YouTube shooting: Female suspect ‘angry over video postings’

The suspect in a gun attack at YouTube's HQ in California had expressed anger over its treatment of her video postings, media reports say.


[Editor’s note: Here we go again, another nutcase with a gun and a beef decides to shoot up some people, only in America does this stuff keep happening, but the question we need to ask is why?

Aside from the obvious, that the US is a deeply sick society overrun with guns and desperately in need of new legislation that, unlike the 2nd Amendment, wasn’t written centuries ago at a time when the most lethal firearm you could obtain was a flintlock musket.

Why did this nutcase go on a shooting spree? Why did she target Youtube? So far, all we know is that this woman is probably nuts and has recently been ranting about Youtube censorship.

I honestly don’t know if this is a real incident or yet another false flag, time will most likely tell, but right now all we can do is examine some of the background politics.

Youtube has been engaged in a war of kinds with a portion of it’s content providers, specifically those who publish videos about guns and gun-related issues. Last year all gun channels were demonetised, meaning they can no longer earn income from Youtube’s advertising schemes; this has meant most of them have turned to begging their audience to support them via Patreon donations.

Youtube has since gone further, removing many gun videos and issuing warnings to gun channels that they may have more of their videos removed. This has upset the gun content providers and has had many of them looking for new outlets for their gun videos; one channel has even decided to start publishing it’s gun videos on Pornhub.

I’m sure the speculations and conspiracy theories about this incident will be flowing thick and fast, and I am not one who likes to get involved in such things, but indulge me while I offer a tentative reason for this incident:

Let us assume this was a false flag, and the perpetrators are Google, the owners of Youtube and, as VT has exposed, a tool of the intelligence agencies. Why would they do this? Perhaps the motivation is to discredit the gun content providers by associating them with nutcases like this woman who shot up some Youtube employees, this providing Youtube with moral justification for removing gun content. Ian]

YouTube shooting: Female suspect ‘angry over video postings’

The suspect in a gun attack at YouTube’s HQ in California had expressed anger over its treatment of her video postings, media reports say.

Police have named Nasim Aghdam, 39, as the suspect but say they are still investigating a motive.

US media say Aghdam was angry that YouTube was filtering her videos and reducing the money she could make.

Tuesday’s attack left a man and two women injured with gunshot wounds. The attacker shot herself dead.

Police in San Bruno, California, say there is no evidence yet that the attacker knew the victims, a 36-year-old man said to be in a critical condition, and two women aged 32 and 27.

What do we know of the suspect?

Nasim Aghdam lived in San Diego in southern California.

Police have revealed few details about her but US media said she ran a number of channels and a website, posting videos on a variety of subjects including those highlighting animal cruelty. The channels have now been deleted.

Aghdam has been variously described as a vegan bodybuilder, artist and rapper.

Nasim Aghdam railed against YouTube on her personal website

In January 2017 she posted a video complaining that YouTube was filtering her content, leading to fewer views.

On her website she also ranted against YouTube, saying: “Videos of targeted users are filtered and merely relegated, so that people can hardly see their videos.”

She also quotes Adolf Hitler, saying: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

She also wrote: “There is no equal growth opportunity on YouTube or any other video sharing site. Your channel will grow if they want [it] to!”

Aghdam’s father, Ismail, told local US media she was angry because YouTube had stopped paying her for videos.

Video posters can receive money from linked advertisements but the company can “de-monetise” channels for various reasons, taking adverts off. It is unclear if this happened with Aghdam’s material.

Her father said Aghdam had been reported missing on Monday after not answering calls for two days. Police later found her sleeping in her car in Mountain View, 25km (15 miles) south of the YouTube offices in San Bruno and reported this to her family, but they did not detain her.

Her father told police she might go to YouTube as she “hated the company”, local media said.

YouTube terminated her account following the shooting. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have also been removed.

However, many Twitter users posted her Facebook video rant against YouTube:

What happened in the attack?

The suspect is reported to have approached an outdoor patio and dining area at the offices in San Bruno, near San Francisco, at about lunchtime on Tuesday and opened fire with a handgun.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said officers arrived at the offices at 12:48 (19:48 GMT) local time to find a “chaotic scene”, with numerous people fleeing.

