FFWN: Man Bites Dog! Bin Salman tells truth: West created al-Qaeda (and later ISIS)

Clown Prince: "We were only obeying US orders when we created al-CIA-duh!"


In this week’s False Flag Weekly News (story links HERE, click HERE to donate) we reported on two hard truths emerging from unlikely places.

Hard truth #1: The entire Martin Luther King Jr,. family knows that the Deep State killed Dr. King, as reported in The Washington Post of all places!

Hard truth #2: The Anglo-Zionist Empire created the Wahhabi movement in general, and the terrorist wing in particular, for strategic reasons—as reported by Saudi Clown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (BS) of all people!

We also reported the huge new study showing that  “conspiracy theorists” are not tinfoil hat wearing paranoids. Instead, this group includes a wide variety of people with many different interests. The common factor is “epistemological concerns.” People who spread “conspiracy theories” are interested in how we know what we know—and apply that curiosity to all sorts of issues, including some of the most important political issues of our time.

Watch FFWN below and exercise your epistemological muscles!

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  1. Someone should ask to MBS why he has launched a programme to construct 560 mosques in Bangladesh…. This is exactly same what Saudis has already been done in Algeria in 80’s and had succeeded in separating the rural population from the state institutions and had gathered behind the wahhabite imams to prepare the country for an attack from the jihadists and for civil war….

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