Boris Johnson Lied about Russia & Novichoks


[Editor’s note: Yes, Boris lied, he fabricated the entire ‘Russia did it’ narrative and invented the Novichoks nonsense in order to support his lies.

The opposition Labour party are now rightly demanding an inquiry, in my opinion they should be demanding both Boris and Theresa May, his equally dishonest boss both resign in shame.

None of this comes as a surprise to me, I long ago identified Boris as a Judeo-Zionist asset; back in 2016, Gordon and I wrote a piece explaining why Boris Johnson was a clear and present danger, a threat to the peace of the whole world:

Why the US and Russia should fear Boris Johnson and his unseen masters

I went on to explain why Boris is a threat in an article about the 2017 British general election:

Britain Protests Against Theresa May’s Shambolic Governance

“The prospect of Boris incumbent in number 10 should fill any informed Briton’s heart with dread, not least because it has long been my strong suspicion that they have been preparing Boris as their next war leader for many years. Boris idolises Winston Churchill and sees himself very much in the Churchillian mode – a man who delights in using florid language to rouse the rabble to new levels of belligerence. Churchill’s most effective use (in a long political career strewn with incompetence and failure) was to make speeches that roused the ire of the British during WW2, persuading us that it was quite reasonable to bomb the German civilian population and kill a couple of million of them because they dared to bomb London and Coventry*.

Boris’s best use would be to emulate his idol and make a series of rabble rousing speeches that persuaded the British public to support yet another war, most likely in the Middle East or perhaps Libya, or maybe a return to Afghanistan, or worst of all, to join our US and Saudi allies in an invasion of Iran. I am far from alone in suspecting it is only a matter of time before the US and Britain once again start a war at the behest of their Zionist, Israeli and Saudi masters. Trump is already in place in the US as a puppet who would gladly start a war, Boris being installed in Britain would be the logical next step, hence I have recognised Johnson as a stalking horse for quite some time.”

We can but hope that something good can be salvaged from the Skripal affair and that something is the destruction of the political career of Boris Johson. Personally, I would like to see him dangling by the neck from ten foot of rope, a fitting end for such a disgusting, treacherous, traitorous disgrace.

Boris has done massive damage to Britain’s international image and has created a completely unnecessary rift in relations between Russia and Britai. The decent thing for Boris to now do is resign, but that is unlikely as he doesn’t possess a single decent bone in his body. Ian]

Russian spy: Labour urges probe over Johnson comments

Labour has called for an investigation into whether Boris Johnson “misled” the public over Russian involvement in the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier implied the foreign secretary had exaggerated the findings of the UK’s defence laboratory, Porton Down.

Mr Johnson responded that Mr Corbyn’s remarks were “lamentable”.

Meanwhile, the international chemical weapons body has rejected Russian calls for a joint inquiry into the case.

Former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain in hospital after being poisoned by a nerve agent on 4 March.

The incident has caused a major diplomatic fallout, with the expulsion of some 150 Russian diplomats by the UK and its allies being met by counter-expulsions by Moscow.

Labour said in an interview given to German TV last month, Mr Johnson said that “people from Porton Down” were “absolutely categorical”, adding: “I asked the guy myself. I said ‘are you sure?’, and he said ‘there’s no doubt’.”

But on Tuesday the Porton Down laboratory said it could not verify the precise source of the Novichok nerve agent used, although it did say it was likely to have been deployed by a “state actor”.

Labour called on the prime minister to launch an investigation into whether Mr Johnson broke the ministerial code.

‘Egg on his face’

Shadow Cabinet Office minister, Jon Trickett, said Mr Johnson had “serious questions to answer”.

“He clearly previously indicated that Porton Down had told him ‘categorically’ that Russia was the source of the nerve agent,” he said.

Mr Corbyn said the foreign secretary had “egg on his face for the statement he made on German television”.

“Either the foreign secretary has information that he’s not sharing with Porton Down or it was a bit of exaggeration,” he added.

Mr Johnson hit back on Twitter.

“It is lamentable that Jeremy Corbyn is now playing Russia’s game and trying to discredit the UK over Salisbury attack,” he wrote, setting out what he said were the “key facts”.

He added: “28 other countries have been so convinced by UK case they have expelled Russians. In contrast, Jeremy Corbyn chooses to side with the Russian spin machine.”

The UK has said that identifying the substance at Porton Down was “only one part of the intelligence picture”.

It comes as Russia has also sought to discredit the UK’s accusations.

Russia pointed to a now-deleted tweet by the Foreign Office which suggested Porton Down had “made clear” the nerve agent was “produced in Russia”.

It had sought a joint inquiry after the UK blamed it for being the source of the Novichok nerve agent used.

Russia accused the UK of blocking access to an investigation being carried out by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

But it lost by 15 votes to six, while 17 member states abstained.

Following the verdict, Mr Johnson said Russia had failed in its attempts to “obscure the truth” and “derail the proper international process”.

Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, were poisoned by a nerve agent called Novichok

Russia has said the comments from Porton Down’s chief executive Gary Aitkenhead reveal the UK’s case to be “nothing but assumptions”.

The Foreign Office said the deleted tweet had been part of a real-time account of a speech by the UK’s ambassador in Moscow and was deleted because it “did not accurately report our ambassador’s words”.

It added: “None of this changes the fact that it is our assessment that Russia was responsible for this brazen and reckless act and, as the international community agrees, there is no other plausible explanation.

“No other country has a combination of the capability, the intent, and the motive to carry out such an act.”

BBC diplomatic correspondent James Landale said Mr Johnson’s “loose language” plus the deleted tweet represented a “self-inflicted wound” by the UK.

This had “muddied the waters” and allowed Russia to cast doubt on the UK’s assessment, he said – but he added that the “international alliance” supporting the UK’s position was “still holding”.

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  1. I’m afraid Story is yet another of those who is, to put it bluntly, full of shit. While some of what he said may have a grain of truth to it, he invented a lot of patently false narratives, not least the existence of a mythical German agency called the DVD that he blamed for everything.

  2. “More lies and deception from the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation). How these people claim to be journalist whilst feeding the sheeple Government scripted “stories” is behond belief!”

    True, but it’s their job. The good thing is, the tide is changing and, thank God, they are (as are our governments on the continent nearby) the most stupid politicians they and we ever had.

  3. be fair .. he is a Zionist. As a Zionist he has a God given right to lie and decieve. Unfortunately he’s not a jewish Zionist, else those who expose his lying nature would be silenced as anti-semitic.

  4. Shambolic, …good word,… we got one of those too. Qualifications for high level government should include testing for truthfulness, narcissism, and psychopathy. Exploding neck collars might be an idea too.
    Qualifications for button operators should include Parkinson’s.

    • I like those suggestions, particularly the exploding neck collars. Reminds me of the old very cheesey but fun Roddy Piper film ‘Hell Comes To Frogtown’.

  5. The problem is not that Theresa (or Thereso?) and Boris are both incompetent and evil. The real trouble is that they were (s)elected to direct the energy and actions of an entire nation against the interests of the rest of the humanity, including the normal humans that remain or are stuck within the evil beast that is the anglozionist empire.
    What really baffles me is why the evil zioMI6 is sending the message that foreign traitors that have worked for this terrorist agency could be sacrificed instead of supported and encouraged. A normal agency wont burn the bridges by scaring away the future collaborators and traitors who can provide invaluable info.

    • Well said, I think the conclusion to draw from the actions of MI6 is that they remain today as much under Zionist-Rothschild control as when they were founded. The Rothschilds have hand a guiding hand in British intelligence as long as there has been a British intelligence service.

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