US Defeat by Syria, Huge Media Cover-up

Fake gas attack, defeated missile attack and the lie machines go on and on


…by Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean,  with Bassam Barakat

The Pentagon lied about it all.  Three sites weren’t attacked, 28 were and almost all US missiles were downed.  Why?

Russia had given Syria 40 Pantsir S2 mobile air defense systems which protected all high value targets including, and this is a rumor, an attempt to kill Assad in his home above the Damascus skyline.  This is from the attack last year, more video will be coming up.

The most important sites were totally protected, some  got one hit or more and the long abandoned “research center” that Trump brags about, emptied out in 2013, was undefended by Syria.

The video we are seeing shows the hits, empty buildings, no furniture, no fixtures, no cars, buildings stripped clean and abandoned hit in Trump’s billion dollar “wag the dog” attack

This is a Pantsir S2

To cover their fat behinds, the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon claimed they were trying to hit only 3 facilities including the place  where, according to the orange blimp Trump, Syria invented Chlorine Gas.  (first synthesized in England in 1638 according to Wikipedia, but what do we know?)

The kicker will be this, will Russia deliver the S300 to Syria as they warned today?  That will end Israel’s ability to ever hit Iran or operate freely over Saudi Arabia.

The other rumor is that Iran is borrowing Russian bombers.

These planes, shown a year ago, were redeployed to Iran two days ago.  Along with them were Russian fighters, SU27s, which may be handed  over to the Iranian Air Force:

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The SU27 can make mincemeat of Israel’s F15E fighter bombers, hitting any incoming attack over Saudi Arabia or catching Israel using bases in Azerbaijan and Georgia, where they have infiltrated the governments.

While the cheering is going on in Washington, the Pentagon is crying croc tears and hoping the controlled media, owned by Israel, will keep the real story under wraps.



  1. S300 system to Syria? Will Israel agree? What will Israel do? Russia must be running out of reasons for not selling this to Syria. Veritable game changer and, very necessary for any Syrian effort to take back the Golan Heights. An operation which the country may be forced to go at alone. So, give it to them Putin. Don’t hesitate.

    • What makes you think they didn’t close the deal?
      Come a little closer . . . said the spider to the fly.

  2. America, once again shows it has no moral compass.Britain following suit proves it has no moral or political spine to resist Washington’s bullying, particularly that of John Bolton.
    This latest failure of Humpty Trumpty’s shiny missiles wipes out the lies from the Pentagram.
    The sad part of all this is that far too many Murcans will absolutely believe what they’ve been told by these liars.
    How far is Trumpty willing to escalate this war until a U.S. ship is lying on the bottom of the Mediterranean? Americans and British soldiers are getting killed in Syria and the Pentagram is lying to cover up the truth. The phony claims of U.S troops dying in helicopter accidents may go over with ignorant and illiterate Americans but anybody with an IQ over room temperature will see right through them.
    The evil that America is committing for the worst, most evil and degenerate state, isrealhell, is condemning America to a future of calamity and disaster and that future is rapidly approaching.
    Syria has won the war that isrealhell has been waging against it for the past 6 years. The zionists are now in a state of crazed desperation. Both Trump and Ssatanyahu are in trouble, personally and politically. Their careers are coming to an end. Plagued with charges of corruption and criminal activity as well as bereft of any moral or sane character, both of these sorry excuses for humanity need to be locked away for good.
    Syria will carry on as the Syrian people have proven to be as resilient as the Russian people. They are also more morally superior to the west.

  3. Gordon, the game of good cop bad cop is played by the Democratic and Republican parties at the national scale, we know they both serve the same masters.

    At the international level, the same game is played by Russia vs the US and its allies. It seems to me that they all serve the same masters.

    If not, why is Russia so complacent with the US despite the public display of “disagreements” and apparent “enmity”?

    After watching this video, my suspicions wen to the roof:

    Most people expected that Russia do what it said many times about retaliating to any attacks on Syria by the US. Well, it happens that US partner’s Russia was notified in advance of the coming attacks.

    Color me suspicious.

  4. It was reported by the Greek ERT Open Radio on a program for geostrategic matters that British SAS troops from the 22nd Regiment had been killed in Eastern Ghouta. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

    As for NATO trying to provoke their antithesis into a retaliation that can be blamed for starting Armageddon/WWIII it has by now become obvious that they cannot cross certain (cosmic-spiritual) rules in fear of (cosmic-spiritual) blow back. But they do gain something each time their antithesis says it will target NATO launching platforms the same way they gain with every news line and image of Syria having WMD’s, Korea being aggressive, Novichok, Russian “doping”, etc.

    Using media theory it is clear that this Tweet-war only has two target groups. First is the minds of the general public (specifically in the West) to build up a casus belli against “rogue nations. Second is the general public post WWIII who will (according to Hegelian dialectics) scream for the leaders of the world to “solve this” issue of the “human malaise” (using the words of the Club of Rome document) so that the globalists can present their Hegelian Solution of a One World Government under Ten World Regions.

  5. For sinking Americans ships the U.S Navy it’s making a good job by himself, don’t need help from anyone else, for example in 2017 more than a dozen sailors died in separate accidents. The destroyer USS Fitzgerald struck a commercial ship off the waters of Japan in June, killing seven U.S. sailors and USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker in coastal waters off Singapore in August, killing 10 U.S. sailors and there is many others…..
    BTW, something that is called “McCain” it will always end in a crash, it should not surprise….

  6. provided rational political/military lessons are learned by Syria/Russia/Iran/China, it may be that from this attack a beneficial outcome may emerge.
    “Antifragility is a property of systems that increase in capability, resilience, or robustness as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.”

    • Iran provided Russia with a strategic airfield and so did Turkey and Cyprus. Nice work Bolton. Nice strategic move moron. Being an American these days is like sitting in your car in a bad area of town, tied up and your mouth ducktaped while petty thieves take your car appart. You feel so helpless with no one to call on.

    • Is that kinda like when a man abuses his wife, and bitch slaps her any chance he gets . . . in front of the kids, behind closed doors where wallops are heard, then she cries. Is that when all the neighbors do nothing to help the woman, and think the man is a nice guy. Is it kinda like the day the man goes a step too far and fist punches his own son in the face because the boy felt he could stand up to dad — trying to get him to stop hitting Mom. Is that kinda like the mom smashing her husband’s head in with a cast iron skillet because, although she could take the abuse, she wasn’t going to let her husband put hands on their son — she went straight for his jugular. Is it kinda like that?!?
      She fired two warning shots . . . straight into his brain.

  7. Thanks for the update Gordon.

    “…including the place where, according to the orange blimp Trump, Syria invented Chlorine Gas.  (first synthesized in England in 1638 according to Wikipedia, but what do we know?)”

    That’s hilarious man. Ahhh my stomach hurts!

  8. Andrew_Bukanov, sent your personal record to Al-Jazeera, i believe they are needing a new russian-english translator…. 🙂

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