BREAKING: US, UK and France strike Syria


[Editor’s note: Well, it’s started, Trump has done as his masters wished and struck Syria, the British and French have joined in, like the obedient vassals they are.

We will try to keep updating with more reports as we can get them. Ian]

Al Masdar
Defense Sec confirms air strikes against alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:45 A.M.) – The U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed the U.S.’ attack on Syria during a press conference in Washington.

Secretary of Defense: “Earlier today, President [Donald] Trump directed the US military to conduct operations in consonance with our allies to destroy the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons research, development and production capability. Tonight, France, the United Kingdom and the United States took decisive action to strike the Syrian chemical weapons infrastructure. Clearly, the Assad regime did not get the message last year. This time our allies and us have struck harder. Together we have sent a clear message to Assad and his murderous lieutenants that they should not perpetrate another chemical weapons attack for which they will be held accountable.”

SOT, Jim Mattis, Secretary of Defense: “I want to emphasise that these strikes are directed at the Syrian regime. In conducting these strikes we have gone to great lengths to avoid civilian and foreign casualties.”

Al Masdar
Syrian military identifies three sites targeted by US Coalition

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:40 A.M.) – The Syrian military reported of three sites that the U.S. and their allies targeted in Syria during this morning’s attack.

According to the Syrian military, the U.S., France, and the U.K. reportedly struck the Brigade 105 base, Dumayr Airbase, and Barzeh in the Damascus countryside.

Several other locations were reported in the nearby Homs Governorate; however, these reports are still unverified at the moment.

Al Masdar
US Coalition attack on Syria appears to be over

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 A.M.) – The U.S. Coalition’s attack on Syria appears to have concluded after more than an hour of nonstop cruise missiles on the Syrian capital and its surrounding areas.

As of now, it appears the U.S.’ primary targets were the West Ghouta (Kesweh, Jamraya) and the eastern Qalamoun bases.

Many reports claiming the U.S. Coalition attacked Aleppo, Hama, Al-Sweida, and Latakia appear false at this time, as sources in these provinces reported no activity.

No civilian or military casualties have been reported.

Al Masdar
Syrian Air Defense downs cruise missile in east Damascus

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 A.M) – An Al-Masdar field correspondent in west Damascus has captured footage of the Syrian Air Defense downing a U.S. cruise missile over rural Damascus at 4:45 A.M. (Damascus Time) this morning.

As shown in the video below, the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept the missile in the direction of the Dumayr Military Airport, which is in eastern Damascus.

Al Masdar
US Coalition cruise missiles now raining down over several areas in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:20 A.M.) – The U.S. Coalition has expanded their strikes over Syria this morning, striking a number of locations near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

According to Al-Masdar’s field correspondent in Damascus, the U.S. Coalition just struck Jaramana, Barzeh, Dumayr, and several sites in rural Damascus.

Al-Masdar’s correspondent added that the cruise missiles are raining nonstop over the Damascus countryside, with some reports of attacks in the western province of Tartous.

Al Masdar
Joint US, France, UK attack launched on Syria on rural Damascus

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:10 A.M.) – Minutes ago, the U.S., France, and the U.K. launched a barrage of cruise missiles towards rural Damascus, causing massive explosions near the Dumayr Airbase in the eastern Qalamoun.

While the site is still unknown, Al-Masdar’s field correspondent in Damascus reported that the strike is hitting the rural Damascus countryside near or possibly the Dumayr Airbase.

The Dumayr Airbase is the military installation the Syrian Air Force used to launch airstrikes on the East Ghouta during Operation Damascus Steel.

The Syrian Air Defense has responded in a bid to down the cruise missiles; however, many cruise missiles have already struck the area.

Al-Masdar previously reported that the Dumayr Airbase was the likely target because the airstrikes on the East Ghouta were launched from this site.

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  1. Now it is 17:37 by msk. Nothing new in the Rus media. News reports are similar. Opinions, debates, bla-bla-blah, etc. Russia is calm, Syria is more united after the so-called strikes. Russians didn’t even come to the battle. Gonna be back in the evening, ’cause all reports look like the desire to bite the piece of meat from different directions. Wait for UNO session. Listen to tough rhetorics, but it won’t change anything, i’m sure.

  2. Adrian 🙂 thks!
    Got enough shelters in Caucasus of my Krasnodar region. But now i’m 100 kms from St.-Petersburgh at my job. I’d prefer to meet nuclear flash, its deadful beauty and desintegrate to atoms, than to run away like a rat 🙂

  3. Toby, perhaps. If i’m not right, i will always have the ability to apologise. Everything i write here, has nothing personal. I respect people and their opinions, even if they are assimetrical. Hope, Caesar will understand me right.
    Ok, just wanted to say – if you meet a Russian, spend with him 3 hours in the kitchen, eating borsch, you will hear so many anti-jew words. Many misunderstand us, we know what are the jews, but we are not used to cry about it. Yes, there were millions of jews in Russia, USSR. But jews in my country are mostly like working bees. And those fanatics from Israel consider them as second class jews. We have a national proverb in Russia, it is old, but it says: if smth happens – blame the jews. We don’t like them during the history, but we never were cruel nation in Russia.

  4. Sorry that posted twice.
    Andrew, don’t misread Caesar’s comment. He does not appear to be labeling wrongly, only pointing out that Russia has a significant population that are Jewish and support the Zionist goals. I don’t think he meant criticism the way you took it. Thank you for helping readers at VT….keep up the good works.

    “While their hate may be disguised by trickery, their wrongdoing will be exposed in public” – Proverb.

