John Bolton as the ugly American, and liking it


‘I give you 24 hours to resign’: 1st OPCW chief on how John Bolton bullied him before Iraq War

… from Russia Today, Moscow

Gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, interfering in American government, and media does not say a word

[ Editor’s Note: John Bolton has a deep closet profile as the classic bully American, the kind the whole world hates, and should. But he is proud of it.

Commentators are crediting Jewish-Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson with putting the whammy on Trump, such that if the Republicans want to be bankrolled by Shelly in the mid-term elections, he wants Bolton as National Security adviser.

Other government departments familiar with Bolton’s history are advising that the general problem with Bolton is that when has a staff position, he wants it built into a cabinet-level, policy-making position.

Why? The answer is that when the hard-core Jewish lobby backs national politics, they are actually backing Israel’s national politics; and their insurance that an extra form of payment will be received is to have their proven key people put into these top slots.

“Interfering in American elections since…”

Never discussed, other than at places like VT, is that the Israeli Lobby likes to have at least a handful of their operatives with top-secret security clearances, and the gold standard there is getting access to the daily top briefings.

While Israeli espionage continues to work from the bottom up here, getting their hooks into the top security clearances, including those in Congress, is serious business to them.

You can be assured that when Democrats and Republicans are going through turnovers of key committee chairmanships, the Jewish Lobby people and major donors are brought into that process.

This is a well-known outrage; and another case where American investigative journalists have chosen never to mention a word about it.

Many claim that is due to the same Lobby making sure our press is also compromised when it comes to Israeli Lobby issues. So far, no one has been able to propose a plan to turn this around Jim W. Dean]

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Trump’s bringing Bolton into the NSA slot is bringing the Iraq war swamp back to the White House

– First published … April 07, 2018

The first OPCW chief, who tried to bring Iraq and Libya into the organization, told RT how US foreign policy hawk John Bolton threatened him over his refusal to resign prior to the 2003 Iraq War.
Jose Bustani at OCPW

Jose Bustani, the first director-general of the global chemical weapons watchdog Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), sat down with RT and revealed how John Bolton, a Bush-era official and now Donald Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser, bulldozed the way for the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Bustani, a Brazilian diplomat, led the organization from 1997 until 2002, when he was ousted after falling out of favor with the US. At the time, he was trying to convince Iraq and Libya to join the organization, meaning that the two countries would have been obliged to dispose of all chemical weapons, if they had any.

He said that according to reliable intelligence he had as director-general, “it was obvious that during the first Iraq War everything had been destroyed [by Iraq],” and there was “nothing left for Iraq to be accused of possessing chemical weapons.”

In 2001, OPCW inspectors examined Iraqi facilities, and it was “a successful operation,” after which Bustani’s informal dialogue with the Iraqis and Libyans about joining the organization made a breakthrough, he recalled.

But diplomatic efforts and peacemaking did not sit well with Washington, because “they had plans already to take some action – military action – against Iraq,” Bustani claims. Shortly afterwards, the Bush administration began to aggressively lobby for his removal, and it became “a tragic story” for him, he said.

“I got a phone call from John Bolton – it was first time I had contact with him – and he said he had instructions to tell me that I have to resign from the organization, and I asked him why,” Bustani told RT. “He said that [my] management style was not agreeable to Washington.”

He resolutely refused to resign, only to see Bolton again at OPCW headquarters in The Hague several weeks after the phone conversation. “He came to my office and said: ‘You have to resign and I give you 24 hours, this is what we want. You have to leave, you have to resign from your organization, director-general.'”

Bustani said he “owed nothing” to the US, pointing out that he was appointed by all OPCW member states. Striking a more sinister tone, Bolton said: “OK, so there will be retaliation. Prepare to accept the consequences. We know where your kids are.”

According to Bustani, two of his children were in New York at the time, and his daughter was in London. He told Bolton: “My family is aware of what’s going on, so [they’re] prepared to face consequences.” The reply shocked Bolton, who then left the office.

On April 21, 2002, a special meeting was finally held in The Hague, and Bustani’s removal was carried out by a vote of 48–7, with 43 abstentions. The diplomat said those who abstained were from developing countries, and that his own government in Brazil “left me behind.”

“He’s not a man you can have a dialogue with,” Bustani said when asked about his opinion on the newly-appointed National Security Adviser. “On the basis of my own experience, I don’t believe that Mr. Bolton is capable of being a National Security Adviser to any government of the United States.”

Bolton, who was Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security in the Bush administration from 2002-2004, and ambassador to the UN, “has prejudices, he made a number of announcements that are worrisome,”including on North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

The latter is critical, Bustani says, “because it could be a new Iraq with much more serious consequences with impact on the whole Middle East today.

“And I believe that, as a result of the Iraqi invasion, for example, you have today Daesh [Arabic acronym for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS)] and… different fanatic Islamic movements” tearing the region apart.

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    • I’m done being civil.
      The toilet that the White House has become, needs to be flushed away. Washington itself is a toilet.

  1. The Dotardians and the Doltonites. Ah a friendship born of idiocy mixed with self aggrandized pompousness.

    The vacuum sales have their door to door professional wrestler and his half wit cohort at last.

    The carpet baggers and the crooked medicine show, complete with fake lawyers and toothless bounty hunters.

    The Clown bus on parade, with vomit leaking from the rear emergency exit.

  2. It sounds like Israel lover Bolton is as much of a screwball as Israel lover Trump, birds of a feather, and wouldn’t Netanyahu also fit in too?

  3. Dudes response is exactly the proper reply. Some bullies back down quickly when folks stand up.
    Bolton is that type. The hinge on his jaw, is his strength, not his heart.

  4. Private direct donations for campaigns should be banned and some type federal agency supervised by citizens in charge of receiving donations and distributing among candidates maybe could be a solution. If there is no donations or are insufficient, the government should provide the rest.
    That would prevent blackmail from gangsters like Adelson who remember me to Walter Sullivan character in Abolute Power movie
    Bolton is not capable of being a security adviser not even a McDonald’s burger.

  5. There are worse descriptive adjectives to describe Bolton, however, we need to keep it somewhat civil here, even when tempers flare and the blood pressure rises, especially when it comes to dealing with people like Bolton.
    John Bolton should have been tarred and feathered and ridden out of Washington on a rail a long time ago. But like a festering boil on someone’s backside, Bolton continues to make life miserable for everyone else.
    Bolton is a megalomaniac, a narcissistic bully, a dangerous psychopath, a degenerate and a threat to the people of this planet. There is no reason for Bolton to remain in Washington as he is a dangerous maniac with delusions of self worth.
    If it is possible to do so, then contacting your representatives in congress and by applying pressure to get them to remove Bolton by what ever means necessary.
    At this point, since VT has the goods on this miscreant, they should turn any and all damaging information on Bolton over to those in congress who may be able to do something.
    Bolton must be removed from Washington ASAP.
    The consequences of him remaining there are too awful to bear.

    • Sorry, but I would not be adverse to “bombing” Syria by dropping neo-cons out of a B-2 over the desert.

    • It was more or less aimed at myself in order to remain as civil as I possibly can here. I could very easily resort to describing Bolton in the crudest of terms to the point where some may become disgusted and I would get kicked off VT responses.
      Leave it up to your imaginations to see what I mean. I once used the “F” bomb and was given a spanking by Jim Dean, so I ‘ll try to remain civil, although it’s getting harder to remain so on a daily basis.
      We are being dragged into a war with Russia by evil people all the while most Americans are asleep at the wheel, watching sports and dumb television programs, some of which glorify cops.
      God help us all….if there is a God.
      Most likely, God’s Away on Business:

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