Moscow to accelerate delivery of S-400 system to Turkey

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Moscow to accelerate delivery of S-400 system to Turkey

Moscow will accelerate the delivery of the Russian air defense system S-400 to Turkey, according to Kremlin press office on Monday.

Revealing the agenda of the seventh meeting of High-level Russian-Turkish Cooperation Council at a news conference in Moscow, Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov said: “Much attention will be given to international affairs and military cooperation, also here is a famous topic other questions concerning military exchange.”

Ushakov confirmed that Russia would accelerate the delivery of S-400 at the request of Turkey.

“Necessary efforts will be made from our side to satisfy the request of the Turkish side,” he said.

He added that delivery of Turkish tomatoes to Russia would also likely be among topics on the agenda of Erdogan and Putin meeting.

About Turkish Stream pipeline construction, Ushakov said: “it is progressing on schedule”.

Regarding the upcoming trilateral summit in the Turkish capital Ankara, the presidential aide said Turkish, Russian and Iranian leaders are expected to make a joint statement.

In this statement, they will point out their support to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria, he added.

“Presidents are suggested to synchronize watches regarding the implementation of the UN resolution 2401 regarding nationwide cease-fire and improvement of the humanitarian situation in this country,” he said.

“The heads of states will assess the current situation, additional steps could be taken to strengthen cease-fire and to ensure the functioning of the de-escalation zones.”

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  1. Just the other day I read Turkey under pressure from the US and NATO scrapped the S400 deal. Erdogan must go through with the purchase if he is ever to release Turkey from the selfish influence of the West. I also heard the USA has almost, or has totally removed all troops and equipment from Incerlik airfield, redeployed to Jordan and, Afghanistan. On to Manbij.

  2. Putin is now in Ankara. Both leaders understand that a peace is better than war or sanctions. We had multiple wars with the Turks. But we are neighbors thru the Black sea. And we have to build the progress. Fortunately for Erdogan, Putin helped him many times and put him from the clouds to the reallity. I took part in welding 150 kms of the Turkish Stream during 2 years. Now the first atomic power station in Akkuyu is building. S-400? NATO is angry. Let it be. Nowadays more and more countries quit the annoying games of USA. We all wanna live in peace, make business, travel, make friends. We are tired of US NWO insane marazmatics.

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