Stop the Monsters, Why Ireland Should Expel Israel’s Spy Network


[ Editor’s noteOutside the US and a few other mob run dictatorships, Israel is considered an apartheid state compared to Nazi Germany.  Terrified of being called an antisemite by the fake Jewish Europeans who are raping the Middle East, too many are silent.

There are almost NO Jewish “semites,” a word describing mostly Arabs.  There is no real history or archeology supporting any biblical crap, the whole thing is wild mythology peddled to the illiterate by the unscrupulous.  Grow up, grow a pair and fight back... Gordon Duff ]


Deputy Adams, who holds a seat in the Irish parliament, hit out at the actions of Israeli security forces during Friday’s ‘Great Return’ protest in Gaza, which left 16 Palestinians dead and more than 1,400 injured.

“There can be no justification or excuse by Israel for the calculated slaughter by Israeli military snipers of unarmed Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border with Israel,” Adams said.

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In a strongly worded statement, the Republican politician labeled the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel “a dark stain on the reputation of the international community” and urged both the European Union and the United Nations to involve themselves in the peace process.

“I am urging the EU and the UN to take a stand against Israeli violence. I would especially urge the Irish government to expel the Israeli ambassador as a first step in formally and officially recognizing the state of Palestine. The time for excuses is long over,” Adams said.

 Adams formed part of the Sinn Fein leadership that negotiated the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. The groundbreaking deal helped establish a power-sharing executive between loyalist and nationalist political groups in Northern Ireland. The agreement is seen as a potential blueprint for peace in other trouble spots around the globe.

“The Irish government has an opportunity to give leadership on this issue to the international community by taking decisive decisions that reflect the widespread abhorrence of Israeli actions by the Irish people and by acting in solidarity with the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression,” the statement concluded.

Violence erupted on Friday as thousands of Palestinians took part in a march to mark Land Day, a historical show of opposition towards Israeli settlement in the region. The protest turned violent along the border with Gaza with Israeli troops using live fire, rubber-coated bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds that had flocked to the border fence.

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A spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu told RT that the deaths were the fault of Hamas. David Keyes, the Israeli prime minister’s foreign media chief, said the protests were the “opposite of peaceful.”


“The aim of this event is to swarm into Israel and overwhelm it, and it’s a part of a long track record by Hamas of waging war against Israel, launching tens of thousands of missiles, conducting suicide bombings against cafes, against civilians and in buses,” he said.


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  1. When I was a kid (Growing up in England) you weren’t allowed to hear J. Adams voice, oh, they’d tell you what he’d said, but it would be someone else voice dubbed over (True story) Because he was classed as a terrorist! Maybe he was?!?
    Anyway in 1996 I was on a train to Madchester (Deliberate typo) It was the place to go back then for Indie label records, the train stopped and we were informed there had been a terrorist attack in Madchester and we headed to Preston!
    As a kid I hated the IRA, although TBH I hated the Unionists aswell.
    A year later I was on a bus at 02:00 going from one nightclub to another (It was packed with drunk revelers) The topic of the IRA came up, I said (I’ve always been a vocal one!!) That Sinn Fein should be given a voice in the N.I. parliament, that it would put an end to the terrorist/mindless violent attacks! The bus was stopped and I was dragged off it and beaten (A real good kicking!) I was drunk and didn’t really feel it until the next day, two broken ribs and two black eyes!
    Lo and behold a year later the Good Friday Peace Agreement was signed and since then, apart from a small contingent of idiots, there has been NO terrorist attacks by the IRA (To my knowledge, certainly not on the G.B. mainland)
    Thanks for indulging me and reading this far, but my point is…When is Bibi’s voice gonna be banned from U.K. television for being a terrorist??
    I won’t hold my breath!! 🙂

  2. Beer, whiskey and politics, I love the Irish. My Great Grandfather came over with a ten dollar gold piece that we still keep. Hosted two boys for the Friendship Project; who actually came into full agreement when I tried to get them to eat steamed crabs. They bonded with a unified “No f-cking way are we eating this”. They did help themselves to every beer in my fridge. The Irish are informed and take stands . Wooded areas are totally foriegn to them. But they know their politics and have opinions. The Sinn Fein is even popular here in Baltimore. We used to kick in five dollars, for the boys, at the Cats Eye Pub, in Fells Point where my Dad racked pool balls for a penny as a child. Like I said, I love the Irish and respect what they have to say.

    • Well then that would be the other half of mothers family. During the winter Olympics in Norway a contingent of my family, the Gerde’s. went to the games and were recieved by the Norway contingent. My Gerde family is about the dryest most serious people you will ever meet. The Norwegian folks thought that they were the funniest people that they have ever met. We still laugh about it.

