Palestine at a Cross Roads, Freedom or Perpetual Imprisonment


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A Braveheart Series

Gordon Duff, Editors note:  “For the first time in 70 years, nations around the world, not a few but the vast majority representing 90% of the planet’s population, are declaring Israel a “rogue state.”  Remember, this is the tiny nation that so many had held in their hearts as a bastion of freedom, an island of safety for a Jewish population who claimed to have been near wiped off the face of the earth by the Nazi juggernaut of the last century.

Why a rogue state?  How many have heard of Rachel Corrie or the USS Liberty?  When evidence is presented of Palestinian children playing on the beaches of Gaza who were shelled and murdered by a naval gunboat, when F-16 fighter jets drop laser-guided one ton phosphorus bombs and Apache helicopters machine gun strafe civilian areas and UN schools where people have nowhere to run, hide or take cover … all paid for by the American taxpayers … when a Palestinian people, people just like you and me,  are challenged every day, year in and year out by: Getting to work or visiting family or friends by hour delaying and humiliating checkpoints, Having their homes illegally seized and bulldozed … power and water supplies that are constantly turned off or available for just hours at a time…witness their infants and children choking on tear gas that has been launched into their home… endure water cannon trucks that spray the foulest and most putrid smelling substances imagined in neighborhoods…when parents witness their children being kidnapped by the Israeli military only to know that they will be imprisoned and tortured in Israel’s gulags…what could a reasonable person or world council of governance conclude?  Yes, Israel is a rogue state.

Through all of this and more the Palestinian people serve as a living testament to the power, courage, determination, and resilience of the human spirit that will not bend or break until they secure basic human rights, freedom, and peace.

Thus far some 300,000 Palestinians are among the disappeared filling the mass graves of the Negev.”

Introduction, The Dilemma

This is a Public Relations (PR) game of changing world perception. The leadership of Palestine appears to be clueless in both understanding this and in establishing a strategy to resolve this larger game at play.

Here is why I know a little about this reality. Some twenty-five years ago and closed friend of mine spent an afternoon with Dr. Edward Bernays, the Founding Father of Public Relations.  He was there to pick his brain on the subject of PR strategies that could help promote humanitarian concerts that he had envisioned would promote world peace.

In his late 90’s at the time, he was kind and considerate as he served coffee and crumb cakes and showed photos of himself with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison,  numerous US Presidents and the political power brokers of this time like Henry Kissinger … all of whom he had worked with during his career.

Over the course of the next 25 years, my friend would experience great pushback from various power structures in achieving my goals towards peace. He went to great lengths to educate himself about why this could be occurring and ultimately learned of the real power and philosophies that drove the manipulative skills used by Bernay’s.

Edward’s agenda of herding society in specific directions, on behalf of those who envisioned a new world order, is apparent in his quote:

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it…

…The conscious and intellectual manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

(Author’s special note:  As you read ahead please know that my friend works with many Jewish people who he considers very close friends and who are some of the most wonderful, kind and loving people he knows.  Jewish people and those of this beautiful faith,  differ profoundly from Zionism and/or Zionists who represent a political ideology that believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.)

The Cabal / Zionist media machine runs the entire global game of perception and have in place teams of the most well-educated, experienced, coordinated, well funded and massively controlled media distribution platforms in the world (TV, Film, Radio, Music, News Agencies, Newspapers, Social Media (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

In other words, these groups strategically control the collective/global narrative about most all subjects, especially, that of how the people of Palestine are defined and perceived by the world.  This perceptional game and problem are specially compounded with and within the civilian population and legislative bodies with the U.S.  If you doubt this to any degree please educate yourself through this masterfully revealing documentary “The Occupation of the American Mind” narrated by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

The film trailer:


As challenging as it is to comprehend,  a large majority of Christians have been brainwashed and converted into becoming Christian Zionists.   You see, the Cabal’s grand propaganda Trojan Horse was the Scofield Bible.  It was successfully and strategically inserted into all of the major Christian seminary schools throughout America.  Its purpose was to infect, misdirect and trick future Ministerial leadership into falsely believing and teaching that the Jewish people were and are God’s chosen people.  As a result,  graduating Christian Ministers mislead their parishioners into supporting the Jewish people and Israel above the teachings of Jesus.  Yes, the Christian faith was hijacked by Jewish Talmudic teachings that spewing out great hate and blasphemies against Jesus, Mother Mary and the Christians themselves who were referred to as Goyim, a term meaning “cattle”. 

