Ken O’Keefe on Syrian Attack (video)



  1. @ Ken O’keefe, danke für die wahren Worte die Sie uns sagen, es ist höchste Zeit das Amerika sich an seine alten Werte erinnert, wofür sie auf der ganzen Welt geehrt wurden. Heute wird eine Verkommenheit gelebt mit Millionen von Toten. Man nimmt es überhaupt nicht mehr war, in welcher grausamen Zeit wir uns befinden. Steh auf Amerika, und kehre zurück zu deinem Werten.
    Aber vorher 9.11. WTC 7. Pentagon aufklären. Und die vielen Morde welch zu Buche stehen.
    Grüße an die Kommentatoren und Redaktion von VT Werner Kämtner

  2. Happy April 15th kids. Uncle Sam thanks you!! Spending money EXACTLY like a drunken Sailor! Oh, the irony!

    I find words escape me . . . but let me try to get this straight: A trumped up gas attack which was created in their think “tank” is the basis for BOMBING Syria this weekend?

    Meanwhile, during the same week: Humpty Trumpty sits crossed-armed at the table next to his strap on tool du jour Bolton, a gay guy is burned to death in Trump’s ivory tower two days prior, the sound of tariffs resound far and wide (on our biggest trading partner China no less), his ace boon coon mob boss Consigliere Cohen had the F.B.I. a’calling with a “no knock,” Paul Ryan announces his retirement (which he’ll come out of when this whole mess sinks . . . like Cher does with her “retirement”) and the U.S. sends in the navy to “Save” the children in Syria??? And they do this by EXPLODING THINGS that cost taxpayers a lot of money, and further traumatize the Syrian citizens.

    Let’s get into the waste of tax dollars on this little skirmish outing, shall we? How much did it cost to gas up the frigate, and give her a spin? The Naval E-3’s ain’t gonna get paid any more, so it’s already in the budget. But, gassing up the publicly owned vessels and having them forge the seas firing off things that go boom, what did that cost?

    Shouldn’t tax payer money go to improve the lives of . . . oh, I don’t know . . .THE CITIZENS. How ’bout building up our inner-cities, our rural populations, roads, schools, oh, and how about health care? Every time a U.S. citizen sees a bomb go off over another nation, we should put up U.S. $$$$$$$ and show how much that little blast cost tax payers. How that fire cracker took money from each U.S. tax payers’ pockets and We the People have zero, zilch, nada — NOTHING beneficial coming from that.

    • We ARE CRAZY Mr. O’Keefe. The backasswards Babylonian/Talmudic death cult which perpetually creates the Goyim sacrifices to appease their WARlocks . . . AND . . . the idiot men in the world that ALLOW IT to continue, and remain silent. (With exception of present company).

      We should win the INSANITY AWARD, indeed!
      Here’s an insane concept: We design and build a product whose ONLY function is to fvck shlt up, destroy and kill. But that’s not crazy enough! The final cra cra pill is swallowed when we . . .wait for it . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . BLOW THE PRODUCT UP.

      Not only is the lasted technology thing that goes kaboom destroyed, it destroys everything in the bomb blast area!

      We make the “smart” bombs, of which my insane president tweets about, and then . . . blow it up.

      GENIUS . . . {rolling my eyes}

      The people in Syria, the children, the cats, the dogs, the birds, the livestock . . . they don’t hear the MASSIVE noise of those rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air?!?!

      My dog goes nuts when the idiots in my neighborhood fire off their L’il Bastard Bombs on the 4th of July . . . and the news talks about it, and how to protect our pets.

      And yet . . . our bleeding liberal, caring society doesn’t think the same goes for the citizens, children, pets and animals in Syria, or Yemen . . . the people of Iraq . . . when massive bombs go off? They don’t suffer as a result of the noise?

      Trained to keep a UK stiff upper lip . . . you bltches!
      SILENCE! We hear that in the quiet place.
      Don’t say a thing.
      Let the scary boogie men do what they do . . . shhhhhhhhhhhh!
      The SILENCE is deafening from our politicians . . . checks and balances my ass!
      When did my country morph into bouncing checks and imbalanced political system?
      The shock waves of the sounds of death.
      Under the firmament . . . in the quiet place where homo sapiens live

      YUP . . . we deserve the INSANE AWARD. I’m sure Moloch will tender the Putz Puller Award soon.

  3. Trump supporters are the idiots of the world and those serving in the U.S. military truly are chumps for isrealhell. How does it feel to be a chump for isrealhell?
    U.S. tax dollars being spent for that little s***hole in the middle east and the buffoon in the Whore House sells billions in arms to the worst regime on the planet.
    Not enough negative things can be said of that sorry excuse of a president, let alone a human being. But hey, all you who voted for this baboon, you’re going to get what you deserve.
    As for isrealhell, Russia should just carpet bomb tel Aviv, target Bibi’s home and the Knesset and then go home. There will never be any peace in the middle east as long as isrealhell remains. Never.
    Our first duty is to persuade any young person thinking of enlisting, not to. reminding them they will not be serving America but isrealhell.
    And for all those xtian zionists with room temperature IQs, …….f***you.

  4. Love Ken’s spirit. I’ve been aware of the guys he’s talking about that freaked out and tried to ruin his name, from days long past and I saw the same thing happen to John Bolenbaugh up at Standing Rock. The situation is always the same, when there’s a guy who is more concerned about doing things, moving and shaking, and actually doing things, when folks are inspired and join behind them, but are less experienced and more timid, they will try to slow things down, or become offended when things are moving to fast and loose, and they want to control them. It is part of the process. When you teach people to stand up for themselves, the easiest person for them to practice taking authority on, is the teacher. Sometimes you know you are a good teacher when your students attack you. And sometimes, that is how you know, the students are not ready. Like anything else, self empowerment is tough for people to learn if they try to skip the basics.

    • It’s not the students that attack a teacher . . . it’s the administration.
      The little darlings wouldn’t know if they were being enriched, enlightened or fed the pablum of propaganda.
      The teacher and/or administration does, however, destroy a student who displays any sign of “questioning” authority, despite what all the cutesy bumper stickers say.
      A student gets expelled theses daze for bringing a nail clipper to school under ‘zero tolerance’ because they call a nail clipper a knife.

    • It’s why people should not send their children to a public school.
      Public edumakayshun in America is a cruel hoax and child abuse.

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