Jew Hating or Truth Telling – You decide…

Syria was struck by Israeli aircraft but real target is Russia


Editor’s note: Before the fiasco of Trump and the obviously rigged election, the things we are saying could never be said; Trump is right: everything you heard, everything you were taught, was a lie and remains so today.

Fake terrorism, fake elections, fake gas attacks, all orchestrated by organised crime, a fake government in Washington and their oligarch masters in London, Tel-Aviv and elsewhere.

Now telling this truth is going to make us look like jew haters, hell, we picked up that label when we exposed the ADL and AIPAC for selling American military secrets to China years ago – both groups have been spy fronts for years, yet American corporations are blackmailed into paying millions to finance their criminal activities.

If this makes us Jew haters, then so be it, we like to think we simply tell the truth and we don’t care about the costs.

We now know that the missiles that were fired at targets in Homs, primarily the T-4 airbase, came from Israeli F-15s violating Lebanese airspace, a tactic they have used time and again to attack Syria.

While Iranian personnel were killed, the real target of this provocation was Russia – the goal of this op is to provoke Russia into taking direct military action against Israel with the ultimate aim of starting a wider conflict that will destroy the Putin regime and allow a return to the bad old days of the 1990s when Russia was being strip mined of it’s wealth and resources.

Yes, that is the end game here, to get rid of Putin, destroy any semblance of strong governance in Russia and return to the wholesale theft of Russia’s wealth.

Putin is well aware of this, hence he has been so reticent to respond militarily to any of the numerous provocations of recent years. However, what should concern everyone is that there comes a point where Putin will have to respond and that will have grave consequences on a global scale.

Let us take a step back from current events and look at the bigger picture: The primary reason for the existence of ISIS is the impending economic collapse of Israel, they risked rigging a US election and blaming it on the Russians, which they have got away with thus far, now they are trying to start a nuclear war – the maniacs in Tel-Aviv may get us all killed.

A key goal for Israel is getting rid of Erdogan and Turkey, manipulating relations between Turkey, the US & NATO using Gulen and the PKK/Kurds, who’s leadership has long been on the Mossad payroll; Turkey is standing on massive gas deposits off Cyprus that Israel has long coveted – Israel desperately needs those gas deposits to make it a player in economic terms.

Israel has no economy to speak off, it is completely and utterly dependent on the money they can bilk the US, Germany and other nations out of; it is a massive Zionist welfare state and is thus economically not viable unless it can maintain political control in Moscow, Washington, Berlin, London and Riyadh.

Israel is desperate to push the world to the brink of nuclear war to secure economic survival using the same barbaric standards every other nation has taken advantage of for centuries.

The attitudes towards Israel in the US have never been so negative, Americans on every street corner reflect the same attitudes seen in the UN General Assembly – it’s finally sinking in that it hasn’t just been the news that has been fake, but history as well. The other huge mistake is the simple one – to build a political coalition, or the appearance of one, combining Christian nationalism, long steeped in anti-semitism, with vote rigging.

There has been a very real upsurge of not the same old mindless Jew hating of the past, but deep suspicion that Israel is an enemy of the United States.

This is the real reason for the Trump presidency which is nothing more than a reality TV show to keep the masses distracted while Israel manipulates the US for it’s own ends. When trump went after ‘Fake News’, little did his Israeli backers realise that in murdering the Fake News they murdered the same fake institutions that protected them from 70 years of war crimes accusations.

Without their news media assets, the American public is beginning to recognise the deep parallels between Israel & Nazi Germany and wondering what their 30 billion dollars in aid, paid to a tiny little country, is actually paying for and it’s far, far worse than bullets for shooting Palestinian children in the head..

And you wonder why I have spent 2 years kicking Trump whenever possible, sticking to my guns regardless of the massive backlash from fools who bought into the Make America Great Again lie and allowed it to blind them to the obvious truth that Israel just inserted their man into the Oval Office in order to advance their plans to destroy any and all opposition to their longterm agenda of global hegemony that enables them to gather the world’s wealth into their hands.  Ian

Al Masdar
Lebanese military confirms Israel attacked Syria’s T-4 base, provides new details

The Lebanese military has released an official statement confirming that Israeli warplanes were behind the missile attack on Syria’s T-4 military airbase on very early Monday morning.