Images broadcast on local TV stations showed employees leaving with their hands raised. Other footage showed evacuees forming a queue before being individually frisked by police.
Police said officers had “encountered one victim with an apparent gunshot wound at the site and two additional gunshot victims that had fled to a neighbouring business”.

Inside the complex, officers then found a woman dead from a gunshot wound that was believed to be self-inflicted.

People gather outside a building following a shooting at the headquarters of YouTube, in San Bruno, California, U.S., April 3, 2018 in this picture obtained from social media.

An employee at a nearby fast food restaurant told Fox station KTVU he had treated a young woman who suffered a bullet wound to the leg.

He said he had fashioned a makeshift tourniquet from a bungee cord as they waited for first responders.

Several YouTube employees tweeted about the attack as it was taking place.
Product manager Todd Sherman said people fled the building in panic as the shooting unfolded.

Another employee, Vadim Lavrusik, tweeted he was barricaded in a room with other staff. He later said he had been evacuated.

The three wounded were taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Officials said the 32-year-old woman’s condition was serious and the 27-year-old’s condition was fair.

A fourth person was also taken to hospital with an ankle injury sustained while trying to escape, Mr Barberini said.

Some 1,700 people work at the YouTube HQ. The company is owned by Google and is the area’s biggest employer.

There had been earlier media reports that the man shot was Aghdam’s boyfriend, but police later said; “At this time there is no evidence that the shooter knew the victims of this shooting or that individuals were specifically targeted.”

Such “active shooter” incidents are overwhelmingly carried out by men – an FBI report found that out of 160 incidents between 2000-2013, only six of the people who opened fire were women.

What’s the reaction been?

YouTube spokesman Chris Dale praised the police response to the incident.

“Today it feels like the entire community of YouTube and all of the employees were victims of this crime. Our hearts go out to those who suffered in this particular attack,” he said.

Another online giant, Twitter, said it was horrified by the shooting and said it was monitoring instances of misinformation.

President Donald Trump said he had been briefed about the incident.

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  1. Ian, you mentioned that she posted “…videos on a variety of subjects including those highlighting animal cruelty…” As an avid reader of VT, I would have liked to know whether those videos were either for–or against–animal cruelty. That would have provided a better clarification of her mindset, and not leave the reader to assume a (likely) negative connotation of her character. “Just the facts ma’am” (not the spin), I can make my own judgments, thank you.

    • I didn’t write anything about animal cruelty, that was in the BBC article, so your criticism should be directed at the BBC, not me.

  2. Guns are not the problem, as revealed by the statistics Rick Breda was kind enough to share. Ian I don’t believe your a snow flake however, you’re painting yourself pink here. Our Western society is seriously ill but, one can make a slick argument the illness is by design. Just watch a couple hours of American commercial television content. The Roseanne show trots out a 7 year old boy in drag to applause from the WH down. Have you noticed that pharmaceutical advertisements saturate almost all TV programming and, anti-depressant or, anti psychotics drugs are heavily promoted/sold. If the powers that be have their way once one is prescribed such a drug one will forfeit one’s right to own a weapon. On the same page we may add domestic surveillance and, the militarization of the local cop. Do you get the picture. “We The People” are the target. If anyone really cared for a human life there would be no Gaza, State sponsored revolutions, MIC or, 2.5 million Americans in prison. And if population statistics are real and, 70% of the 25,000+ inmates in the LA county system are said to be mentally then extrapolate that # out to the 2.5 million incarcerated and, we suddenly have 1.75 million mentally ill in our nations penitentiaries. We are what we eat. The gun has been shooting, not me.

  3. The Prince of Savory came to see standing armies as evil, for they were easily used because of the expense of keeping them. He came to see that there should be NO armies and that was the only way to reduce war. The brilliant insight of the Prince of Savoy greatly influenced Montesquieu (1663-1736), for this was his source that it laid the foundation for the right to bear arms, as the Second Amendment to the United States constitution. The underlying idea was to eliminate standing armies that feed the cycle of war.