These same Christian parishioners were faithfully instructed to follow these beliefs and ministerial instructions even in the face of sacrificing themselves.  They were to do so even in the face of Israel and some of its people’s cruel genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people, a people, and country who historically fostered and still give sanctuary to the birthplace of Jesus, the city of Bethlehem.   The blatant hypocrisy of all of this and clear drinking of an evil cool-aid clearly flies in the face of Jesus Christ’s teachings of love, compassion, and peace.

Furthermore, compounding these fundamental lies in the treasonous act of some 43 leading U.S. legislators who have declared themselves to be dual citizens with Israel.   At the bottom line of this reality, the Zionist Cabal media and PR machine work constantly and tirelessly to ensure that the American public and legislative members support the funding of Israel’s war machine…even in the face of, again, the historical fact that Jesus was born in Bethlehem,  Palestine.

If you have any doubt about this, whatsoever,  it is imperative to educate yourself by watching the following documentary on how methodically well organized the Israeli lobbying entity the “American Israeli Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) is in controlling our US Congress in accord with its treatment of Palestine and its people.

As a result, the giant Zionist Cabal media machine and empire have successfully psychologically burned into the subconsciousness of almost every American the branded reality that Palestinian People = TERRORISTS.   This narrative, described through an endless parade of well-controlled images and news narratives defines an implied understanding that every baby born to a Palestinian woman comes out with a manual on how to raise their child to become either a terrorist and/or suicide bomber.

Yes, the reality is that when a picture appears in the news of a little 7 year Palestine boy, who courageously stands in front of a monstrous Israeli tank and ready’s himself to throw a rock at it … most viewers instantly see and label this Palestinian boy as the terrorist…not the tank and/or not the Israeli personnel in it.   Yes, crazy as this seems, and like it or not, this is the reality that Palestine and its people are up against.

Right now the people of Gaza and throughout parts of Palestine are marching in protest with a non-existent and/or poorly defined campaign message.  In reality, it appears that they are basically sacrificing themselves and/or being used, knowingly or unknowingly, as “Canon Fodder” martyrs.   The term Canon Fodder is used to describe low-level soldiers who are placed at the front of the battle engagement so as to be sacrificed as chessboard pawns and be the first recipients of the cannonballs that were being fired by an opposing enemy.

Therefore, as Palestinian people have in large part been defined as worthless, subhuman and dangerous terrorists ….and when the American public and certain other Zionist Christians around the world see such news coverage of a protester being shot, wounded and/or killed their thoughts have been brainwashed into thinking “great another terrorist has been killed and eliminated from our world”.  Yes, with every image of a Palestinian’s death and/or wounding the Jewish / Zionist media machine makes sure that the invading and monstrous Israeli military is seen as the victim.

Bottom line, this media ensures that the Palestinian’s true stance of David vs Goliath:

Tanks and every armed vehicle imagined configuration vs NOTHING

High-powered automatic machine guns, tear gas launchers, drones, and bullets vs slingshots, thrown stones, and defensive tunnels;

Latest fighter jets, helicopters and warships from the US vs zero, NOTHING!…

One ton phosphorus, cluster bombs and missiles (missiles have guidance systems and warheads) vs rockets (which have no guidance systems or warheads, basically a big bottle rocket).

All of this basic common sense reality is completely hidden from public view.  It’s like the analogy of a Palestinian person being provoked and invited to fight.  They show up with courage and fists, the bully shows up with brass knuckles, a baseball bat with nails in it, a knife and a gun.  Or, you can see the reality of this like how the Zionist controlled media hides pictures of our US soldiers returning home in body bags, widows and family members who mourn and then pray at their graves after their sons, husbands and/or fathers have fought numerous and various proxy wars on behalf of Israel. 


In reality the more the Palestinian people cry out to the world for help and support in securing protection, freedom, basic human rights and self-determination from an invading force of which they have no possible means of defending themselves, the more the Zionist media machine turns up the narrative about bringing and securing sympathy for the Israeli oppressors as the victims.

Can Palestine and its People Win a Lasting Freedom and Peace? The answer is YES!


Here are some clues to what my friend’s organization, Project Peace On Earth, have produced to envision another way:


from Hebron, Palestine

LOVE ALL from the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho

LOVE ALL concert from Bethlehem Christmas Day 2011

LOVE ALL from Bethlehem Manger Square 2012

FREE ALL from Bethlehem Dividing Wall


2 UNITE ALL GAZA and MiDDLE EAST PEACE benefit album

Lastly, if you’ve really honestly and diligently read everything, gone through all of the hyperlinks and sincerely watched all of videos and are still not convinced about why Israel is being deemed a rogue state,  then please watch super reality check and recent interview between Norman Finkelstein, PhD and Mads Gilbert, MD (The heroic surgeon who spend months in Gaza attempting to save lives and stitch people back together):


If you found value in this article please support my friend’s and consider:

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  1. That’s it. I am not going to read any more Jew articles. I’ll just let the guys with guns settle their own shit.