According to the Lebanon’s Army Command-Orientation Directorate, four Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace between 3:25 A.M. to 3:35 A.M. on Monday, firing missiles whilst over the Mediterranean Sea to the west of Jounieh.

Given that Russian military authorities claim that two warplanes conducted the T-4 airbase attack, it is possible that the additional 2 aircraft mentioned by Lebanon where only part of the mission to provide electronic countermeasure support – a standard practice.

Lebanon is now the third country, in addition to Russia and Syria, to officially call-out Israel for the missile attack. Israeli military and diplomatic authorities are still yet to comment on the event.

Al Masdar
Iranians killed, wounded in Israeli strike on Syria’s T-4 base say Russian sources

The missile strike by Israeli warplanes on Syria’s T-4 military airport on early Monday morning has resulted in the death and wounding of on-site Iranian military personnel according to the Russian Federal News Agency.

Claiming to quote journalists on the ground, the Russian Federal News Agency has reported that two Iranian servicemen were killed and another 7 injured has a result of three missiles striking the Syrian airbase.

Sources report that a total of eight missiles made up the volley that was launched at the T-4 site but that 5 of them were intercepted by Syrian air defense units before reaching their targets.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that 14 military personnel were killed in the Israel missile strike, Iranians among them.

Al Masdar
Pictures show aftermath of Israeli missile strike on Syrian airbase

Pictures (below) have been released showing the aftermath of the missile strike conducted by Israeli warplanes against Syria’s T-4 military airbase early on Monday morning.

The pictures have been released by the Russian Federal New Agency.

Based on the images shown, it appears not much damage was done to the Syrian military site with only one or two hangars (likely used for storing ammunition) being partially damaged.

According to sources, at least two Israeli F-15 fighters attacked the T-4 airbase from hundreds of kilometers away with 8 cruise missiles – five were reportedly intercepted by Syrian air defense units and the remaining three struck the western part of the installation around 3:30 A.M. local time.


  1. I think I just heard that anti-globalism is to be equated with anti-semitism (ADL probably). So hey, we are all in the same boat.

  2. “we like to think we simply tell the truth and we don’t care about the costs.”

    And I love you all for it.

    I try to do the same thing to the best of my abilities.

    Somebody (I’m not sure who) once said, “The truth sounds like hate-speech to people who hate the truth.”

    • And Nelu Roman in the Facebook section, do you have any objective refutations to anything Ian has said? If not, than STFU a$$hole.

      I thought you said a while ago that you were going away and not coming back?

  3. Here are two portraits depicting aspects of the soul of Israel’s jews – more specifically, their response watching mass suffering, pain & death – genocide if you will. You are not supposed to be repulsed, but rather, supposed to love them with all your heart & soul. If not, you must be anti-semitic.

    This is how jews promote their image: cruelty to the extreme. Yes, I already know – “not ALL jews…” (gee thanks.. I would never have know. What would I do without you?). However, do I hear the loud roar of jewish voices categorically condemning either of these two portraits in the strongest possible language?

    No folks. Not even the nazis were this psychopathic & evil. Not even the murderous nazis.

    • “not ALL jews…” Are you sure???
      “I hear the loud roar of jewish voices categorically condemning…” hmmm, maybe there was only 3 with a megaphone locked in a bathroom.

  4. Jew hatred, the ignorance-based, irrational hatred of innocent Jews for the crimes of their leaders, is a desired goal of Zionists.

    The criminal knows if he can make justice seekers appear unjust themselves, it discredits their actions. So he tries to hide in a crowd of similar looking people, using innocents as human shields.

    It worked. A person could talk to ANYONE in public about the “damn North Koreans”, but mention the “****ing Israelis” and all of a sudden such talk was deemed racist; specifically “antisemitic”.

