Francis, “A Call To Bologniness”

Francis and his latest "Oscar Mayerism". Francis and heresy go hand in hand just like a hot dog and bun


Francis, “A Call To Bologniness”
By: Eric Gajewski

I meant to have this out yesterday I apologize in advance for the delay. As you have already seen traditionalist commentators are in an uproar over Francis’s latest Apostolic letter.

But should we be surprised? The answer is no.

This supposed “pontificate” has been bologna from the start and this letter only adds to that argument.

I asked, Dr. Chojnowski, the other day, on the live call in show, if, we would see, a new heresy or will the old ones simply be recirculated in this letter. The answer turned out to be the latter.

We must also keep in mind that with the new Vatican II gospel and faith (impotent humanitarianism) there is a new way of understanding “heroic virtue”.

I say this because Francis is covering the topic of “holiness”. What these heretics think is “holy” (as impotent humanitarianists) is not holy as understood by the Catholic Church (because they serve the world and not truth objectively speaking). This is why Catholics can’t accept these false canonizations since Vatican II because they do not correspond to traditionally understood “measures” within this area.

Yes, Francis’s “foundation for holiness” was relayed to the rest of his “cult of man minions” and thus I highlight some of the areas of interest from this heretical document with some points that no one has made yet.

1)“He wants us to be saints”. This is true but how can we be Saints by following illicit teachings? Did the Saints teach dialogue or conversion? Did the Saints tell atheists to just obey their conscience? Did the Saints believe the Old Covenant was not revoked? On and on we could go.

Without the proper norm of Faith it is impossible to please God. Thus, the Vatican II new Faith leads souls only to hell a place where Bergoglio apparently denies exists.

9) Francis and John Paul II are “ecumenical” heretics. “Holiness is the most attractive face of the Church. But even outside the Catholic Church and in very different contexts, the Holy Spirit raises up “signs of his presence which help Christ’s followers”.[7] Saint John Paul II reminded us that “the witness to Christ borne even to the shedding of blood has become a common inheritance of Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and Protestants”.[8] In the moving ecumenical commemoration held in the Colosseum during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, he stated that the martyrs are “a heritage which speaks more powerfully than all the causes of division”.[9] Heretics and Schismatics are not a part of the Catholic Church therefore they do not give witness to the truth (even in death).

Ecumenism of blood is a heresy which I have covered at times before

26) Martha the better portion? Although he does speak to contemplation Francis confuses Scripture. “It is not healthy to love silence while fleeing interaction with others, to want peace and quiet while avoiding activity, to seek prayer while disdaining service.” Jesus said Mary chose the greater way and apparently Francis thinks differently (when you read this document as a whole).

St. Francis spent 8-9 months of the year isolated before going on and evangelizing and Francis would rather have you always active (while retaining some time for contemplation).

Service over silence is his motto.

In order to be the perfect citizen of the new world order one needs to be highly active and stress this. This is found on the Antichrist’s website who pushes the same agenda.

33) New Evangelization. “We are being called in the spirit of the New Evangelization to be evangelized and to evangelize.” Those who stand behind the New Evangelization are heretics. There is no way to soften that statement.

Vatican II as a whole does not represent our Faith and Gospel.

Recall, Archbishop Lefebvre’s words, “They have left the Church!” There is a new everything since Vatican II and it’s not “development of already known doctrine” but rather a rupture from previously taught doctrine.

Welcome to the “revolt” St Paul warned of that precedes the arrival of the Antichrist.


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  1. 33) Doesn’t everybody wonder why this number comes up so much ? In the 36 decans, 4 are separate, and it is universal in the keeping of the cycles in all cultures, that they be listed at the end of the 32 as listed in order of occurrence. This also makes identification of the use of the decans in writings immediately noticeable and highly discernible. There is one culture that only lists 3 at the end, and that is the Chinese. But in any case, whenever 33 is listed it includes the decan of Horus or Falcon in the 32. In the 36 views of Mt Fuji and the book of Genesis, Falcon or Horus is listed at #33. In Genesis that chapter is the reunion of the two brothers, (see bottom center of Aztec sunstone) and is precisely 20 verses and the 20th day is the altar. And that altar is not about race or religion or any people in particular, but the 20 day cycle, and the product of the calendar. faithful Loyal companions. badda bing bam boom, every verse a proper descriptor for each of the 20 days in precise order, what a coincidence. Mt Fuji number 33 has it as four people wanting to climb higher, and is an accurate depiction of Falcon decan, and the energy in general of wanting to be of higher ideals. Names were inserted in Genesis and have no relevance.

