our bodies. Vaccines are nothing more than a bioweapon designed to create more illnesses and make a boatload of money while dumbing down the population. It is just like the fluoride in the water and all the chemicals in the food. Surely all the anecdotes of VAXXED cannot be all just misinformed parents and doctors? The whole world is run by propaganda and sleight of hand, but there is just one stronghold that has escaped this mass deception and it just happens to be vaccines? OK. lolol

  9. NO

    Vaccinations do not give you autism, at least not for the kinds that were given in my country.

    If vaccination does increase the incidents of autism, my country will be full of autistic people.

    I got my jabs so long ago but IIRC everyone has to go through Polio, Measles/Mumps/Rubella and Smallpox vaccination, and the men that go into combat vocation during National Service will have to received anti-tetanus injection.

    • Vaccines are deadly bio-weapons. Ask Bill Gates. He is trying to get all the brown people vaccinated in Africa now for diseases that are less than deadly with decent nutrition and clean water. In the UK, a doctor and two mothers have won in court proving that you do not need vaccines to achieve good health. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/03/15/the-doctor-who-beat-the-british-general-medical-council-by-proving-that-vaccines-arent-necessary-to-achieve-health/ So uhhhh, where is the big news story on this one?

      Meanwhile in America, autism rates are skyrocketing, as are childhood illnesses like asthma and allergies. I repeat vaccines are deadly bio-weapons, as is 90% of the food out there. The vaccination schedule is a big mystery even to the doctors and nurses charged with giving it out to the public. Why is that? Could it be that what I am saying is true and that it is so esoteric to them because if they knew the truth they would never use vaccines? I say yes. What doctors can do is repeat the usual phrases that vaccines are safe and effective and they are saving lives. Its all rubbish, you just haven’t found out yet because you didn’t do your real homework, you just copied off the big bully and propaganda machine which is exactly the view expressed in this article. Sad for VT. Watch a few hours of the anecdotes from VAXXED on youtube and tell me you aren’t starting to compose a new view of vaccines.

  10. You’re still falling prey to the Main-Scheme-Medica. Go watch VAXXED and get back to us. Autism can be caused when the mother receives shots and it can also be caused from any toxic substance that blocks certain actions in the brain and body, like the many bio-toxins found in vaccines. Another alarming problem that you overlook is whether or not vaccines have been found to be safe and effective, which they have not. This is very well documented. More and more people are waking up to this fact, as the science has been shown to be either completely made up or skewed over and over again. You haven’t found out yet because you are a victim of the propaganda in and of this article, and you have not found out about all the doctors and parents who are speaking out. Once you run into those people, your life will be changed forever. I hope you find them soon! WATCH VAXXED, THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES, THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER, ROCKEFELLER MEDICINE.

    • Its just a matter of finding the right people. You have your head up the ass of an evil monster and haven’t found the right people to pull it out for you, but you will. I can safely make this statement because when you say “some misinformed people do not get their children vaccinated because they think/have been told that the vaccinations will give their children autism.” you are obviously unaware of all the doctors and parents who are speaking out. Would you listen to thousands of parents and doctors or would you listen to the establishment which is corrupt from head to toe? If Gordon got his information from CNN where would we be? You’re basically taking CNN at their word that Russia is evil and we have to fight them. The vaccine propaganda is exactly the same thing.

    • Alexchubb8, I have seen Vaxxed and listen to the lies it spews. Go to the site and they are happy to sell you the DVD or charge you for watching it…..for profit comes to mind. Not unlike Andrew Wakefield, whom they continue to champion. Wakefield is the disgraced British former gastroenterologist and medical researcher who was removed from the UK medical register due to unethical behavior and other misconduct surrounding his fraudulent 1998 research paper which has been discredited for falsely supporting the claim that there was a link between the administration of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and the appearance of autism and bowel disease. He subjected small children to colonoscopies and spinal taps as part of his “research.” He has been the cause of undervaccinated/nonvaccinated children in the US, UK, and Ireland. Children have died from diseases that had been or could have been prevented by vaccines..more to come….

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