  4. Oh no, I’ve gone and done it again, gotten into an argument with a racist moron. You blather on about Zionists and orcs but you can’t identify a false flag when it’s staring you in the face, which is exactly what that ‘beheading’ of Lee Rigby was – a false flag. It was nothing more than a piece of street theatre designed to fool the masses into hating Muslims, a completely fake event. Waste of time even beginning to correct your hopelessly incorrect view of history. As for telling you Yanks how to run your country, someone needs to because you’ve done some a terrible job of it thus far. Anyways, I won’t be bothering to correct anymore of your nonsense, it’s a waste of my time.

    • Nor me. I suspect it would have been too obvious if they had made the shooter a camo wearing tobacco chewing good old boy from the southern states who drove up in a pickup truck with 2nd amendment and NRA bumper stickers emblazoned on it; hence they went for someone from the opposite end of the demographic. I’m speculating of course, and that can be dangerous, but I am sure time will tell with this case, as it has with many others. The shooter killing herself is a major red flag to me.

  5. “These animals are cutting the heads off our soldiers in the streets unopposed”. What a load of rubbish, as is the notion that guns somehow make you free or give you liberty. Quite clearly, guns have done nothing to preserve freedom or liberty in America. In Britian, we have had precisely 2 school shootings in our entire history, and at least one of them (Dunblane) was a false flag. You’ve had over 80 school shootings in the US so far in 2018 alone. How many kids in the US die each year because they accidentally shot themselves with a gun owned by their parents? Oh, and the US broke away from Britain as the result of a Rothschild plot, they were the bankers to the Elector of Hesse and therefore made a huge profit when the British crown (also under Rothschild control) hired 45,000 Hessian mercenaries to put down the rebellion in the colonies, a rebellion ignited by a false flag when Rothschild agents fired on the British from the woods next to Concord green, causing the redcoats to open fire on the colonists. The 2nd Ammendment was intended to avoid the need for a standing army, if the founding fathers could see what it has resulted in, they would abrogate it immediately.

  6. I cannot see any measurable motivation by youtube. At least not without reaching and stretching. But, the particular cases of women causing chaos, is trackable. Jody Arias and Casey Anthony. And now this one, among many others, happen during a specific time period in the 260 day calendar. The week of Imox. “chaos in the family when the mind has lost control”. Options drawn from intelligence are limited to the known operational intelligence.
    But, I think a point to be made in respect to larger societal issues, is, editors of websites are not obligated to publish anything anybody wants. Any publication has a right of refusal, and if people think it is unfair, then they are not aware of their surroundings. And as we all already know, our culture and religions are based in violence, death and torture. I’m surprised this stuff doesn’t happen more often.

    • Given that Youtube is owned by Google, then it is not a stretch to ascribe to them the most nefarious motivations.

    • If a serial killer receives fan mail, and even marriage proposals in prison, then imagine what would have come in this woman’s mail if she had remained alive. When people lose hope, and decide to make an exit, the manner of it, is indicative of the mind set at the time. A final act of self empowerment along with the desire for company, and acting on an emotional impulse which overrides courage or fear, they yearn for their tortured voice to be heard. One way or another. Timing is certainly a factor, as it contains flavors and stimulators of ideas, that appeal to particular receivers at certain times. Some people are horrified when these things happen, and others get ideas. Either way, the location is abundant with strife at this time. High 80 percentile predictable that a female would make the news by violence during this time in that geographical location.

    • Gordon, True, but it’s difficult to do without also stretching to the disadvantages. These companies are always scouting new talent. They may get some publicity and sympathy, maybe a pass on some legislation out of the sympathy vote. Certainly a push for anti-gun rhetoric, and some big I told you so stuff. But the attack on the senators playing baseball, proves it doesn’t really work that way. The Jewish stars all over the background of the vid are kinda bizarre. Someone probably just got a huge security contract out of it. I dunno, I can’t see a tangible benefit. I think back to the days of the postal workers going “postal”. The result was attention to mental health. Examining pending legislation could be a place to look. The gender, symbols, act, and location all match for timing. Money is at the core of it, but is it her, or the company or someone else ? To me it looks like her. But, we’ll see if they start the Iranian rhetoric. Even still, it’s a small event in comparison.

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