    But that is changing. The Internet helped tremendously.

    All that is needed, is the dispersal of FACTS about the Torah/OT, Babylonian Talmud, Khazar History, “Jewish” History, the Zionist Movement, the Rothschilds and their settlement activities in Palestine dating back to the 1880s, and the world will turn on their captors. The rest practically takes care of itself.

    It’s why there is such a worldwide attack on free speech almost EXCLUSIVELY to silence criticism of Israel. It wont work. It will actually quicken Israel’s demise.

    If the world is told that Israel and Free Speech cannot Coexist…

    The world will choose FREE SPEECH.

    • All that is needed, is the dispersal of FACTS and TRUE about the 9/11 , Kennedy’s+Martin Luther King+Malcom X+others assesinations/magnicides made by zionist entity, theft of technology and nuclear materials and many other joo’s crimes and WHO’s give local supporting and coverage…
      Like said Thomas Jefferson….. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to times……
      Maybe it’s time to hang traitors and tyrants.

    • Sorry but there is simply no way to get around this “name the odd man out” problem, JZ. You look closely at who was at the top in the Bolshevik Revolution, NKVD and Cheka and who do you see in disproportionate numbers relative to their % in the population ? Look closely at any major Western movement and I guarantee that you will find these people at the head of the project. Either leading it or financing it or anything in between. If I saw any of them at the top in any project of national importance I would be on my guard period. Better yet, I would walk away.

  5. So let’s stop selling or giving F-15, etc parts to Israel. That will cool their jets, literally.

  6. Ian… powerful and to the point message. Calling out the zionist for what they do is not derogatory but simply a description. You are not an anti semite. Take it from one who is a semite or at least partially.

  7. In no particular order, rather simultaneously:
    1. Outlaw AIPAC, ADL, JPL etc.
    2. Ban dual citizens from political office State and, Federal.
    3. Ban Dual Citizens from State and Federal employment.
    4. Ban dual citizens from holding military rank.
    5. Stop all financial support of Israel.
    6. Break up the Jewish monopoly in all areas of Media.
    7. Ban all text books published in Israel.
    8. Ban dual citizens from employment in education.
    9. Support the boycott, divestiture and, censorship of Israel.
    10. Allow a fair unbiased review of the history of world wars 1 & 2.
    11. Breakup the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank etc.
    Feel free to add 12, 13 ……. etc.

    • 13. Put the Rothchilds on trial and free the English from occupation.
      14. Prohibit banks from using deposits for their investments.
      15. Do not give power to those who covet it. They are usually psycopaths. Give it to those who have the education and training and are reluctant to take on the responsibility. Set up a performance review.
      16. Prohibit any secrecy unless hostility brakes out. No more destruction of our country and others under the “need to know” bullshit.

  8. Look at both world wars last century. Who was the victor in both of them? The same club of VIP’s who organised them in the first place. What will the reason be to start WW3? The wipe out of the same slimy international faceless players who shuffle the cards of death continuously or just another tactical move to finally get rid of the majority of not needed unworthy ones and lead the planet into a new golden age for the chosen ones? There is only ONE world power. International Jewry, which again will not be fought by the usual too stupid to live victims! After 2 Millennia of conflict, treason and deceit wouldn’t it be time to revolt against the true enemy of mankind instead of another deadly distraction?

  9. People can say what they want about Erdogan but if it wasn’t for him then I dob believe that Turkey would have been George Soros’d and in flames.
    When I have had conversations with those Turkish who say he should be removed I explain that the west (Israel, America, Britain) want nothing more than Turkey to be in the same postion as the situation in Syria, Iraq, Libya. They eventually get it. Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t is the term I use to get through to them. Erdogan will not lose any part of Turkey to the Greater Isreal Project. I am curious as to what was discussed during the Russia, Syria, Turkey meeting.

