Military Review: Russia won the Syria war

Russia has changed the political calculus in Syria. Are we witnessing the political death of Benjamin Netanyahu?


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Military Review, “the professional journal of the U.S. Army,” has reluctantly and indirectly said that Russia won the Syria war. The Review declared that Russia saw what happened to Gaddafi back in 2011, and they realized that something had to be done in order to stop the “regime change” ideology in the Middle East. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared then,

“Some leaders of the coalition forces, and later the NATO secretary-general, called the Libyan operation a ‘model’ for the future. As for Russia, we will not allow anything like this to happen again in the future.”[1]

The Review declared quite rightly that there was a “firm belief among Russian elites that Assad’s downfall would result in IS and al-Qaida affiliates taking over the country, spelling disaster for the region and creating a potential superhighway for Sunni extremists into Turkey and the Caucasus.”[2]

This is certainly true, for right after Saddam was overthrown, IS and al-Qaida affiliates roamed the Middle East. Refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Syria have already fled to Europe and elsewhere; this mass migration has created ethnic conflicts virtually everywhere. Russia also knew that if Assad falls, then the terrorist regime would almost certainly be involved in conducting terrorist activities in Russia and neighboring countries as well.

In general, Russia is fighting for Europe; Russia is the last bastion of military power that will stand against chaos in the Middle East. So the die was cast in 2015 when Russia decided to take a military stand in Syria in particular. As the Review itself puts it, it was “tactical necessities.”[3]

Russia’s move in Syria was pregnant with meaning. First of all, it meant that the key players in destabilizing the region—Israel, and the United States—would be mad and sad because they wanted to remove Assad from power. As the Israeli ambassador Michael Oren put it, Israel wanted to oust Assad since the start of the war in Syria.[4]

Russia’s move also meant that the New World Order ideology would do whatever is necessary to isolate and demonize Russia—and they have done exactly that over the past five years or so. They declared ad nauseam that Russia deliberately killed civilians in Syria; Russia hacked U.S. elections; Russia poisoned former a former spy; Russia…you know the drill.

But Russia put its back against the ideological wall and fought back hard. New World Order agents seem to be in total shock that Assad is still in power. At the end of 2012, we were told that Assad was running out of options.[5] But by 2018, we are now told that Assad is alive and well in the region, thanks to Russia. As the Review puts it,

“Russia has become a potential powerbroker, and perhaps a balancer against U.S. influence, even if it did not embark on the Syrian campaign with those goals in mind.”[6]

Russia has obviously change the political calculus in Syria, and New World Order agents do not like that. Since they seem to perceive that Russia is undefeated in the region, New World Order agents have moved on to summon implausible scenarios (such as Russia poisoned a former spy) in order to continue their campaign against Russia. Those scenarios are getting thinner and thinner as time passes.

The Military Review obviously produced the report not because they like Russia; in fact, they actually believe the categorical lie that Assad used chemical weapons in 2017! The Review produced the report because they think that the war is over. The Review concluded:

“Russia has apparently gained Washington’s acceptance of its role as a key broker in Syria’s future… In sum, Russia appears to have won at least a partial victory in Syria, and done so with impressive efficiency, flexibility, and coordination between military and political action.”[7]

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  1. The U.S. military commanders are suffering from cognitive dissonance. No matter how much factual evidence is placed before them they continue, like so many Americans, to believe lies.
    God help us all….if there is a God.

  2. 500 years of sanctions, international isolation and banishing diplomats would not be enough to counteract all the crimes and tragedies initiated and provoked by United Kingdom and the English way.

    • What a load of crap, what is this ‘English way’ you speak of? Obviously you need to be reminded that there is a clear and important distinction to be made between a nation, it’s people and the government they are ruled by.

    • Much like America where the elites rule and the RKM controls Washington, where the military industrial complex continually needs feeding at the expense of the people, at the cost of their wealth and children, start wars of regime change based on lies and propaganda.
      It is the people at the top 1% who are responsible for all the bad that has happened. Most are psychopaths. All of them evil, arrogant and conceited. Deranged, deviant and decadent.
      They were the ones behind the colonization of India, China and wherever they could gain a foothold. They were the ones responsible for the Opium war in China.
      Churchill, a drunken alcoholic who was responsible for the starvation of one million people in India, who wanted to gas the lot of them, who is as much to blame for both world wars as any one else is a stark example of how the elites run things.

    • Where the government comes ?? of your own people… and always it is a bit sample of the worst of that society…

  3. > “The Military Review obviously produced the report not because they like Russia; in fact, they actually believe the categorical lie that Assad used chemical weapons in 2017!”

    .. trivial and irrelevant point but .. we don’t know what they actually believe, we just know they are taking part in marketing the belief. For individual professionals in the military and politics and security services, their beliefs are irrelevant. They will not allow their beliefs to interfere with their duty to to shape and imprint designed beliefs into the general public.

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