Gush Shalom nails the IDF killings in Gaza – Outside pressure worked


The IDF proved that if they really want to, they can avoid killing demonstrators 

…by Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

Gush Shalom (Hebrew: גוש שלום, lit. The Peace Bloc [Coalition]) is an Israeli peace activism group founded and led by former Irgun and Knesset Member and journalist, Uri Avnery, in 1993.

[ Editor’s Note: We rarely publish a press release, but this is a special one, and VT is nothing if not willing to make exceptions when needed.

The long time Gush Shalom peace group has been challenging the Israeli government’s policy, or non-policy, toward a Palestinian peace settlement, and losing, year after year, after year, but never quitting.

VT admires non-quitters who battle on against tough odds, waiting for the day when the public’s thinking shifts, and a group will be ready and able to lead it.

But inside Israel’s fractious politics, once power is won by a coalition, it does not give a hoot what the opposition wants, and gives it nothing.

The Zios practice slash-and-burn politics, as this sets an example for discipline within party ranks. You either go with the team 100% of the time, or you are out and get nothing, forever…banishment.

They have good writers there, who use only enough words to covey what they want, with no fluff. I suspect they have learned that you water down your message if you try to over sell it. So we salute Gush Shalom today for standing, once again, in front of Goliath, with no fear Jim W. Dean ]

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Uri has been on the front lines for peace with the Palestinians most of his life

– First published … April 15, 2018

Even if Trump’s audiovisual show in the skies of Damascus somewhat overshadowed yesterday’s events on the Gaza border, it is important to emphasize what happened there (and what did not happen …).

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Yesterday it turned out that if the IDF really wants to, it could face for an entire day more than 10,000 unarmed demonstrators and kill “only” one of them. And it is reasonable to assume that even this one killing could have been averted.

What was the difference between this last Friday and the two previous Fridays, during which IDF snipers killed a total of 32 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators? The Palestinians were the same Palestinians, the demonstrations were the same kind of demonstrations, the soldiers were the same soldiers, the snipers were the same snipers, the commanders were the same commanders.

So what did change since last Friday? Only one thing: this time the commanders gave clear orders to avoid killings, and the snipers obeyed these orders. Just as these snipers had obeyed the manifestly illegal orders they got before [to kill some]. That’s all the difference.

It also means that anyone and everyone who dared to raise a voice of protest – far too few inside Israel, many more outside – had a part in saving lives. Literally.



  1. Acess to VT. There are days when I attempt to go on your site I get a page not available message and a coded error. However, if I back up and do it over again it’s fine. Kevin Barret’s Jihadi Radio show is always under stress and, hard to listen to. Especially when Professor Hall is at the mic.
    Good to hear the Israeli’s showed restraint this week. Will it carry over?
    It’s very troubling to listen to Halley call Assad an animal while not mentioning the Palestinian deaths in Gaza. Which by the way need no investigation. One minute they were alive, walking, and breathing people, the next moment bloody corpses … martyrs to the person.
    We are to believe she cries over faked Syrian deaths yet, cares not for real dead Palestinians. What type of person is she? I’m trying to imagine her and Bolton in the sack.

    • The Sikhs are peculiar and it is a long time since I read about their Chosen?Exclusivist beliefs. The Brits fought two wars in the 1800s against them and they are a Martial Race. They even tried to insist that they could carry a “Ceremonial” knife onto airplanes in New Zealand. My neighbour, a Sikh, boasted to me that he slashed a Sikh Member of Parliament over the face and casued 300 stitches, paying $30,000 out-of-court settlement. They may have a similar system to Rabbinical Courts and insist that they are to settle things outside the Sovereign Law. Recently the Rabbis in Sydney were sanctioned for just such an insistence and I believe that Rabbinical Courts can even sanction Capital Punishment. Apparently 80% of the Indian Army is Sikh and when Indira Ghandi ordered the raid on their temple her Sikh body guard murdered her. All the “Chosen Race” Fantasiers abrogate an overwheening sense of Entitlement to themselves. They are also prey to manipulators, who work on their overblown sense of self to induce them into fanatical actions. Nikki (not her real name – identity assumption seems to run with the psychology of fraud) Haley is an exemplary illustration of these attitudes and seems to unselfconsciously spew lies and vitriol with a facility that can only come from a fanatic with a Racial/Tribal Superiority Complex.

    • Chris Paul, your born name is Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee melts in flattery and on his headline in Huffington Post opinion piece dedicated to she begin…Bravo, Ambassador Haley!
      If you feels bad after diner read that article has an intense effect vomiting. 🙂

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