    • Erdogan is a gangster and Turkey is run by organised crime, just like Israel is. Erdogan is also a brutal dictator guilty of genocide, ethnic cleansing and a whole host of other crimes, he has switched sides so many times even he probably has difficulty keeping track, for a long time he was closely allied to Israel and was fully complicit in the creation of ISIS and the destruction of Syria and Iraq. Without Erdogan’s involvement, it would have been impossible to recruit, train and supply ISIS, the supply route runs from Odessa in Ukraine to Batumi in Georgia then down through Turkey to Syria. Erdogan and his family have made billions from stealing the oil and resources of Iraq and Syria, the oil was shipped out in immense convoys of tankers that traveled through Turkey to the Mediterranean coast before being sold to the European market. Erdogan had the Turkish army dress up as Syrian ‘rebels’ and loot and pillage everything they could from northern Syria, over 1000 businesses in Aleppo alone, mostly workshops and small factories, were carried of to Turkey as booty, they even dismantled an entire modern car factory and took it home as loot. It was the Turks, in cooperation with the Ukrainians that smuggled the chemical weapons that ISIS used into Syria, thy murdered journalist Serena Shim to cover that up. The list of Erdogan’s crimes is endless and Turkey is responsible for the vast majority of the drugs and human trafficking into Europe, the heroin labs are guarded by the Turkish army, the Turkish navy handles the smuggling of heroin and people. One of the worst things Erdogan has done is to recruit hundreds of thousands of impoverished people from the refugee camps of the Middle East, specifically selecting the most criminal, disturbed and unpleasant men, transporting them to the mediterranean coast then putting them on boats and sending them to europe under the guise of refugees. It is Erdogan that is behind the plot to destroy Germany via the influx of criminals and perverts posing as immigrants, he bribed Merkel and other leaders to let it happen. All in all, Erdogan is every bit as bad as Netanyahu, not as insane, but perhaps even more ruthless and dangerous.

    • But in a danger degree level, Erdogan it’s a beginner compared with Satanyahu with the all economical and military support of U.S. He can made too much more damage.

  10. Anti-Semitism is a normal reaction to Jewish Behavior. Publication; On Politics, Author. Albert Einstein, pg. 306, 3rd para.

  11. In the 2009 Brookings Instittution paper, “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran” , US policymakers would state under a section titled “Allowing or encouraging an Israeli Military Strike,” that (emphasis added):
    …the most salient advantage this option has over that of an American air campaign is the possibility that Israel alone would be blamed for the attack.
    I suspect this likewise applies to Syria.
    But Ian I dont see you as hateful at all. I think you are a common sensical observer in an insane world. We dont have to go looking for excuses for Israels sake but for our own sake we must struggle against the machiawellian ‘geniuses’ out there.

  12. It’s quite intriguing how Israel can be so clever and stupid at the same time…….and the stupid is on the increase……”World’s biggest welfare state”….my oh my, how true…..I once read an article by a low IQ non jew going on about how beautiful and modern the Israeli cities are and it’s infrastructure, while Palestinian land and most Arab lands are deserts and wastelands……well, if you get $100 Billion+ per annum for nuthin’ then hell, I could make a paradise for you too…..with no jews allowed…..wouldn’t that be nice!

  13. Israel has owned the US for decades. They continue to get away with this crap, because if any of the countries respond, such as Iraq did, others such as Iran, Syria, or Lebanon, will be attacked by the US to “protect” Israel.
    There are a lot of things not to like about Trump, Ian, but any election rigging was done by the Democrats. Being retired gave me the opportunity to observe the primaries closely, as well as the Presidential election. Trump said all of the right things, and that got him crowds of 15k+ time and time again, both in the primaries and the Presidential campaigns . Clinton was playing to half empty school gymnasiums. Bernie was drawing the big crowds and big rank and file support, but the fix was in for Clinton. Just why was Obama’s Homeland Security trying to hack into state computer networks, Ian? It sure as hell wasn’t to rig the vote for Trump. As I stated, lots not to like about Trump, but rigging elections ain’t one of them.