  2. ********* “Popular Resistance in Eastern Region” *********

    South Front: Syrian War Report – April 6, 2018: Army Prepares To Clear Southern Syria Of Militants

    A new anti-SDF/anti-US resistance group has appeared in the SDF-held area. The group entitled “Popular Resistance in Eastern Region” has vowed to fight the SDF and US-backed forces in eastern Syria.

    Resistance is not only required, it is absolutely necessary …

  3. Lately I haven’t always agreed with Gordon but, here he is spot on. How deeply has our psyche been programmed to view the poor souls as less than to the point we ignore their plight even though we know they are being slaughtered, marked for eradication, yet we watch in silence as they suffer genocide by degrees? Though this is surely happening to the Palestinians and, I comment on it here and, there, but to be honest only vocally when I feel it safe. For some reason I feel more empathy and, emotion for the Native American, the black Americans, the poor and, of course myself. I think the inability to gather emotion for the people of West Bank is testament to the efficient programming job the Zionists have been at for 70 years. So I do what I can but, somehow it’s different towards them.

  4. I am thoroughly “versed”. Mother was Sunday school teacher, brother a deacon, studied independently for 30 years, traveled and went to the services, even the tents, wifes father was Baptist preacher and author, and here I am. When folks tell me to read the Bible, I ask them if they have studied the I-Ching and other texts.
    The answer is always no. Are you ready to offer the first yes ?

  5. Well, Scofield and Israel were not around when the Americas were swept over by the black robes. So perhaps Judaism and Zionism are the current boogey men, but the core of the message was spread and forced upon people long ago. Christianity does not produce peaceful people. Lennon and Ghandi were not Christians, and MLK didn’t need to be, to be who he was. Bernays had a hand in consumerism of the modern age, but he was hardly the herder that the black robes were and are. Nearly every late night comedian is Catholic origin. They make fun of serious subjects and we say, hey that’s a good way to expose the issues, but the product of laughing, is not action. It is inaction. With a single book, they have convinced millions, that Jesus was real, he was the son of God and he was a Jew. I fail to see how this is not relevant in this conversation.

    • The peaceful people of Christianity, would not change at all, if the Bible was evaporated tomorrow. Good people are good people, and it doesn’t matter what clock you use or what story you tell them. But, to tell them a tortured man nailed to a stick is god, is something to think twice about. When I signed up for the military, the first and foremost image in my mind was the standard, “protect women and children”. So, I kept that thought and chased it to it’s source. The Catholic myth is designed to oppress women and children, and to make martyrs of the men. And the proof is in front of our eyes. And the Catholic hierarchy knows this is all made up, and could pull the plug any time. They set the work week, they ring the bells, they push the Bible, and they sell the death. Christians cannot blame Judaism for the deaths they cause. They are the biggest supporters. That proof is also squarely in front of our eyes.

    • Just my silly brain, but if I examine simple things like , who says Saturday and Sunday is a concept worth embracing ? Why is the week 7 days ? What are all these buildings on the corners of our cities and towns all heated with kitchens and tons of square footage yet, the homeless are not allowed ? And they are tax free ?
      The message is simple, Woman made men evil, and a Jew is the son of god himself, and there is no way on earth, things like Palestine and the Americas are happening without that Dogma fully installed. And the whole thing is made up and has nothing to do with spirituality or the health of your soul. It does not spread peace and it does not feed the hungry nor house the homeless. It does not embrace the prostitute, and it does not abhor war. It makes war. It spreads death, and it shuts out non believers as if they are dogs. I tire of hearing christians say that is not true, and ask them to show me. Because as of yet, I have not seen anything.

    • And they say,”Oh we don’t do that anymore”. And I say, “Yes, but you did do it after 1500 years of following the teachings of your book” ! Veneration and Disembodiment of St John of the Cross. (just one example of many) “Eventually, in a compromise, the superiors of the Discalced Carmelites decided that the monastery at Úbeda would receive one leg and one arm of the corpse from Segovia (the monastery at Úbeda had already kept one leg in 1593, and the other arm had been removed as the corpse passed through Madrid in 1593, to form a relic there). A hand and a leg remain visible in a reliquary at the Oratory of San Juan de la Cruz in Úbeda, a monastery built in 1627 though connected to the original Discalced monastery in the town founded in 1587. The head and torso were retained by the monastery at Segovia. There, they were venerated until 1647, ” Men of war, know full well what madness leads to keeping body parts, and displaying corpses. And it is not something to be teaching or venerating.

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