Russian military releases full report for US-led missile attack on Syria

It appears that Syria used older and updated air defense assets and a Russian integrated command structure

Al Masdar
Russian military releases full report for US-led missile attack on Syria, what air defense systems were used and their effectiveness

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:25 A.M.) – The Russian military has released a full report on the US-led missile attack against Syria during the morning hours of April 14, part of which details what Syrian air defense systems were used and the effectiveness of such weapons.

According to the report, one hundred and three (103) US, British and French cruise missiles fired at Syria were engaged by a range of Syrian air defense systems including Pantsir-S1, Buk-M2, Kub, Strela-10, Osa, S-125 and S-200 that, in turn, replied with 112 surface-to-air missiles (SAM).

In order, the effectiveness of these air defense systems were recorded as follows:

Pantsir-S1: 25 missiles fired, 23 hits scored.
Buk-M2: 29 missiles fired, 24 hits scored.
Kub: 21 missiles fired, 11 hits scored.
Strela-10: 5 missiles fired, 3 hits scored.
Osa: 11 missiles fired, 5 hits scored.
S-125: 13 missiles fired, 5 hits scored.
S-200: 8 missiles fired, 0 hits scored.

The complete ineffectiveness of the S-200 to successfully engage any of the attacking cruise missiles has been put down to the SAM system’s biased design towards intercepting high-altitude aircraft, not low-flying missiles.

The statistics likely fail to account for Western cruise missiles that were downed or driven off target due to ‘soft-kill’ electronic warfare systems – something which Russian sources will never confirm the use of.

In any case, going by official numbers, the interception rate of Syrian air defenses during the US-led missile attack stands at about 70 percent.

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  1. The Pantsir is impressive at 92%. Syria should have a few more batteries of these against the really “smart” tomahawks. But also need S300s or S400s for when the next air raid takes place. Is there any way of intercepting these missiles and re-programming in mid-flight to return to point of origin. That would be entertaining.

  2. Imagine. that if it was 103 fighter planes participated in the fly over, and 70 planes were shot down, just what would our generals do ???

  3. The question nobody asks? 100 missiles at likely $1.4 million a copy. Who gets rich. That’s $140 million revenue for Rayethon and $140 million tab for the taxpayer. Not bad for a night’s work. Don’t forget the bankers’ take; they finance the deficit. So much for Trump and small gov’t. – mission accomplished; at least for Rayethon and the bankers.

  4. On 14 April 2018 the US Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley declared that the “United States refuses to initiate dialogue and to enter into discussions with President Bashar al-Assad”.
    Contradicting this assertion, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reveals that three high level meetings took place between the two States. However, the fourth meeting, scheduled in March, was cancelled by Syria on the grounds that it would serve no purpose so long as Washington did not reconceive its policy.
    Anoosha Boralessa

    Secret negotiations between Syria and the US

  5. 70%? When it only takes 1. Anyway, the results were satisfactory. However, with over 30 missiles getting by the defense I have to ask; Where did they all land? Another question come to mind. Where are the civilian casualties? Was this missile operation so well choreographed to exclude collateral damage? If so, it would have to mean collusion between adversaries.Today Israel shows it’s dissatisfaction with Trump’s made for TV fireworks show by spitting it’s own impotent projectiles inside Syria. Maybe the entire charade is falling apart. It’s become a really bad movie which the plot can no longer support.
    The other day I listened to Gordon’s interview with Jeff Rense., a very interesting conversation. Gordon postulated a few interesting goings on. Like Mossad guys threatening FBI guys. The White House imploding. Things like that. Personally I fancy Mossad threatening our G-Men for, I suspect they will be slapped down and, around. As far as the White House and, the situation room? Is there room for 2 buffons. Orange orange and, the other mustached but, very old, very pale. I mean Bolton really should wear a clown suit, one designed by Rob Zombie.
    The greedy years may finally be over. After decades of stealing and, killing, killing and, stealing, there’s not much left to do but turn on one another. The slot machines are spinning out of control. Silver dollars are flying every where, rolling across the floors, chased into corners and, under furniture. The whore hounds of DC and, London are running around tripping over each other trying pick them up a few more than the other guy.
    In 70 years aboard this planet I haven’t seen anything like it. I never thought I would be looking towards Russia to save me. But, it’s clear in Russia sanity prevails and, it has a calming effect. When leaders from the West, our leaders May and, Trump, Johnson and, Bolton, Benji the Nut and Leibeman speak I listen to Putin, Lavrov, the beautiful Russian woman at the UN, and even their Minister of Defense. I listen to how they respond to the vitriolic nonsense and, it gives me hope. Where would we be without Russia and, China? Enslaved totally is my guess. What’s yours?

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