    • Clinton stole it from Bernie and Trump stole it from Clinton. The op to mobilize , energize, radicalize and empower the right began way before the election and the details from Cambridge Analytica show this quite clearly. It was a slow manipulation targeting specific groups. As we see, it is no longer a question of election rigging, as everyone was doing it, except Bernie, and other countries are now routinely using the same resources, and that is why we don’t hear the international cries, because all the winners are the ones who are customers. Google and Facebook are capable of more than folks give them credit for. Local news affiliates are also used to promote particular material at particular times, to sway certain groups. The talking points are from a single source and distributed according to need and alliances. It took a whole lotta media help, to sell Trump to evangelicals. and that group is the least security conscious on the internet, falling for every scam and forming groups by belief commonality. Send this e-mail to 10 friends and God won’t kill your dog.

  14. It should NOT matter where the planes were or who they belonged to. They FIRED the missiles. Maybe Russia, Syria, China need to set up MORE anti-missile batteries and ALSO change the settings so that at least ONE or Two of the defense missiles go after the AIRCRAFT who fired them. Not even caring about WHO was flying them, and ALL planes that were part of the attack.
    It TIME to start attacking the attackers while they are off shore shooting cruise missiles, a cruise missile should be shot at ALL planes, tanks, mortar positions that send weapons INTO Syria from WHOMEVER and WHERE EVER they are. I know these counter-measures aren’t cheap; but in the end, it will be cheaper to deplete the planes of the enemy of Zionism and Imperialism.

    • How about some Russian planes with Syrian Flags shooting 8 missiles into an Israeli military airport. Let us see if Iron dome works.

  15. Hey Ian

    What do you think is going to happen when the world finally finds out the crimes of Zion? I believe there will be massive backlash and a pogrom of Jews worldwide. In the Zionists quest to extinguish antisemitism they may ironically be the chief catalyst in a revival of massive Jewish persecution. My heart will only go out for the Jews who have stood on the path of justice and who were genuine truth tellers, as for the Israeli’s, and the likudists….well it’s not healthy to relish in ones demise and suffering, but I’ll try my best.

    • Napoleon had a solution for the Jewish problem in Europe by establishing a jewish state in the ME. I bet not many knew this. This episode is in Douglas Reed’s book The Controversy of Zion. When Napoleon’s idea did not fly, he gathered the Jews of France who enjoyed affluence and power and asked them one question: Are you Frenchmen or Jews? A Sanhedrin was convened and the Jews decided to become citizens of the country they are in and tben Jews. Laws of interaction with other religions was relaxed and for seventy years the Jews became part of the fabric of France. Then the Talmudists picked up the yoke of terror and the ghettos or forced reservations began to appear in Poland, then the Russian Talmudists appeared in Russia and you know the rest of the story. The point is every nation must ask their Jews the same question Napoleon asked. Those who are Jews first need to go to the Jewish State. With only loyal citizens of all religions every country will prosper and those who decided to forfeit their country should be considered foreigners. Then leave the Jewish State to settle its debt woth the Arabs. All the Arabs ever asked for is neutrality. Imagine, without the massive aid airlift and sat intel in the 6 hour Yum Kepur war of 1973, what the Egyptians would have done to mighty Israhell. A simple question: are you a citizen of the US or are you a zionist?

  16. Lebanon should be free himself from U.S prohibition to have his own air defense and get it S300 clone manufactured by Iran if Putin does not want to appear involved directly…

  17. Couldn’t the Russians have shot down both of these planes without attacking Israel?
    When is someone going to stand up to these international criminals? Surely the Russians were aware of these planes. The more one indulges a bully the worse it gets. Where is the red line here? What if the planes flew on and attacked Moscow? Would they shoot them down then? Frankly Putin should have already bombed the U.S. Military illegal presence in Syria and teach them a lesson in manners.

    • Why not shot down these planes??? … i believe that Putin warned to Satanyahu about Syria air space violation but nobody said something about Lenanon… that’s is why zionist entity avoided get in Syria air space from last F16 shot down…

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