Haaretz: Israel Behind International Election Hacking Machine

Christopher Wylie claims the controversial company engaged the services of Israeli private intelligence firm Black Cube and that his predecessor was likely poisoned in Kenya


Editor’s note:  Yesterday, we learned that dozens of  agents  came to the US to rig the presidential election.  What we learned, not reported below, is that their job was to select sufficient precincts in 26 states that could be rigged  through hacking or altering paper ballots to rig the election for Trump.

The GOP and Federalist Society worked with them and hundreds of election workers were paid off in order to allow uploading malware to flip votes or stuff ballot boxes.

The FBI still refuses to investigate.

Haaretz: Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie said on Tuesday to British MPs that “the company utilized the services of an Israeli private intelligence firm, Black Cube.”

Black Cube, which was also implicated in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, was apparently hired to hack the personal data of Nigerian President Buhari prior to his election to get access to his medical records and private emails, reported multiple sources on Wylie’s testimony. He also testified that that his predecessor at Cambridge Analytica died mysteriously in a Kenyan hotel room – and may have been poisoned after a deal went “sour.”

Black Cube denied Wylie’s claims, saying, “Whilst we are flattered that we are seemingly being connected with every international incident that occurs, we will state that Chris Wylie’s testimony is a flagrent lie.” The firm vowed to investigate the claim themselves to “reveal the truth and the motive behind Wylie’s defamatory lie” and to “launch a massive defamation claim against … Christopher Wylie, SCL or Cambridge Analytica for any pound they still have or don’t have.”

Wylie also said that the Canadian company AggregateIQ worked on software called Ripon, which was used to identify Republican voters ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

AggregateIQ did not immediately respond to request for comment on the remarks by Wylie.

Wylie has previously disclosed how users’ data from Facebook was used by Cambridge Analytica to help elect U.S. President Donald Trump.

Ripon, the town in which the Republican Party was founded in 1854, was the name given to a tool that allowed a campaign to manage its voter database, target specific voters, conduct canvassing, manage fundraising and carry out surveys.

There’s now tangible proof in the public domain that AIQ actually built Ripon, which is the software that utilized the algorithms from the Facebook data,” Wylie told the British Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

AggregateIQ told Reuters on March 24 that it had never been and is not a part of Cambridge Analytica nor ever entered into a contract with it.

It said it works in full compliance within all legal and regulatory requirements and had never knowingly been involved in any illegal activity.

Cambridge Analytica said on Tuesday that it had not shared any of the Facebook profile data procured by a Cambridge academic with AggregateIQ. It said it had not had any communication with AggregateIQ since December 2015.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg will not answer questions from British lawmakers over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, The Telegraph newspaper and the BBC reported.

During Monday’s session low on the U.S. stock market, Facebook had lost $100 billion in market value since March 17, when newspapers first reported that Facebook member data was improperly used by consultants Cambridge Analytica to target U.S. and British voters in close-run elections.



  1. The international community is run and directed by the Jewish Oligarch community and their lower cast American Christian/Evangelical henchmen. To dream that any election in the American or not American world was not influenced and or manipulated is one of the most ridiculous thoughts a human mind can come up with today. The international community is ruled by the Jewish elite and their laws and orders. There is and never was democracy. What are elections anyway but a distraction of what is really going on while useless brain drained puppet politicians are installed/replaced as political leader of sovereign Nations suiting only the tribal chiefs of the Kabbalah but not the citizens of their Nations.
    Oh, the Russians did it!!!! Oh, the Americans did it!!!! Oh, the Germans did it! Oh, the Brits did it! What all these different Nations have in common are DOUBLE CITIZENS of the two faced tribe.
    Get over diversions and start separating the wheat from chaff instead of discarding the wheat into a rot.
    Starting TODAY might be a helpful idea!

  2. OH PLEASE . . . if anyone with half a brain cell thought about it for a nanosecond . . . they’d have realized this was a NO DUH!!!
    Of course the compilation of data is the reason for the treason.
    Blame Russia . . . and Israhell walks off smelling like a Rosen, again.
    I don’t trust Christ “Oh, Baby I’m a STAR” Why-lie as far as I could throw him.
    He’s in on it and Zuckerberg just got his “sit on my Facebook” served up . . .
    What? He didn’t think he was playing with the big boyz?

    The Boogie Man
    There’s an idiot at the park I walk my dog in who takes a video of me all the time. Why? Because I don’t have my dog on a leash. And you know, park rules being as they are . . . all gods must be leashed!
    My dog wasn’t bothering her, or her dog. We were yards and yards away, minding our own bees wax and yet . . . she just had to get all up in our grill. “Put a leash on your dog” she yelled. She was so rabid about filming me, she held her own dog so tightly, my hand to dog, he began winching in pain. Okay then . . . take my video day in / day out. Did she capture my middle finger wave? She was chastising me / filming me for “wrong doing” all the while, choking her own goddamn dog in so doing.
    This is a metaphor, and I’m not going to explain it.

  3. Google Just Partnered With Mainstream Media to Wipe Independent Journalism Off the Map

    The “new media” monopolists of Silicon Valley and the once-dominant traditional print media have clearly agreed that the “fake news” frenzy is a convenient pretext to step up their censorship of the internet through new algorithms, allowing them to boost their profit margins and silence opposition through a new framework of “algorithmic censorship.”
    By The Free Thought Project – March 26, 2018 https://tinyurl.com/ybrlkn6b

    Marginalizing dissident voices en masse

    The Washington Post’s Don Graham, Billionaire Warren Buffett and Google’s Eric Schmidt chat at the annual Allen and Co.’s conference, July 7, 2005. (AP/Douglas C. Pizac)

    According to Google:
    The commitments we’re making through the Google News Initiative demonstrate that news and quality journalism is [sic] a top priority for Google. We know that success can only be achieved by working together, and we look forward to collaborating with the news industry to build a stronger future for journalism.”

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