  3. There are few politicians in Europe or elsewhere for that matter who can demand attention like Ireland TD Gerry Adams, not so much despite, but because of his former paramilitary links. The killing of 16 unarmed Palestinians will have had telling impact on Adams and the memory of Bloody Sunday in Derry City’s Bogside that late January Sunday in 1972 when the British Army opened fire on peaceful demonstrators and killed thirteen. That the Israelis can order snipers to kill demonstrators and then justify it on spurious grounds is a canard that Adams sees needs to be quashed and seem for what it is – premeditated murder. It may be twenty years since the Peace was signed in the North of Ireland with strong US support and some may question Adams motives – but they do so at their peril. There is a real shadow hanging over the North of Ireland about Brexit and with a hard border more likely than not, the prospect of a few chicken-hawks coming home to roost may prove Teresa May’s unenviable legacy. The Sinn Fein political party has growing support at the polls in Ireland and is far from being a voice in the wilderness. When Adams speaks, it pays to listen even with a cynical ear of a Fianna Fail or Fine Gael EU lackeys. And the public reaction in Ireland in 1972 to the Derry shootings centered on the British Embassy which was burned and bombed:

    The Embassy on the morning after the night before:

    • Gerry Adams was almost certainly a British agent, like Martin McGuinness has been revealed to have been. There is a ton of circumstantial evidence and I am sure that one day, the truth will out. It already has about Adam’s brother and chauffeur/bodyguard being British agents. The IRA was riddled with informants and agents to the point where it is highly likely that from the moment of it’s rebirth in 1970, it was a British intelligence operation, part of the Gladio strategy of tension.

    • There were probably multiple reasons for the ‘Troubles’ in Ulster, I suspect that it was used as a laboratory test bed of sorts to develop the techniques that have since been used in many other countries where terrorism and ‘rebels’ have cropped up; how to create a fake terrorist group, how to maintain control of that group without the vast majority of it’s adherents and supporters knowing etc. The lessons learned in creating the IRA and then controlling it while keeping the vast majority of it’s members and supporters ignorant of who is pulling the strings would prove very useful in creating Islamic State and recruiting to it’s banner large numbers of people without disclosing the fact that IS is not an Islamic group, but rather, a tool of Western malfeasance.


      Ian Greenhalgh: As regards Gerry Adams and the late Martin McGuinness being Brit. agents the above article gives about as good – if not fully convincing answer. Agreed there were hundreds of touts, Grasses and Supergrasses infesting the ranks in the ’80s and ’90s. The IRA shot informers and Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness would not have been spared. Also remember there were occasions when the authorities refused to act on ‘bomb’ warnings to demonize the IRA. Maybe only a neutral can be convinced they were agents while others might deny the obvious like the farmer in the following story.

      Had a squaddie pull me aside in a Yorkshire bar one night – Doncaster if I remember rightly, and he told me the following anecdote which about sums up in a real way the mindset of a beleaguered community. He and his pals put an explosive device together one week at Fort George down the end of the Strand Road in Derry. They took it on patrol to the countryside outside town and planted it at the edge of a field to put a bit of excitement into their tedious morning exercise. After planting the device they jogged a safe 100m or so from the spot only to see the figure of a lone farmer appear coming down the road right in line with the impending explosion. First they shouted and roared, waving frantically at the farmer to increase his speed towards them and escape the impact of the blast but moments later they knew he wouldn’t make it in time and screamed at him to go back. BOOM – up in the air went bicycle and rider and down into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. The squaddies ran up to give succor and any help they could, providing of course he was still alive. – He was badly shaken but otherwise unhurt apart from a few cuts and bruises and looking up at the concerned faces staring down at him said: “Them IRA bastards are everywhere!”

  4. Observe the deafening silence from the Whores in our Congress and draft dodger Trump on this continuing criminal behavior of the outlaw of the planet which believes it is above all law and gives the world its large middle finger every day aided and abetted by the cowards in Congress and coward Israel Lover President Trump. And to add insult to injury Israel also did 9/11 with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals who obviously stood down and did nothing to defend the country that day. Shameful is far too polite a word to describe this expletive deleted obscenity of those who are supposed to “lead” this failed nation called American which has betrayed every principle laid down by the Founders in its support of the outlaw criminals in Israel today. I just received a message from Jewish Voice for Peace disclosing that Facebook is even censoring messages from Palestinians while allowing all the propaganda garbage from liars in Israel through. Every other nation must follow the lead of this courageous Irish leader. I am sure the evil criminals in Israel are plotting some machinations for him and his family right now.

    • These ignorant actors in America demonstrating to disarm America are complaining about the wrong country. They should be marching against the tyrants in Israel and demand the entire country and government there be totally disarmed of all and every weapon. They must be occupied by an international UN force for a very long time until they learn how to comply with all the laws and rules of a civilized world. Obviously they are slow learners because they do not know their own history. The world must wake up soon before these criminal psychopaths and their U.S. supporters destroy the planet from WWIII.

  5. To the Israeli PM who said; “there would be no killings if …”. There would be no killings if Israeli Jews would act human, rather than act as they do. Israeli is an apartheid state in every sense of the term. European Khazar Jews have created this so called anti-semitism and use it to blackmail nations, imprison innocents, kill who and when they like. Right now Deputy Allen needs every honest person’s support. He put his neck out. How can we help him survive the attack which is surely coming? The Palestinian people need our support. A show of hands is needed. Things such as lawn signs, bumper stickers, letters and phone calls.

    • How does your average Joe-on-the-street give support to the Palis?

      Send money? Not likely!

      Protest on the street? And get arrested!

      Vote for a politician who speaks out against Israeli aggression? What like Ken Livinstone? Look what the British press are doing to Corbyn now!

      Write to your local MP/Congressman? HAHA, don’t make me laugh!

      There’s fu@k all WE can do!!!

      Only thems that are in power can do anything, and I don’t expect too much from trump, may, boris macron et al!!
      An absolute travesty, what a disgraceful/disgusting time to be alive!!

      Look after your own, family and friends, that’s all we can do!

      As human beings we should ALL hang our heads in shame!


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