VT Joins Russian Propaganda: Britain Poisoned Skripal and We Can Prove It!

Skripal Case 'Provocation' Carried Out by UK Intelligence - Russian Ambassador

Chemical Attack Fakery, suits for some, as Cambridge "whateverica" and MI6 do Israel's bidding

Editor’s note:  No evidence.  Facts that don’t fit, not facts at all.  The whole thing is a Boris Johnson scam done with Black Cube, the Israeli dirty tricks company that helped Rupert Murdoch blackmail the royal family and gain control of MI6.

Murdoch, and his monkeyboy Julian Assange, are Israeli not just “agents,” they are Zionist institutions.  The stupid fucking Russians still worship Assange who bends them over continually.

When will Russia wake the fuck up?

BLAGOVESHCHENSK (Russia – Sputnik News) – Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko on Sunday said that the so-called Skripal case is a false flag operation conducted by the UK secret services.

“This provocation has been carried out by UK secret services. We are not provided with any facts, they refuse to cooperate with us. Such a state of affairs brings us to the judgment that it is a provocation organized by secret services,” Yakovenko told the NTV broadcaster.

The diplomat said that the provocation has been caused by two reasons, including the need to hide the fact that London had accepted almost all the conditions laid down by Brussels in the Brexit talks. The second reason is the intention to be a leader in the so-called deterrence of Russia and the need to gain the support of both parliament and people.

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Skripal, a former Russian intelligence officer, who also worked for UK intelligence, and his daughter Yulia have been in the hospital since March 4 due to exposure to what UK experts say is the A234 nerve agent.

The Salisbury District Hospital medical staff said that Yulia had come out of a coma, began talking and was recovering rapidly, while her father, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, was still in a critical but stable condition.

Following the poisoning, UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of orchestrating the attack and expelled 23 Russian diplomats. Several other countries also expelled Russian diplomats in solidarity with London.

Russia has strongly rejected the accusations voiced by UK officials and offered to assist in the investigation. Following the decision of several countries to expel diplomats, Moscow has responded to the expulsions by taking reciprocal measures with regard to the states that expelled Russian diplomats.

SOURCESputnik News – Russia

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  1. Hasn’t been a drop of British blood in them since before William of Orange invaded and seized the throne. Of course, the current Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family would love you to think they descend from the Stuarts and Tudors but it’s simply not true. The last legitimate king of England was Richard III, but he was overthrown by the Tudors who ruled for 200 years then along came William of Orange and the new royal family were Hannoverians, then a century and a half later they became Saxe-Coburgs thanks to Queen Victoria marrying Prince Albert. If you want to find a person with a legitimate claim to the crown, you’d have to find a direct descendant of Richard III. This documentary does a wonderful job of exposing just what a rotten, disgusting bunch of lowlifes the royal family really are:


  2. Clearly you know nothing about the true nature of the so-called royal family. In reality, they are utter scum, parasitic scum at that and not even remotely British. The best thing to do with the lot of them would be to line them up against the nearest wall and shoot them all.

  3. Russians have awaken some years ago. No surprises for them, Skripal case is just another nail in the long line of post Crimean referendum anti-Russian offensive. Honestly for me much worse thing than west expelling russian diplomats was west expelling russian paraolympics team, that takes a special kind of scum satanist people do to that (NAZIS) and people are able to see through such propaganda. As for counter propaganda, Russia has left that perdition road decades ago. No more Lawrence games for England, no more. Allthough Anglosaxon propaganda is able to reach billions and Russian news networks are still reaching “only” millions as Klintsevich says, the common folks and voters everywhere are nowadays able to gather diverse opinions on Russia.

  4. The USA and UK under Tony Blair they started war with Iran by lying to everybody. UK created Israel under false pretences and now a lot of suffering and killings going on.
    The Zionists want war and they are going to get it regardless of what needs to be done ( lie,, extort, kill, etc)
    Politics and religion are the cause of man suffering due to greed and power .EU is desperately trying to be united yet they have a higher boss to tell them what to do…

  5. “If foresight was as sharp as hindsight, we’d be better off by a damn sight.” Charles Wittingham, horseman. I’ll let the VT crew figure this one out; they get it right eventually. Just look at their take on 9-11..

  6. We cannot ignore the timing of the shift from Russian interference of US elections to the exposure of Cambridge Analytica, a British company completely exposed with proof, of interfering with elections and also creating an entire system of “crowd manipulation” in the lead up to both Brexit and US presidential elections.
    This Skripal case is doing an efficient job of drowning out some very embarrassing truths about Britain in regard to acting as a “ranch foreman” in the herding of voters. Not just in the US, but all over the place.
    This has to lead to entanglements with CIA and the dangers of trusting allies, who have gotten comfortable in their positions as Ranch Foreman.

    • The exposure of the East Ghouta operations bunker too highlighted their depravity in murdering Syrian civilians on an almost daily basis for the past five years.

    • People keep blaming ‘the British’ which is just nonsense. The British people are victims in this just like everyone else outside the criminal elite. You say we deserve whatever happens to us, by that standard, the US deserves to be nuked into glass, but that would be killing hundreds of millions of innocents due to the actions of a small few at the top of the tree.

    • Can’t speak for anyone else, but when I reference the British, I speak of the Royal family, the elites and their supporters. If I speak of the US, it is a mixed bag of outside influences, many times, British ,loyalists.
      My wife ancestors are from the Hingham town that left, and mine from Odell. Both from the Revolution.
      See, Britain, never accepted North American independence and continues to this day, to wield control.
      I do not see the English Monarchy as an ally, but as a sneaky familial system that never lets go. What we have here in the US is not what was intended nor what we left for. The people that were here when we got here, are far more friendly and civilized than what followed us. And everything that is allegedly important around here is printed in Latin. Keep your loyalty to the crown, I do not. And I want no part in cleaning up the messes the crown keeps making. Nor should I. They say, all wars are bankers wars, and I say, we answer Britains calls too often. The mess we need to clean in Washington begins with Britain and Israel and the Vatican. None belong here. We should have never let them back in.

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