    • So, without any other information or text or anything, just the point of 33 years, just happens to be the precise number the story would have to be, of Jesus. or Horus. It has to be that. It can’t be 31 or 34 or 42 or anything like that. Teaching 3 years means it starts in Pearl, then Ship, all coincidently completely correlate to the last 2 decans of the 32, then Falcon is suffering traveler at 33. Teaching the proper year. The Hindu have it as a falcon headed man, with a clay pot in the air, and the caption “wishing it could fly” and is symbolic of the yearning of humanity to live after death. The clay pot, with the ability to fly.
      So, yea, the New Testament is even more evidentiary in this and the christ myth is laid bare. The embarrassment of the millennia. And it comes like a thief in the night. whooooshhhhh like a grass fire on hot dry plain.

  2. 9) “the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000,” This is a gross display of calendrical illiteracy. Catholic policy is front and center with their practice of offsetting every calendar they touch. Example Octo, Nove, and Dece, is 8 ,9 and 10, and yet Gregorian have us putting them at 10,11,and 12 and all the months are offset by ten days.
    The Jubilee cycles are not a Catholic invention and were known throughout the entire world. It is a natural cycle occurring between 49 and 52 years apart depending, and the proper observance is dissolution of debt or attachment to past, a handing off ceremony to the next generation. That is not a Catholic practice at all, they are Capitalists and never entertain change. There was no Jubilee cycle ending in or around the year 2000. The Catholics do not even teach how the cycle works or how to determine it.

    • 26) “Service over silence is his motto.” – In a time of high activity such as this, it is time for the monks to come out of contemplation and be active and demonstrate purpose. If they cannot demonstrate purpose then they have no purpose. As the purpose and veracity, and even legitimacy of the Catholic Church and christianity in whole, are being questioned, if you can’t demonstrate purpose now, then say goodbye. Instead, we are busy rooting out gay saunas, and pedophile gangs in the church globally while laundering is next. And that won’t look good either. Silence as a weapon has been neutralized. Try as MSU might , containment only adds fire to inevitable.

    • In the various cultures. Falcon decan or Jesus or Horus. Chinese I-Ching Hexagram # 39, Hindu decans in the order of occurrence Falcon is # 20, Oct, 2-12 approx. , The 36 views of Mt Fuji , Falcon is # 33, in the 50 chapters of Genesis, Falcon is chapter # 33. and of considerably lesser relevance but not to be discounted, in the Ryder Waite images of Pamela Coleman Smiths lesser tarot, Falcon is the 9 of swords.
      The I-Ching ”The idea of “the great man,” Mencius’s “minister of Heaven,”‘ is illustrated by the strong line in the fifth place”
      The I-Ching for Mary mother of heaven is in Hindu ‘Virgin” Hexagram # 35 -Zin - “Canon McClatchie has a very astonishing note on the name, which he renders ‘Imperial Mother’ (p. 164):–‘That is, the wife of Imperial Heaven (Juno), who occupies the “throne of the diagram,” And Virgin decan is adjacent to Day 12 , the cross, on the combined calendars, Zodiac of Dendera and the aztec sunstone which fit together perfectly and correlate precisely. This is known.

    • The 20 days or verses of Genesis 33, are the first 20 hexagrams of the I-Ching, and # 20 correlates with verse 20. It is the place of self contemplation, and examination of the self. The squaring of the circle of the soul. The heinousness of the Catholic dogma perverts every aspect of this process. And is based on the spiritual age we are leaving Hexagram # 12. The cross and the time when “the Great go and the little come” and the Catholic has proved to be the little. Distorting text, oppressing women, demonizing the feminine, distorting teachings, sucking money, taking land, killing any who oppose, pedophilia, dogma rooted in cannibalism, and right out of the hexagram crying, ‘I die I die, and so he tied his fate to a bushy clump”. Eating the body and drinking the blood, of a tortured teacher. How fitting. how sad.

  3. 1) – “Without the proper norm of Faith it is impossible to please God.” Dogma does not make a good case on it’s own, and no serious discussion can include it. But, without getting into the obvious which is defining the ‘proper norm’ because not even 2 christians or 2 catholics would agree on it, the impossibility to please the angels is only limited by heart and intention, and religion or rules or mistakes or literacy or practices, or traditions have nothing to do with it. In fact, it is quite easy to determine stories of real events that describe interaction with the angelic realms, and very few Catholic saints stories even resemble them slightly. Also, no credible person has ever reported a devil or hell, and frankly that was made up by Catholics alone. So, about time they did something about that. It’s not enough for a pass though.

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