  5. Sorry, too much of me here 🙂 But i wanna repot you news we see in Russia on this spot.
    So, we have now: no threat to Russian forces. No one killed in Syria. Several injured. No infrastructure seriously destroyed. 103 rockets launched, 71 of them were hit by old shabby Syrian air-defence. Political strike.
    By the way, Dear Americans on VT, our media says, that US senate didn’t say YES for the strike. It means it was Trump’s desire to show that he is mucho or what?

    • Johnny, thank you! The reason i express my opinion here – because i care about the world. Care about USA and my Mother-Russia. Many editors know that i’m not always obvious here. And my english is pretty poor. Thus, i can’t participate in many topics.

    • Toby. Thanks. I knew english better, when i was 14. Now i’m 38. My english was degrading. Thanks to VT, all of you, and my multiple friends in USA, i try to improve it 🙂

      Adrian: you know well, that Syria has old Soviet PVO (air-defence systems). It improves now, i’m sure. As i told before – we were welcomed in Syria to fight terrorism. Who could think that the problem will turn out to be from NATO (read USA&co)… Now we have to help Syria how to fight and protect.
      New Trump’s twitt today is ridiculous. He said it was bright attack. He watches CNN? Ok. 71 rockets were hit from 103 launched, approx.coast of the “axe” is 2 million $ – since what times it is good now? No matter. If those tomahawks didn’t kill a single person – no matter how much they are.

  6. Be4 the Chem-weapon inspectors can see the evidence of whose facilities that really are they must get rid of them or it is game over for them.

  7. France participated… Cheap frog-eaters. Russians asked them about their military involvement in this aggression against Syria. They answered: we hit the chemical base in Syria. We asked – how it is possible? Because hitting such “targets” will cause a wide-spread chemical disaster. It is like hitting the atomic stations and leading to another Chernobyl.
    You know what they answered? “We did rocket strike very accurately”. No comments. End of scene.

  8. Right. Because our troops there are against ISIS. And those, who say ” Russia Must”, forget one thing – it is far from our territory and we can’t fight there against Nato. Too low forces. We are there to fight terrorists, and we never thought that there will be such a treat. It is easy to say, but hard to do. Who wants peace – go and take part in a march of protestors near WHouse. Who wants russian strike back, stop playing PC game Fallout and buy the underground bunker. I don’t have money to buy a bunker shelter. And i don’t want nuclear war. I’m too young to die….

  9. LS…

    Do not forget there are a few million Zio Nazi Ashkenazi Khazarian Bolshevik living in Russia ! Therefore Putin is not willing the wipe Israel from the face of the earth in the first place ! But he will sooner or later !

  10. By this time, Russian MoD announced that around 103-110 rockets were launched. 2/3 of them were hit by Syrian air defence (all are old soviet systems like Kub, S-200 etc). Before the attack, US side informed Russia about time, places to be hit. Thus, all, including Syria, knew about strikes and saved lifes. The targets were strange-massive expensive attack of the desert. It is also strange, today the international chemical inspectors were to come to Douma. I doubt they move there now. Assad is alive. I say it again- Russians were informed and there was no need to hit those rockets. The military effect of attack is low. As the political act – nasty. It is to be discussed today. I can’t say more as i’m lack of info. Now i will start to collect info from my media. I suggest the sofa warriors to pause and not to beat the war drums. Let the common sense prevail.

    • Paul, my greetings! Today we have and will have the Niagara fall info in different media. Sometimes i regret that we do not speak the common language. Russian MoD started to provide military info about this “political strike” up to tactical-technical chatacteristics of all rockets, planes that was involved into this violation of international Law. I trust our MoD and reporters like Evgeni Poddubny who is There and is able to show the very transparent info and reports.
      This act, as i repeat, has miserable military effect. But politically – it has very bad consequences.
      Those, who yesterday praised Putin, and today, in a rush, blame him about silence, i notice: there was no threat for Russia, and we do not MUST, OBLIDGED or SHOULD. Like him or not, but he cares not only about me, but about EVERY VT guest here. So that everyone of us could have ability to wake up in the peaceful morning, drink coffee, read our dear VT, and enjoy the LIFE.

    • This explains why Russia did not retaliate. Also, not a single life was ported lost as yet which I think confirms the useless targets, except for the one science learning center. Russia’s threat to retaliate and then allowing them to save face shows President Putin’s humanity.

  11. Darlings…. Russia & Israel are best friends. Allies. Buddy’s. Mates. Assad is Jewish, Rouhani is a Zionist probably Jewish, the Sauds are Jewish. PUTIN IS JEWISH. Why is Russia bumping heads with the US, when the US is 100% run by Israel. Where’s Russia’s threat against the Greater Israel elephant in the room????

    Anyone feel the panic though?? All the way from that merry old town called The City of London. Why are we rushing guys? Age of Aquarius anyone? Ya’ll feeling woke? The 70% truth style sites are looking more & more complicit everyday.

    • I agree…The only thing missing was the jump suit and a Mission Accomplished banner behind him..he’s making a total ass out of himself talking about a chem weapons attack THAT MEDICAL PERSONNEL IN DOUMA SAY THEY’VE SEEN NO EVIDENCE OF…..incredible…Trump picking his targets carefully…if Russia opens up we’ll lose a dozen ships and several thousand dead in the first 24 hrs..All for another White Helmet lie!

  12. If missiles are raining down over wide areas of Syria the likelihood of Russian fatalities increase exponentially as do the consequences for this ” … bloody action of a heavy hand”

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